John Chapter 9 Discussion

  • D W L - in Reply on John 9
    Mark 10:40 But to sit on my right hand and on my left hand (is not mine) to give; but it shall be given to them for whom it is prepared.

    John 17:11 And now I am no more in the world, but these are in the world, and I come to thee. Holy Father, keep through thine own name those whom thou hast given me, that they may be one, as WE are.
  • Richard H Priday on John 9
    Predestination and John 10

    This entire chapter is based on the Pharisees; a blind man, the Disciples and a few others and Christ as revealed to them. along In a verse from the next chapter; Jesus states believe me; or if not at least on the WORKS I do ( John 10:38). Jesus selected or elected this man for healing; without him asking first which is noteworthy.

    Verse 2 starts out with the Disciples themselves blindly following a superstitious idea that someone had to have sinned in order for the man to be in this condition. This at least partially could have been a logical concept since others had been healed who were told not to sin lest a worse thing happen to them; for instance from John 5:14. Jesus answered this "one size fits all" concept of the fate of this man by giving God's glory as a reason; as well as a prophetic hint perhaps partially fulfilled at His crucifixion; with a final one after the end of the Age of Grace in v. 4-5.

    After he followed simple instructions; first his neighbors asked what had happened and if it was Him; then the Pharisees with their usual condemnation of Sabbath Day healings, they checked with the parents who verified his identity then sent him back to them; then further discourse as to Christ's character and repeated questions actually got the blind man to realize that Christ could not be a sinner as no man could do this miracle in that case. This led to him being thrown out of the synagogue; His revelation and acceptance and worship of Christ as SOn of God. Then comes the end where the Pharisees are told they remain in sin and the blind man sees spiritually and physically.

    Therefore; despite continuing evidence of God's divine nature in Christ's actions; the blind Pharisees continue to be blinded by the god of this world to Christ as Lord and Savior.
  • BSP on John 9
    This chapter shows how corrupt the Pharisees were because they would rather the blind man lie and deny Jesus instead of him telling the truth and giving glory to God.
  • Rod - in Reply on John 9
    maybe this is the passage that should have been quoted, I hope this helps clears up the conversation,

    Mark 13:32 "But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father."
  • Andrew - in Reply on John 9
    No. I'm not saying he was wrong. I'm saying given the archaic english, our understanding of the passage is wrong. When he said no one knows except the father, he was saying that he couldn't say because his father would say not that he didn't know.

    Did God raise Jesus or did Jesus raise himself. The answer to this we find in John 10:18 "No man taketh it from me, but I lay it down of myself. I have power to lay it down, and I have power to take it again. This commandment have I received of my Father."

    Now the nature of the Godhead. That is a mystery. One we shall have to wait and see to find out. The very fact we have a triune God (Father, Son, and Holy Ghost 1John 5:7 ) defies the laws of nature that we perceive. God's characteristics Omnipotent, Omnipresent, and Omniscient also defy our laws of nature.

    As for the Council of Nicaea, this council was held to address the heresy that had entered the church saying that said Christ wasn't divine. Not to establish a new doctrine. There by confirming the Biblical Trinity.
  • Rick Mentzer - in Reply on John 9
    So when he was asked when he's coming back and his response was no one knows excepted the father he was wrong? One more question and not too argue did God raise himself from the dead or did Jesus christ raise himself from the dead my Bible said that God raised him from the dead and by the way I don't believe they are one in the same being or entity because that defies all natural laws set yup by God, Also the belief in the Trinity did not develope untill after the takeover of constantinople better known as the nicene creed look it up historically. I don't believe things just because anyone says thats the way it is I research origins then make up my mind. I do understand something at one time I was taught things that made no sence then when I researched on my own then I made up my mind, thats anybodies choice not saying everybody else is wrong or right.
  • Andrew - in Reply on John 9
    To say that not even Jesus knows is dangerous, after all He and His Father are One, and Jesus is the one descending on that day. That being said the "knoweth" in Matthew 24:36 as well "know" in 1 Corinthians 2:2 are the same Greek word and can mean to "make known" depending on the context. So given the context of both passages. Jesus is saying that no one will declare or "make known" that that day or hour except his father. Just like Paul is saying he didn't come to teach or "make known" anything other that Christ crucified. Paul also says in 1 Thessalonians 5:1-5 Says that we "Christians" are children of light and that, that day should not overtake us unawares. God has provided us many examples or signs that we can look out for that we can be ready for his coming. Matthew 24, all of Revelations, Daniel chapters 2,7,8 11, and 12, as well as some chapters in Ezekiel, Isiah, and Jeremiah. Just like Christs' baptism, and crucifixion was accurately predicted in Daniel chapter 9:23-27
  • Gary Lee - in Reply on John 9
    Now- we are living in the end times - Duration - only God knows

