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  • If baptized once, years ago, should you be baptized again. To enter into the Kingdom of Heaven
  • Hi Jan,

    It's my opinion that if you doubt your sincerity at the time your were baptized then I would do it again. There is no penalty for being baptized again and rededicating yourself. However, if you were sincere then fell away and are coming back again I personally don't think baptism each time you sin or fall away is necessary. There's nothing wrong with doing it either, but are other ways to recommit and return to following Jesus more closely. I was baptized when I was young and in later years I doubted my sincerity so I was baptized again and was glad I did. God bless!
  • Barbara
    does God hear sinners prayers?
  • Bendito Palavra
    When the formerly blind man gave his testimony, he defended Jesus against the Pharisees who were denouncing Jesus as a sinner. In verse 31 he spoke the conventional wisdom "God heareth not sinners" to demonstrate that if Jesus was a fraud, he could not have performed a work that only God could do when he gave him the gift of sight.

    As for us, truly sinners, we have a new and living way (Hebrews 10) to approach God. This by the precious blood shed by the sinless Son of God Jesus Christ on the cross. See also 1 John chapter 1.

    Jesus came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance (Luke 5:32).
  • Kathleen
    I believe that, yes! God does hear even the prayers of sinners. He knows when someone is seeking His help. He knows when we ask wisdom, direction, strength, when we cry, etc. I believe God hears and is aware of every idle or wrong word also. God knows our hearts, minds, intents, and situations. There is nowhere God does not see and understand. However, I also believe that He wants a special relationship with His created beings - one that brings us into a close and intimate fellowship with Him where He not only hears us, but actually communicates with us through His Spirit. This is only a result of us being "born again" or born into the Spirit through His Holy Son Jesus. Jesus died for you and for all of us in order to bring us in to that kind of relationship with the Father. By this we are adopted as sons as Jesus is God's Son. John 17: 13-24. I pray that the Heavenly Father attends to your prayers, dear one. As you place your life and trust in His all knowing loving and healing hands may He make you one of His own dear children by Christ Jesus.
  • Geoff
    Barbara, I would like to add, Job, had his friends and they tried to figure out what Job did wrong that God would cause all those things to happen to him. Job proclaimed he did nothing wrong. It was Satan, if you remember the story. Just as in Verse 9 neither the man nor the parents sinned. It was so Jesus could heal, he was born blind. In Job, we learn of the Leviathan and the Behemoth, two powerful creatures that are neither good nor bad, they just do their thing and sometimes cause misfortune. But, Job was not a sinner though people thought he was and he argued with God. He layed it out to Him.....And, God responded

