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  • Becky on John 2:4
    Mary mentioned it in passing.She didn 't ask for him to fix it. Jesus turned to her and made the point that his time had not yet come as an announcement that it was about to. Mary recognized her error, so she put it in God 's hands, she even gave him her servants because by her faith she realized all she had to do was put everything in God 's hands to do what he thought was best in his own time.
  • Ronald green on John 2
    God is god to believe In him and trust ln him
  • Rachael on John 2:16
    The Temple represents the Building Church structure and also our Bodies. The need to honour God and not to desecrete it. The church should not be turned into a market place Our bodies should not be used as a platform for exchange i.e. Prostitution, Slavery, Sexual perversion etc.
  • Chris Martson on John 2
    Who is it that setteth the sun in its place and maketh it to shine?,or thee earth in its course and the rotation thereof? Is it not I sayeth the Lord? and is it not I that shall be exalted in all thee earth?.
  • Marie on John 2
    Even the smallest thing in life, we need to include GOD on it. So many times we call him out when things get out of hand. We need to exalt and cry out to him all times. God wants us to depend on him.
  • EMETO FRANKLIN on John 2
    JOHN 2 1 5 mary knew that JESUS was capable making provision for another wine that was why she told the servants "whatever he saith unto you do it, and HE that is not associated with impossibility eventually did it.
  • Lillie McZeal on John 2:19
    It helps us to know that there are going to be some things that happen to us, or to others that we won 't understand. Sometimes, he won 't reveal the answer at that time. Just trust him.
  • Beneditte Idiagbonya on John 2
    This is awesome Jesus first miracle his mother was present, She knows her son 's ability, who he is and what he can do. Glory to God. I pray that we as parent know in depth about our children. His disciples believed on him. Awesome.
  • Jerry conn on John 2
    Well Jesus never dishonored his father or mother first of all because he was without sin.. I believe that this poticular scripture Jesus speaks to the flesh of his mother.... Not being disrespectful to her.. Think about this if Jesus was your son and you knew who he was wouldn 't you want to show Him off.... Kinda like look at my child he got a A or is graduating from college or has a awesome ability to do this or that... Jesus simply replies and says woman being interpreted as flesh gratification to exault her Son. This ant the time yet.. God has a time and a place for everything and his ways are higher than ours.. But she simply says "just do what he says " if we could all do this then our barren and stagnet waters in our spirits will be filled with the new wine... And our later days will be greater than before..just do what he says.
  • Earl on John 2:4
    It seems to me that although both she and Jesus knew he was a miracle worker, they both knew this instance was a minor situation and need not have been brought to him. She knew he could fix it. and as did he too. But do we? So often we deem our own problems beneath the care of Jesus, as if our situation were not worthy of his concern. His Mother knew him well enough to know, hem can fix anything. No task is too trivial no job too small, no problem to simple that we make a decision to abort our praying to God about it. He actually does care about the trivialities and the mundane occurrences of our lives.Are we to Judge what he can and cannot handle? Let him be the judge of it.
  • Kgethisi Molefe on John 2
    Jesus is the solution for our probles if it wasn t about Jesus wine was finish for good bt because of Jesus was there problem solved We have always invite Jesus in all our situation because He is our helper and our adviser Thanks you Jesus in my life
  • Don on John 2:5
    To me this should be the most important message of the church today We have watered down the gospel in many of our church bodies and are not focussing on John s statement that is What ever His word says we are to do it chriistains are not to compromise
  • Robert on John 2
    And the Jews' passover was at hand, and Jesus went up to Jerusalem,

    14And found in the temple those that sold oxen and sheep and doves, and the changers of money sitting:

    15And when he had made a scourge of small cords, he drove them all out of the temple, and the sheep, and the oxen; and poured out the changers' money, and overthrew the tables;

    16And said unto them that sold doves, Take these things hence; make not my Father's house an house of merchandise

  • Kelly on John 2:11
    This is a lesson on what this world is like, and how darkness is over us that we don't understand we are slaves, the living dead in need of light. He had power simply because he understood what was going on and doing these manifestations helped them cross over. You know what it's like when you don't get something and can't seem to make out what a person is saying and then the lights go and and it was in front of you all the time, this is what the world is like, being held in a dream like state and when you look at tv and see the players imagine them all in the dark, doing what we always do and then imagine Christ waking them up and they see themselves for the first time... at that moment, never be ashamed for beauty is in the eye of the beholder and he be holdeth you in beauty.
  • Joe on John 2
    T Bennett,
    It is by no means disrespectful. In fact the opposite is true. First, “What have I to do with thee?” Is like saying what do you want me to do? Second, when Jesus refers to Mary as “Woman” the Greek translation does not denote any disrespect. In John 19:26 while Jesus was on the cross he was deeply concerned about her sadness and grief, yet again he refers to Mary as “Woman”. He loves her as he does all of us. There was certainly no disrespect.
  • T Bennett on John 2
    What does Jesus mean when he says "woman what have I to do with thee?" Sorry but it sounds kinda rude to call your mother woman more or less 'what have i to do with you'. Can someone explain the context?
  • Futurelegend001 on John 2:3
    Jesus had the power of the most high-as he is the most high,his mother(mary) knows what he was capable of and that was y she sought him
  • Futurelegend001 on John 2:2
    Now when you walk with people that have made it will come to lime light.
    Joshua walked with moses and was known.
    The disciples walked With Jesus and was known...
    Come to Jesus
  • Futurelegend001 on John 2:1
    After the first day of choosing his disciples..
    He was invited.
    It shows that when people see men around you ...they want to call for your attention here..
    It means Jesus had somethn that made the old men stick to him...

