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  • Michael on John 2
    The marraige in cana was also if you look spiritually, Jesus was giving a pariable....Read it as it reads, the 6 waterpots of stone, stone was made of clay as adam was, 6 being the number of man as adam was created on the 6th day. 6 waterpots folled with water, is a symbol of a man. turnef to wine is being born again.
  • Winson Falia on John 2:19
    Jesus is prophesying that he will raise himself from the
    Dead in three days
  • Abidemi adeleke on John 2
    Awesome,is d love of God demonstrated by d lord Jesus Christ.He knew d tym of d father 4 him,yet He obediently and miraculously turn water in2 wine to glorify God,even a better wine.with Jesus,we can never be stranded,only believe.O lord help my unbelief.
  • Joe Glascock on John 2
    Concerning the wedding feast in those days, the wine was stored for only 1 year, and was used before the new wine was used, and as we are told they ran out, and eventhough it was not yet time for Jesus to do miracles, he respectfully told his mom, "What have I to do with you?, it is not yet my time!, but out of love he turned the water into the most perfect wine ever.
    Jesus also tried to tell her in such a way as to say, not only is it not my time, but this is not my job, his miracles were done for a specific reason, to glorify God, fullfil scripture, and importantly, for those who would believe, that is they were faith based!
  • Wes rosa on John 2:4
    hes telling her like silly mom not this kind of wine am i talkin about all the time thats to come later very respectful in a son to mom way cuz she is still his mom
  • Yanina Ann on John 2
    This very first act of Jesus was so awesome. Not only does Jesus know His Fathers will but he tells his mother "it is not yet my time". But because of obedience to his mother, He honored her. And up on the cross He tells us that "His work is finished"! We then see at His feet while up on the cross is His mother, present, when Jesus says "it is finished. Make no mistake about it, Jesus knew when to begin and when to finish the work of the Father God. And lets keep in mind as the water saw its blushed! And now for those of you that think divorce is ok...look at how our Lord Jesus ties these two souls together. It is to say, what God ties together is never to be seperated. Just as we read the Word we are not to seperate the old and new testement. They are binded together forever and in it's finish we see our Salvation/Heaven. Be at peace and in that peace you will find your rest.
  • Chuck on John 2
    Indeed it is apparent from the Lords dealiongs with those whomsold merchandise in the temple that he must be unhappy with the wicked practice of those in orghanized religion whom sell bibles and books they write about the bible. This practice is an abomination as any minister should give away such literature. the financing should come from Christian gifts to publish materials and bibles. To sell them is an act of a man whois not led by Gods Spirit "Freely you have recieved , freely give"
  • Dan Fine on John 2
    Chapter 2 is great. The Savior was wonderful in his miracle of the water to wine and the example of the Temple only goes to the sacredness of the Temple. I believe the Pharisees new what Christ spoke of and they only questioned him to confuse and keep at bay the people as Christ was taking them out of their position of power by his answers and teachings.

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