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  • Muqbool on John 20:17
    When Mary recognised her Lord her first reaction was to hug him full of emotion. Jesus pleaded with her to be mindful of his wounds and internal injuries as he was still alive and in the same body.
  • Bozki on John 20
    Praise the Lord Jesus Christ...This chapter is the Highlight of our Faith to our Lord Jesus christ, That is why as a Believer and a True follower of Christ we must share to World that the God that we believed in is the God of Life and Ressurection, We must share to the world that only Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of God the Father that Whosoever beleiveth on Him shall not Perish but have EVERLASTING LIFE....Amen and Amen......God Bless....
  • George Wagner on John 20:17
    I sent a comment on this verse on the 20th. I believe salvation is so pure that Jesus would not allow anyone to touch Him after His ressurection until His high priestly job was complete and He returned to earth and then and only then allowed human contact.I would like to add this thought to clarify about my sharing the gospel,I believe that we gain wisdom and understanding the more our hearts have a burden for others, I would not tell people about salvation if I didn 't care about their eternal soul. I believe salvation is so pure that God had a pure and perfect plan. God bless!
  • George Wagner on John 20:17
    I personally believe that Jesus became officially the "Christ ", after the ressurection. He was only called the "Christ " once, and that was when Peter said "thou art the "Christ " the son of the living God. He at the resurrection became our high priest, and was on a mission to present the precious Blood to the Holy of Holes in Heaven. Just like our examples in the old testament, when the priest had to wash and present himself to be clean before he would enter into the Holy of Holies. "Christ " also had to present Himself into the Holy of Holies totally spotless from this world. When He came back He allowed people to touch Him, His work was complete and Salvation plan was finished, once and forever. Amen, God bless all who read this! I personally have shared the plan of salvation thousands of times, and lead hundreds to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, and that makes me qualified to write this!
  • Dennis on John 20:31
    Michele, there are some places in Scripture that would seem to teach what you are saying, yet the whole tenor of Scripture is that one is "freely justified by his grace. " Now, the evidence of being saved is that one no longer wants to sin nor sees salvation as a license to sin, but there is remaining corruption in the best of us - see Romans 7, please.
  • Clinton on John 20:23
    Jesus was showing them the responsibility that The Church would later have of sharing the Gospel of Grace that would save whosoever believed. If anyone did not believe, their sin remained. All sins past, present and future are forgiven once we believe in the risen Christ.
  • James Taylor on John 20:17
    I think that statement is a result of protecting her from radiation. Until he ascended unto the Father for decontamination. He could not be touched by earthly beings. He ascended to the Father before he let Thomas touch Him. Then He returned to complete His earthly mission. mistranslation. something sei
  • Micheal adeiza on John 20
    The resurection of jesus christ has free us from death.
  • Mary mina on John 20:23
    Forgive so that you can be forgiven !
  • Lilian on John 20
    Jesus is the ressurection of life even if we will die we still have life. Jesus is the Son of the Living God who is authorised by our Holy Father to forgive sins, heal the sick and bless us in abundance. There is no other above name is Jesus. Jesus is the perfect obedience to the Holy Father therefore Jesus is expecting us to believe in him and obey his commandments until rapture. He who loves Jesus will keep his commandments. Thank you Jesus for your precious blood that shed for us for we are now saved, pardoned, and forgiven and loved by you. You have shown us always with your goodness and mercy that always following us. You deserve and worthy to be praised. Thank you Jesus and i will follow you and love you forever. Jesus loves you
  • Nicolaq on John 20
    Lord Jesus I believe. In the Kingdom believing is seeing Jesus wants us to have faith. Not be like Thomas
  • Reinarudo Watanabe on John 20
    JOHN CHAPTER 2O:23 1 18 15 In JOHN 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. 1 TIMOTHY 2:5 For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus Thank you Lord. A-men.
  • Richard Hartley on John 20:23
    God is the only one who can forgive sins,Jesus said I 'm the way the truth and the life nobody can go to the Father except through me,Jesus is the only mediator between God and man not a Catholic priest.The authority that was given to the apostles was not given to bishops,priests thats there claim is all but there is no valid truth to that at all,they claim 2 passages to back that claim up,that bind and loosen and to forgive sin,there was no Apostlic Succession given to the Catholic Church that is there claim,the Catholic Church did not even come into existence untill the 6 th your history books ppl.
  • Austine Njoku on John 20:31
    Trully God liveth
  • Joni G on John 20
    Jesus arose from the dead physically. His body was physical. He was going to be with them several more days before he ascended back to the Father. The Bible doesn 't say he went to Heaven right after resurrection and then came back again until the 40th day to ascend back to Heaven again. I believe the Holy Spirit carried Jesus to the room where the disciples were gathered. He suddenly appeared. Just like Phillip the evangelist was caught away after baptizing the eunuch in Acts 8 39. Verse 29 calls us blessed who have not seen Jesus but believe. Acts 24 16 says the disciples eyes were prevented from seeing Jesus on the road to Emmaus. Another thing I think is wonderful is we have the word, the beautiful word of God full of grace and truth. It opens our eyes to the truths of Jesus.