    When you are speaker of the truth,though you will build enemies but People will want to know more
  • ART on John 2:24
  • Ngozi on John 2
    Jesus was not being rude. He knew that his mother recognized the authority and power he had as the son of God. That was why he concluded that his time had not come.The next verse confirms this by the statement his mother made. "Whatever he saith unto you do it. She knew who her son was. In response to another comment or question. The bible is not a story book. It is the living word of God.Ask God for insight and revelation into his word and it will come alive for you.
  • Angel on John 2
    Who is this Jesus you ask? Is this Bible a storybook? Answer: First the Bible is not a storybook but rather a living breathing book that once you have accepted Christ as your Savior the Holy Spirit resides within you (the Comforter Jesus promised to send after His resurrection and acension to heaven)and guides you and reveals the scriptures to you. It is the only book that the author is present each time you read it and reveals more and more to you as you grow in your daily life with Jesus who is the Christ. Second: Jesus is the only begotten Son of God full of grace and truth ( John 3:16-17) who came to die for us and pay the sin debt He did not owe for us who could not pay the debt of sin we owed. How marvelous to know and understand that the Holy God of heaven and earth and all there is was willing to do such a thing! Romans 3:23 gives us the state we are born into but John 3:16 and 1 John 1:9 are two of many verses that tells us how to come to Jesus to accept the free gift of salvation. Jesus is the way the truth and the life, no man comes to the Father except through Him. Keep searching the scriptures and pray God to reveal the truth to you and you will see who this Jesus is and how wonderful it is to have Him in your heart and part of your life.
  • Angel on John 2
    Verse 4; Jesus loved His mother and what is rude to us is different as how things were done in those days and the customs. He made sure on the cross that she was cared for by speaking to John and to Mary that he was her son and she his mother. In that day and age women had no status and had to have a man to do things and be accepted. He was "special"? No, He was and is God, the Son of God, which makes Him higher than man and our Creator. John 1 states in the beginning was the Word and also all things were made by Him and for Him. A holy and just God comes down to us to give us salvation would He really be rude to His own earthly Mother of whom He said was blessed above all women? I don't think so. I believe it was a term of enddearment and as another stated affirming who she was. Notice He did obey her.
  • Timothy Wayne George on John 2
    As Jesus asked the disciples who do men say that I am? Only Peter gave the right answer saying thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God. Jesus is the Logos, the living Word of God, and the book he has given to us, the bible is full of stories all about Him. When you place you faith in the Lord Jesus Christ you are born again into the body of Christ, and baptized by the Spirit of God by fire. The Spirit of God takes the Word of God, and makes it real in your life. No prophecy is of any private interpretation, but holy men of God were moved by the Holy Spirit to write the Word of God for our edification. Pray to Jesus to open your eyes, and ears so that you can hear what the Spirit is saying to the Churches. May the Lord bless you, and keep you. For faith is our victory over this world.
  • Austine Honde on John 2
    john 2:2 says they invited Jesus and his disciples to the wedding.
    Let us involve Jesus in each, and every thing we do (in our lives) and miraculous things will happen in our lives.What will happen if Jesus didn't go to the wedding think about it.........
  • John on John 2
    who is this jesus that you people are talking about? is this bible just a story book?
  • Patricia Skidmore on John 2
    I love reading John It reminds me of how much Jesus love me
  • Linda on John 2
    John 2:4 Jesus never sinned. Had he been rude to his mother, that would have bee sin. Remember that words weren't used exactly the same back then as they are now. Woman was a term or respect. He wasn't being disrespectful. He was simply asking her what she wanted him to do, reminding her that it wasn't time for him to reveal himself yet.
  • Mart on John 2:4
    By Jesus addressing His Blessed Mother as Woman was to confirm and reaffirm to the whole World the designation of Virgin Mary as the New Eve therefore the word "Woman". It is "The Woman" who will step-on and crush the head of the serpent (the devil).
  • Ann Ryan on John 2:4
    Jesus is being unnecessarily rude to his mother. Being special gives you less, not more, excuse for behaving badly

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