    Next - the revealing of the Antichrist

    Next is - The rapture. Could be instantaneous, could take a while -God only knows

    Next is - The tribulation - first 3.5 yrs only. Antichrist will rule in Jerusalem in this period

    Then comes - Jesus second coming

    Next is - The millenial reign - 1000 yrs.

    Next comes - The final 3.5 year tribulation when Satan will be loosed again

    Lastly - The perfect age which lasts for eternity
  • Alex on John 9
    Comments about the seed of Christ which is the Israel of God ,Natural Israel was by the seed of Abraham that was the ABRAHAMIC COVENANT an earthy covenant as that which is born of the flesh is flesh . But the heavenly Promise was addressed to Christ that his seed ( the living word ) SPIRITS wd be multiplied as the stars of heaven,Thats y Jesus said that which is born of the Spirit is Spirit thats the H.G that are born in us via HIS SEED THE WORD and its these heavenly PPL the H.G. MANY THE CHILDREN OF PROMISE, LIVING BEINGS THAT ARE THE ISRAEL OF GOD not humans but humans are the bride that are gonna birth the CHILDREN OF PROMISE VIA THE SEED OF CHRIST, WE ARE JUST JOINT HEIRS WITH THE H.G. that is born in us via his seed. which is the H.G the Israel of GOD. I.E. ITS THE H.G THAT IS THE ISRAEL OF GOD, The H.G comes from the seed of Christ his words remember he breathe on them ( his breath was his word his seed ) Thats y Jesus was saying that which is BORN OF THE SPIRT IS SPIRIT THATS THE H.G. THE ISRAEL OF GOD. Ya gotta realize that Jesus multiplies after THE GOD KIND NOT AFTER THE HUMAN KIND . Thus its the H.G that comes from his loins his seed thus its the H.G. that is the CHILD OF PROMISE . That Israel of God. Its the H.G that is his seed his name sake his son, Gods granson in rank with Jacob the granson. Remember it was Jacob's name that was changed to Israel and Jacob was the granson in the abrahamic trinity. And in the heavenly trinity its the H.G that is the Granson SIMPLY B/C HE COMES OUT OF CHRIST LOINS. They don't call JESUS the BRIDEGROOM FOR NOTHIN, he has a seed to sow inhumanity thus the gransons the Israel of GOD, THE children of Promise. Our new birth brings in with in ourselves a new innerman which is the H.G. The Israel of God. you can sum all this up by just saying that the H.G is the Israel of God. k later
  • Rick Mentzer - in Reply on John 9
    Gods word says no man knows thats in Gods hands.
  • Adam - in Reply on John 9
    Hello, not even Jesus knows. Matthew 24:36

    So, if even Jesus doesn't know, why would you think you can? It already says in the Bible no one knows. So, when someone claims they know or thinks they can know, the Bible already debunked that. I trust God's word over what man says.
  • Rosie on John 9
    we often ask our self when is Jesus coming will it be now or a year fom now? and i was just wondering when he would come?
  • Clements Makoni on John 9:1
    John 11:35 Jesus wept.

    He had been with them so long and even now knew they didn't really know who He was.
  • Tony - in Reply on John 9:4
    Kenneth; frist of all we can not let others keep us from God thru Jesus .It is your eternal soul that is at stake .

    That is way the Word tells us to search out our own salvation .It does not matter who actually hung Jesus on the cross .