    Jacob, deceived his father Issac and his brother Esau, and ended up wrestling with an angel not letting him go, (like wrestling in prayer not quitting till he got an answer). The angel named Jacob, Israel. So, if you see Israel and Jacob in the bible, they're the same person. And, if see a name with "el" in it, el translates to God. (Immanuel, Michael, Gabriel, El Shaddai, etc). You asked a very important question. I wanted to be thorough to offer some kind of help, in your seeking God. Remember, Jesus came to Earth looking for us.
  • Geoff
    This is for Barbara who asked if God hears sinners. I think, Barbara you read in the chapter verse 31, where the Pharisee talked about God not hearing sinners. Even though this is the New Testament, the people still only had the Old Testament ways about them. They had 613 laws to obey. They did different kinds of sacrifices to "cleanse" themselves. Jesus, had an amazing task. He had to challenge and change the only ways the Jewish people ever knew. That's what is meant by new wine in old skin, or new cloth on an old garment. Jesus, simplified the law (laws) even the 10 commandments into two commandments, love God with all your heart body soul and strength and to love your neighbor as yourself. Jesus, changed thought process to no matter what work we do, we can't buy our forgiveness. It is a gift, through our belief, faith and trust in Him and God. So, yes God hears sinners. Everyone is a sinner. Even the preacher at church sins. The only work that God wants us to do to "earn" salvation, is work on our inner selves. To Love Him and our Neighbors. To work on our selfish, carnal ways. To seek the Spirit, and not the flesh. Not to abuse Grace. So, when we sin, to repent and be sincere, we are saddened that we hurt Jesus and God and the Holy Spirit. Have you ever hurt your mama's feelings and felt bad for doing it, cause your mama loves you? The Pharisee had spiritual vanity, they thought themselves above every one else, they were self-righteous. We have to remind ourselves, we are saved by Jesus' works and sacrifice and the Love and Grace that God gives us. Yes, he hears us, and he wants us in prayer, heart felt prayer, lay it on the line, speak honestly. It doesn't have to be fancy. Just be real with Him. He hears us, us rotten sinners of whom I am the worst said Peter, and I feel that way at times myself. And, I keep praying knowing he hears me and is molding me. Jesus taught the Lord's Prayer for sinners. The Disciples sinned. Peter denied Jesus as the cock crowed.
  • Fred scanlan
    v.39 Christs voice in the garden? The voice Crying in the wilderness? the blind man hears his voice with the question "dost thou believe in God"? Mankind, from Adam and eve, are separated from God, and like the blind man live in darkness. Judgment is what we receive continually because of what happened in the garden. Christ is fulfilling His reason for coming to us. Can you hear his voice, are you listening to HIS words? Do you walk by faith and not by sight? Are you looking elsewhere and blinded.
  • Tom Perren
    Most peculiar that an entire chapter be devoted to a single story. This leads me to believe that chapter nine of John must be extremely significant. It is a beautiful and detailed story. One of the lessons we can take from it is, that it cost you something to speak the truth. This man spoke truth to power and it cost him his membership and fellowship at the local synagogue. Now to us that might seem insignificant, However to this man and his parents it was a heavy price to pay. This man was soon to learn that one had come who is greater than the temple, and all things therein. This man not only received his physical sight, but, his spiritual eyes were wide open to Jesus and he believed
  • Joe
    See Philippians 3 vs 8-10

