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  • Bruce
    Sheep and Lambs are All The Believers, His Elect. Jesus is Telling Simon Peter to Feed His Elect. All Through The Scriptures Believers are Called Sheep or Lambs. Know Ye that The LORD He is God: it is He that hath Made Us and not We Ourselves; We are His People and The Sheep of His Pasture(Psalm100:3)Go Your ways; Behold I Send You Forth as Lambs among Wolves(Luke 10:3) Two Different Languages.
  • Daryl
    John 21:15, 16, 17. v15 Lambs are the Apostles , v16 Sheep are the Jews, v17 Sheep are the Gentiles. v15 see John 20 v21 Christ was sent for our sins, the Apostles are being sent for the establishment of the Church. see Romans 1:16 Jew first then the Gentiles. Every where that Peter went the Holy Spirit was introduced.
  • William
    Interestingly enough, Jesus leaves us with plenty of information for the believer and pursuers to answer the questions of existence for themselves and equally to inquire among themselves.
  • Lucille
    John21:1-14 when God makes something clear let us not doubt or insult Him with demands for further verification
  • Eutychus
    "There were together Simon Peter, and Thomas called Didymus, and Nathanael of Cana in Galilee, and the sons of Zebedee, and two other of his disciples." Some scholars maintain that NATHANAEL of Cana is the same as the disciple/apostle Bartholomew (Mark 3:18).
  • Stephen Botts
    To ''a disciple":

    I have enjoyed reading your comments throughout this forum as I continue to read God's Word. Thanks, keep up the good work.
  • A disciple
    Mark; "just what is going on here? About knowing and not knowing???" That's a keen observation; and something hardly anyone seems to consider! But the matter of how and to whom the Lord reveals Himself; (even while He's standing right in front of them!); speaks to 'how' and 'to whom' He finds us when He comes. Ordinary circumstances should not be despised; and we should KNOW that "It is the Lord."
  • Mark verrell
    " the disciples didn't know that it was JESUS"" yet the disciple that Jesus loved told Simon Peter that it was the LORD" THEN THE DISCIPLES CAME TO SHORE AND DID NOT QUESTION HIM BECAUSE THEY KNEW IT WAS THE LORD"
    just what is going on here? About knowing and not knowing???
  • Ray321
    John 21:12 Jesus saith unto them, Come and dine. And none of the disciples durst ask him, Who art thou? knowing that it was the Lord. One day we will have a glorified body like Jesus and be also able to eat fish.
  • Wayne
    Didn't have anything to do with Peter being naked, as is being discussed.
  • Irene123
    Hi Wayne; what is your understanding of Deut.22:5? and no, I'm not going to 'come back at you' - whatever you say; I'm just interested
  • Wayne
    Stacey, it says he was naked and he put his clothes in before going ashore. Not room for a big theological reasoning or interpretation there. He just put on his clothes.Simple wording.
  • Wayne
    But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you. Matt. 6:33.
  • Irene123
    Robt. Bomar - I just now read your post I LIKE IT!! I've been Jesus name for 50 yrs. There are, have been several of us on here. I love to see you guys.
  • Irene123
    Vs. 1-6; Here is another angle of these vs. that was taught on tonight at Bible study: Jesus spent 3 yrs. with the disciples, teaching them to catch men. After His crucifixion they were so discouraged - the actual fishermen went back 'into the world' of their old life, and worked ALL NIGHT and - caught nothing. Jesus came along and by obeying Him - they caught over 150! A GOOD lesson.
  • Wayne
    V. 7: some people sure make a mountain out of a mole hill. Choke on a knat and swallow a camel.
  • A disciple
    "The Jews therefore said unto him that was cured, It is the Sabbath day: it is not lawful for thee to carry thy bed." As we read so much and so often about this kind who so hated the Lord, and opposed Him at every opportunity; and we need to understand what it is that had them so misled, that they couldn't even care if they were God's enemies; for MANY are like this! Pride does not make authority!
  • Irene123
    To Corte on Judas - Matt.27:5
  • Corte
    So what happened to the disciple, which betrayed?
  • Stacey
    Peters nakedness had to do with feeling the need to cover himself in the presence of the Lord because of his sin just like Adam hid himself in the presence of the Lord because his sin showed him that he was naked. Funny how people feel they need to cover their sin in the presence of the Lord but the Lord knows all things and we need to realize just like Peter, Lord you know all things.
  • Irene123
    V. 6 - tells me - we can do nothing in the spiritual realm, i.e. reaching souls for Christ, which is our MAIN purpose in His life that is in us, without Him - Acts2:38 (v. 37, "what must we do?")
  • Irene123
    To Pastor Troy - Why are you a pastor if you don't know the answer to Peter's nakedness.....? Anyway, it could be an allegory to his sin in denying Jesus 3 times; the sin made him naked .....? Just a stab in the dark. Maybe Peter's coat was his attempt to cover his own sin? OR - it could just be that it was summer and the nights were still hot. You sweat a lot in that work.
  • Pastor Troy
    Any idea why Peter was naked?
  • Kenneth Hagan
    The books could not have been written , that is great , Jesus was so powerful yet so humble and willing to take our place and pay our debt for the sins we all have committed that he alone is the Lord and coming KING ! No prophet before him or after him ever rose from the dead and lived to be taken up into heaven and angels with him and thousands of miracles and signs and wonders followed him !
  • Malaya Patton
    I love this chapter!
  • BSP
    Verse 25 shows that Jesus did so many other things that aren't even in the Bible record.
  • Foxyrock111
    Christ alone take us home. that by faith in the word of God's grace Christ give us the faith to
  • David O
    He that tarries!! please respond
  • Robert Bomar for verse 17
    What Jesus is saying is show my sheep what to do and how to be baptized. Peter is the only one who knew who and what Jesus was and still is. Through Jesus is the only way to the kingdom of God if any man goes any other way they are the same as a thief and robber. The father loveth the son and has given all things to the sons hand what's left to give,nothing because he has all things. I and my father are one now how do you get trinity out of that Jesus has always been. Jesus was equaled to God while on earth when Jesus died
  • Corrine clinton
    Be ready at all times

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