    Jesus dyed on the cross as a substitute for each of us as the. spotless Lamb

    that was required by GODS law to fulfill the law and the prophets .It was my sins and the sins of all mankind that put Jesus on the cross. It is hard to separate carnal (earthly) from sprit . Please do not let other keep you from coming to CHRIST .The word tells us to study the Word so that we can tell what is from GOD or the devil who come to(kill, steal and destroy ) It is your eternal Soul at stake ,and all thru the Word it says to endure to the end trusting in JESUE and him alone .I pray this is a help because I have been where you are hurt by church ,hurt by people that I had earthly trust in ,but I have NEVER been hurt by Jesus Christ ,even though we have to go though. things that if we hold onto Christ It will build your faith as we look back and see how God brought us through . May God Bless you and give you Faith in Jesus till the end .
  • KENNETH JOHN REAUME - in Reply on John 9:4
    I have many dates, times, and concerns, I did my past but never braught forth, I dont go to church for reasons of lies, like it wasnt God nor Ceasars but Roman Chathlic..Religion hung a man on the cross for not witchery nor magic but faith with in you to change.... I feel something big in me and im scrambling all over.
  • Yes what work did jesud do when he was here on earth that i must do also on John 9:4
    explain john 14:12 for me especially the works
  • Bright on John 9:4
    Question: according to john chapter 9 verse 4, why must we serve God during our life time?
  • Geoff - in Reply on John 9
    Barbara, I would like to add, Job, had his friends and they tried to figure out what Job did wrong that God would cause all those things to happen to him. Job proclaimed he did nothing wrong. It was Satan, if you remember the story. Just as in Verse 9 neither the man nor the parents sinned. It was so Jesus could heal, he was born blind. In Job, we learn of the Leviathan and the Behemoth, two powerful creatures that are neither good nor bad, they just do their thing and sometimes cause misfortune. But, Job was not a sinner though people thought he was and he argued with God. He layed it out to Him.....And, God responded

    Jacob, deceived his father Issac and his brother Esau, and ended up wrestling with an angel not letting him go, (like wrestling in prayer not quitting till he got an answer). The angel named Jacob, Israel. So, if you see Israel and Jacob in the bible, they're the same person. And, if see a name with "el" in it, el translates to God. (Immanuel, Michael, Gabriel, El Shaddai, etc). You asked a very important question. I wanted to be thorough to offer some kind of help, in your seeking God. Remember, Jesus came to Earth looking for us.
  • Geoff - in Reply on John 9
    This is for Barbara who asked if God hears sinners. I think, Barbara you read in the chapter verse 31, where the Pharisee talked about God not hearing sinners. Even though this is the New Testament, the people still only had the Old Testament ways about them. They had 613 laws to obey. They did different kinds of sacrifices to "cleanse" themselves. Jesus, had an amazing task. He had to challenge and change the only ways the Jewish people ever knew. That's what is meant by new wine in old skin, or new cloth on an old garment. Jesus, simplified the law (laws) even the 10 commandments into two commandments, love God with all your heart body soul and strength and to love your neighbor as yourself. Jesus, changed thought process to no matter what work we do, we can't buy our forgiveness. It is a gift, through our belief, faith and trust in Him and God. So, yes God hears sinners. Everyone is a sinner. Even the preacher at church sins. The only work that God wants us to do to "earn" salvation, is work on our inner selves. To Love Him and our Neighbors. To work on our selfish, carnal ways. To seek the Spirit, and not the flesh. Not to abuse Grace. So, when we sin, to repent and be sincere, we are saddened that we hurt Jesus and God and the Holy Spirit. Have you ever hurt your mama's feelings and felt bad for doing it, cause your mama loves you? The Pharisee had spiritual vanity, they thought themselves above every one else, they were self-righteous. We have to remind ourselves, we are saved by Jesus' works and sacrifice and the Love and Grace that God gives us. Yes, he hears us, and he wants us in prayer, heart felt prayer, lay it on the line, speak honestly. It doesn't have to be fancy. Just be real with Him. He hears us, us rotten sinners of whom I am the worst said Peter, and I feel that way at times myself. And, I keep praying knowing he hears me and is molding me. Jesus taught the Lord's Prayer for sinners. The Disciples sinned. Peter denied Jesus as the cock crowed.
  • Adam - in Reply on John 9:31
    Hi Jan,