    "Yea doubtless, and I count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord: for whom I have suffered the loss of all things ..
  • Tom Perren
    we need not think that all those who are inclined to the religious persuasion, are capable of rejoicing over lives being changed by Jesus. Only those who have experienced genuine salvation, will be blessed and excited by the renewing of others. This man could not explain what had happened, his parents could only testify to what they personally knew, but the others would not believe their own eyes.
  • Robert DeHaan
    I enjoy so much of Matthew Henry s Commentary as his insights open the Word up even more for me to understand. John the Beloved did love Jesus so much and we who are no longer spiritually blind are also Beloved by our Messiah. O for a thousand tongues to sing His Name! I can only imagine when we as His Saints in Eternity will sing as thousands, upon thousands tongues to the Lamb, never tiring of showing Him all GLORY,HONOR AND PRAISE!
  • Cristina
    Love verse 27! When the young man asked the Pharrasies, if they would become his diciples. It is like, to me, a knife of conviction being thrust through the heart! The young man, already had the faith, and, I believe, was now, trying to convict the Pharrasies. Just like the Samaratin women, when she asked,"Is not this the Christ?" She already knew, and was evangelizing.
  • Star
    I love the book of John and read one chapter a week for 21 weeds at least once every 8 months so that God can open up my understanding. Like the blind man in chapter 9, I also believe and will worship him
  • Jesse
    Helo star, I think that is realy cool. Remember that the Bible is God's word, and to get to know Him you need to hear all of His words. I am teaching a bible that parallels Genesis with John. Read the first 15 verses of Genesis 1,then first 5 verses of John 1. The Word became flesh, the words that God spoke the earth to existance, was Jesus Messiah.He is the Way, Truth, and Life,Follow Him to Live
  • Ellie
    I think John 9 is a very important passage about the difference between Satan's prison of darkness and Christ's freedom of light!
  • Dee
    Thank you Jesus that once I was blind but now I see. Living in the world I thought I was having a good time until I truly accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior and I realized how wrong I had been. I will spend the rest of my life loving and thanking him for his forgiveness and salvation. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Amen
  • Lilian
    I was blind before now i can see. I was blind to know and hear God's words before but now I am born again. Help me Jesus to be born again every moment of my life. You alone the Light of the world my Redeemer my Savior Shalom I will praise you Lord Jesus until my last breath and I will rejoice for you are my life and my salvation my Jehovah my Healer amen
  • Kurt Chapoell
    Men of God know not mystery’s God holds. We have non believers, even atheists in our families and friends. Some we think barred from Heaven will not be and visa versa. Our pain may be great with these lost, so close to us.
    We, living like Christ helps bring some to belief, even after we go to Heaven. God’s power works in us/ thru us. Atheists being open are closer to God than they realize! Amen.
  • BSP
    Jesus actions spoke for themselves. When he was falsely accused he let his actions speak for themselves so people could reach the right conclusion about him. We can imitate him.
  • Lydia perron
    this is a day that the lord has made and we will rejoice and be glad in it,our God is faithful and truth.he cares and loves us more than we can think about:
  • Karen abbott
    I love to read john, he was very close to jesus and how wonderful for that man to see for the first time. so many people can see and still be blind. stubborn or foolish or both.
  • Kurt Chappell
    Born again with the fire of Gods Spirit and Word. Now, Jesus teaches daily, his Word my parchment of life and wisdom. Dumbfounded I go healed, saved in his grace, wanting to tell all. Few may hear or see quickly, for it took decades searching and wallowing in the mire for me to find. My eyes now see, and soul more, to live with Jesus. Thank you Jesus and God, bringing this fire for those who see.
  • A disciple
    "..Master, who did sin, this man, or his parents, that he was born blind?" How many strange ideas people will follow instead of acknowledging the truth as it is written in the Scriptures! As Christians we may have it hard to think in terms of luck; but we are in a hostile and ruined world filled with many hazards and adversaries; and its not always to be judged as one being better or worse than.
  • A disciple
    "And his disciples asked him, saying, Master, who did sin, this man, or his parents, that he was born blind?" While many think that these are hard things to understand, how evil happens especially hard to some, yet it shows a great ignorance of the ruined state of the world and a gross underestimating of one's own sins. But the reason we all are born, even in this condition, is that we be saved!
  • A disciple
    Hello Peter; It is interesting, and something to wonder about, that men are able to be indifferent to and deflect the spiritual and the truth working right in their midst! "...for flesh and blood has not not revealed it to you, but my Father in heaven." So the LORD is righteous who takes vengeance on the wickedness of men, because He KNOWS what we really are inwardly, and all have a conscience!
  • Peter A. Okebukola
    Very interesting encounter with the blind man and the members of his community. In spite of all the miracles, many could not still see that Jesus is incarnate God. This is another prophecy fulfilled that His people will know Him not (Jeremiah 3: 20). Also see John 1: 11: He came unto his own, and his own received him not.
  • Jamie
    April- The very definition of God's grace is UNmerited favor... No matter how broken and sorry one could be, only believing Christ took one's place (God seeing Christ's past instead of one's own; Christ's righteousness instead of one's own works) brings salvation! Praise God :) "For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift [no work can add] of God:"Eph
  • April
    I think of Amazing grace when I read this chapter, and it makes me wonder,if we say now we see, could we actually be blind?, for it takes every day commitment and understanding, to be sinless,I really dont know of one person in exsistence that is PERFECT, so Thank YESHUA for having grace and patience,I try and ask to help me be humble,and thank him for all I have in my life,I'm nothing without him
  • Bruce
    Dave: The blind man went to the pool to wash he was blind he didn't see Jesus. Read verse 6-7

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