  • Claire Bell on John 20
    In this Chapter Jesus is letting us know that he has risen he was ascended to heaven came back in the midst of his brethren finding some in disbelief but yet believers he saw how Thomas was not shocked of his ressurrection but on the other hand Simeon Peter needed proof that it was Jesus I 'm amazed that Jonas son yes Jona the man that stayed in the belly of the whale for 3 days had a son that was so close to Jesus their faith is being shown power and something to ponder in! Mary Magdelean was the key to success And made history for all man kind when she went boldly to the scelpture to see Jesus it was Mary Magdelean that notified the Diciples and caused this action to come to pass and raised the attention of many and became a woman on a mission representing Unstoppable faith bringing the Diciples to a higher height and deeper depths to this miraculous miracle ! He has risen king if king and Lord of Lords to make a long story short forgive those that hurt you do the right thing Jesus want us to turn the other cheek let his people go free feed his sheep love unconditional and only beleive on his promises and in my closing love always don 't hate celebrate Jesus and where he 's taking you follow his path and you will truly see him in the end of your life Heaven. Holiness or Hell choose yea this day whom u gonna serve. He has risen should make it plain enough to make your choice AMEN
  • Stephen Naidoo on John 20:23
    DJ, I disagree that Catholics are right when it comes to the forgiveness of sins. Read 1 John 1 v 9. In my opinion concerning this portion of scripture, we must forgive all who sin against us just as Christ did those who crucified and Him and as Stephen did those who stoned him because if we dont, we can hold those persons who sinned against us in bondage thus also causing us to sin in the process because we 're not practicing forgiveness as Christ requires us to. If we have Christ in us then we will find it easy to forgive others just as He asked the Father to forgive us. If we say we have the Love of God in us then forgiveness should be one of our main traits because we should have the true love of God within us. Read 1 Corinthian 13 and 1 John 4 verses 7 and 8. God bless
  • Dan Nava on John 20:7
    I don 't know. It must have a great meaning a whole verse is used.
  • Phyllis mitchell on John 20
    I believe it means just what it says that Jesus had not yet ascended to His Father and could not be touched therefore since He later allowed others to touch Him and physically ate with them, He had ascended to God, came back and stayed with them for 40 days pr Acts 1 3
  • Nancy cid on John 20:23
    I think that this verse tests the true condition of our hearts. It reveals whether or not we truly forgive those that have sinned against us. The verse says "If you forgive others their sins are forgiven, if you don 't forgive them their sins are not forgiven. This just shows how willing we truly are to forgive those that hurts us. If we forgive them then they are released, that proves that we are doing what Jesus did.
  • Elizabeth L Xavier on John 20:17
    I believe that John 20 17 is saying that Jesus had newly come out of the Baptism, which mentioned to the two apostles who wanted to seat at the thrown side by side with Him in Heaven. He told them that even if they could sit on the thrown the could not go through that baptism which must have happened just before He was resurrected. Touching Him in His glory before this glory was apprehended by the Father, would have defiled that glory. I can only believe that Jesus must have spent time with the Father after His resurrection, before He allowed Himself to mingle with His fellow disciples who were pure human being. Notice that Jesus simple walked through closed doors, and He appeared and vanished from His disciples after His resurrection. The Spirit form of Jesus was more obvious after His resurrection, in that His disciples did not know Him right away, when He walked into their midst
    Chapter 20 verses 13. I am amazed at the faith of Mary. She was part of those who wrapped the body and took Him to the Sepulcher. She confirmed that Jesus Christ was dead but SHE STILL CALLED HIM LORD.
  • Gary on John 20:17
    In John 20 17, Jesus saith unto her, Touch me not For I am not yet ascended to my Father but go to my brethren, and say unto them, I ascend unto my Father, and to your Father and to my God and your God. Do I understand that Jesus would not descend to Heaven for forty days. But why did Jesus not want Mary to touch him but later before he ascended let Thomas touch him to prove that He was actually Jeasus? Thank you and God Bless you all.
  • Raymond mccaw on John 20:17
    The blood had not yet covered the seat in heaven as same as the offering for sin in the old testament could not be touched until it was made holy
  • Angelle on John 20:29
    Amazing Word from the Lord..being so late of an hour ..we know some will go through the almightys wrath.even as I pray I know this in my thing that always holds true ..My our father never changes his word never changes.
  • The Son of Man DOES have power on earth to forgive sins that are done personally against you We can forgive Father God has the last say in the end ie Father forgive them for they don t know what they do Yet when people DO know what they do in sin and then do it anyway THEN there is no forgiveness Either on earth or in heaven food for thought
  • Rod on John 20:9
    I am confused by the work "again". What does it mean in this verse? Rise AGAIN from the dead.
  • Tom Sawyer on John 20:23
    It means what it says
  • Anonymous on John 20:23
    Only God can forgive sin , you sin when you know ,that you are going against God's teaching , and he has given us the Holy Ghost to teach us all things and to bring to our remmberance , what he has told us .
  • David on John 20:17
    Note some translations read clinging vs touching. also note messiah's role was changing from lamb to high priest (Hebrews) . Jesus needed Mary to let the others know he would see them after presenting his sacrifice to the father. There would be time later for Mary to see him.

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