    It's my opinion that if you doubt your sincerity at the time your were baptized then I would do it again. There is no penalty for being baptized again and rededicating yourself. However, if you were sincere then fell away and are coming back again I personally don't think baptism each time you sin or fall away is necessary. There's nothing wrong with doing it either, but are other ways to recommit and return to following Jesus more closely. I was baptized when I was young and in later years I doubted my sincerity so I was baptized again and was glad I did. God bless!
  • Jan on John 9:31
    If baptized once, years ago, should you be baptized again. To enter into the Kingdom of Heaven
  • Bendito Palavra - in Reply on John 9
    When the formerly blind man gave his testimony, he defended Jesus against the Pharisees who were denouncing Jesus as a sinner. In verse 31 he spoke the conventional wisdom "God heareth not sinners" to demonstrate that if Jesus was a fraud, he could not have performed a work that only God could do when he gave him the gift of sight.

    As for us, truly sinners, we have a new and living way ( Hebrews 10) to approach God. This by the precious blood shed by the sinless Son of God Jesus Christ on the cross. See also 1 John chapter 1.

    Jesus came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance ( Luke 5:32).
  • Kathleen - in Reply on John 9
    I believe that, yes! God does hear even the prayers of sinners. He knows when someone is seeking His help. He knows when we ask wisdom, direction, strength, when we cry, etc. I believe God hears and is aware of every idle or wrong word also. God knows our hearts, minds, intents, and situations. There is nowhere God does not see and understand. However, I also believe that He wants a special relationship with His created beings - one that brings us into a close and intimate fellowship with Him where He not only hears us, but actually communicates with us through His Spirit. This is only a result of us being "born again" or born into the Spirit through His Holy Son Jesus. Jesus died for you and for all of us in order to bring us in to that kind of relationship with the Father. By this we are adopted as sons as Jesus is God's Son. John 17: 13-24. I pray that the Heavenly Father attends to your prayers, dear one. As you place your life and trust in His all knowing loving and healing hands may He make you one of His own dear children by Christ Jesus.
  • Barbara on John 9
    does God hear sinners prayers?
  • Joe - in Reply on John 9
    See Philippians 3 vs 8-10

    "Yea doubtless, and I count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord: for whom I have suffered the loss of all things ..
  • Fred scanlan on John 9
    v.39 Christs voice in the garden? The voice Crying in the wilderness? the blind man hears his voice with the question "dost thou believe in God"? Mankind, from Adam and eve, are separated from God, and like the blind man live in darkness. Judgment is what we receive continually because of what happened in the garden. Christ is fulfilling His reason for coming to us. Can you hear his voice, are you listening to HIS words? Do you walk by faith and not by sight? Are you looking elsewhere and blinded.
  • Tom Perren on John 9
    we need not think that all those who are inclined to the religious persuasion, are capable of rejoicing over lives being changed by Jesus. Only those who have experienced genuine salvation, will be blessed and excited by the renewing of others. This man could not explain what had happened, his parents could only testify to what they personally knew, but the others would not believe their own eyes.
  • Robert DeHaan on John 9
    I enjoy so much of Matthew Henry s Commentary as his insights open the Word up even more for me to understand. John the Beloved did love Jesus so much and we who are no longer spiritually blind are also Beloved by our Messiah. O for a thousand tongues to sing His Name! I can only imagine when we as His Saints in Eternity will sing as thousands, upon thousands tongues to the Lamb, never tiring of showing Him all GLORY,HONOR AND PRAISE!
  • Jesse - in Reply on John 9
    Helo star, I think that is realy cool. Remember that the Bible is God's word, and to get to know Him you need to hear all of His words. I am teaching a bible that parallels Genesis with John. Read the first 15 verses of Genesis 1,then first 5 verses of John 1. The Word became flesh, the words that God spoke the earth to existance, was Jesus Messiah.He is the Way, Truth, and Life,Follow Him to Live
  • Cristina on John 9
    Love verse 27! When the young man asked the Pharrasies, if they would become his diciples. It is like, to me, a knife of conviction being thrust through the heart! The young man, already had the faith, and, I believe, was now, trying to convict the Pharrasies. Just like the Samaratin women, when she asked,"Is not this the Christ?" She already knew, and was evangelizing.

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