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  • Ray321 on John 2
    John 2:11 This beginning of miracles did Jesus in Cana of Galilee, and manifested forth his glory and his disciples believed on him. Jesus turn water into good wine, this is the first miracle. Wine was a symbol of HIS blood.
  • Ann on John 2
    Woman what have I to do with thee means. I am still here on earth mother,what do want me to do? I will and can do whatever you want.
  • Insight777 on John 2
    V25, At passover many believed in the Son of Man, the name they gave Jesus. Jesus was among Jews that were celebrating their traditions. They believe in a Savior, a man, not a Son of God beyond mortal accomplishments. Jesus preformed Miracles man can not. Jesus did not commit to their traditions or beliefs because he knows that foundation was formed by man not God. They love tradition not truth.
  • Insight777 on John 2
    Jesus only followed the directions of God. Joseph
  • A disciple on John 2
    Insight; I like what you wrote about the "carrying of pots being a man's job;" I never really heard it like that before. When I read it, I think it was the Lord telling Mary, His mother, that now the time had come for Him to officially be about the business He was sent to do from the Father; and that He was no longer to be treated like "her son" to tell Him what to do. I hope we can discuss more.
  • Insight777 on John 2
    Do not read V4 in a negative way! Jesus was preparing to show the world his miracles
  • Marcus newsome on John 2
    Jesus speaking to his Mother that way was not rude or disrespectful,, it was a sign of His sole submission to carry out His Fathers Plan.
  • Peter A. Okebukola on John 2
    As Jesus turned water into wine at Cana, so He is capable of turning our heart of stone into an abode where God can live.
  • Charles Bonsu on John 2
  • Lu2677 on John 2
    John W."On the 3rd day,meaning what? John 1:29"The next day John" this is day 1.V.35 Again the next day" 29 and 35 are the same day. V.43"The day following Jesus traveled to Galilee. Which is the 2nd day. John 2:1"The 3rd day there was a marriage" Jesus was "called",an invitation.It does not say that Mary told them He could make wine."Protecting her"no evidence of it.You speculate,Proverbs3:5
  • A disciple on John 2
    Jesus speaking to His mother in that way, was a mild rebuff to her meddling and trying to tell Him what to do; as if He were still in their house. The Eternal Son of God and Saviour coming in flesh into the world, and commencing His service for our redemption, does not need His mother to tell Him what to do! Now it was time for Mary and the rest of the family to follow Him, by obedience of faith.
  • John R. Whiteside on John 2
    I think Jesus was protecting Mary by not calling her, "Mother." He knew what was coming and didn't want her to be hurt or possibly used to interfere with His Father's business. The story begins saying, "And the third day" meaning what? Maybe it was on the 3rd day of the marriage, out of wine, He was called because Mary told them He could make more wine. Obvious a lot had already been drank.
  • Joe M on John 2
    When Jesus spoke to His mother He was speaking of His Crucifixion. His body would be pressed and He would release the Spirit. The six pots represent man. Water is our authority. This world has drained us. Filling the pots is The Gospel. We accept Christ then when life draws out from us we release Spirit and not water. This makes us peculiar to the world.
  • Irene123 on John 2
    "And needed not that any should testify of man ... "; Jesus was speaking of His physical body, the man and not the Spirit of God in Him. He knew there were people that would proclaim the 'man' Jesus only and leave out the Spirit of God - just as they do with 'great evangelists' today.
  • A disciple on John 2
    Felicia, I agree with you: the real Miraim (Mary) was a great sister Believer! and not what the Papists have made her out to be, with their blasphemous and unclean idolatries! She knew where Jesus came from, and it often said about her; that she kept the things said about Him, and pondered them in her heart. This is something every sister in the Lord can take as an example. She was a Saint.
  • Felicia on John 2
    Verse 5
    I admire Jesus' mother for the confidence she had in her son Jesus. We should learn from her advice to the servants and also from the simple obedience of those servants which brought about that great miracle Jesus performed. Scripture cannot be broken, our blessing is tied up to our obedience to the word of God. Lord Jesus help us to trust and obey for there's no other way to be happy....
  • Irene123 on John 2
    Jn.2:4 - Jesus is God - "..... manifested in the flesh ..... ", Jn 1:14. He LOVED Mary and honored her as His mother - WHEN he was young. But now He is 30 yrs. of age and being God - He doesn't refer to her as 'Mother' because He knew what was coming in spite of His not acknowledging it - Mary worship, mother of God. Mary had the 'flesh' body of God, but not His spirit. God has always been. cont.
  • Peter on John 2
    To Ryan
    It may have been just the way they were at the time. My dad always called my mother woman but it wasn't a derogatory term or any thing like that; but it was just a product of that generation. The man had his duties; and his wife was looked upon as the woman of the house. So he called my mother woman when we were growing up. ItSureGotComplicatedLater however AsTheYoungerWomenCameAlong
  • Ryan on John 2
    why does Jesus calls his Mother Women
  • Bruce on John 2
    Ethel: There was a large crowd of unbelievers that we're only there because of the miracles. Christ knows the hearts of men. He doesn't need anyone tell him about mans heart. That's why he told those he healed, tell no one, he didn't want large crowds that only believe in miracles. He could not put His trust in these people because of their hearts. Same today: bigger,more,but not my HEART= damned
  • Ethel Swiney on John 2
    I don't understand the last two verses .
  • Irene123 on John 2
    To Felicia - You did know the WHOLE of the O.T. prophesies of Jesus .....? Lk. 24:44.
  • Felicia on John 2
    To Danny C verse 17
    Jesus found the Temple turned into a market place (vv 14-15) and He grieved. They corrupted His Father's house and dishonoured Him. Ref. to v.17 - Isa 56:7; Ps 69:9; Matt 21:13. The disciples knew the Old Test they were John the Baptist's followers before and might have read Isa 56 over and over before so they remembered when Jesus mentioned it. Ps 69 is also Messianic.
  • Anonymous on John 2
    The good Wine.
  • John T on John 2
    Wine in the Bible reresents Joy. Without the Joy of the Lord first in any marriage it could fail. We need to put Christ first in everything we do. The leadership of Christ in our lives will help make any OLD or NEW marriage better!!
  • Marilyn on John 2
    Whatsoever saith unto you do it. Even if it doesn 't make sence. He will perform a miracle before our eyes.
  • Bridgett saylor on John 2
    John was reference of water to wine marriage we must change and become one with him testing the water is like difficultly in a marriage without him there 's no hope eternal life we need to celebrate a life in christ
  • John on John 2:10
    Whatever Jesus offers eternal life is better than anything this world can offer.
  • Dee on John 2:10
    What was the master of the house trying to say? What was the meaning between serving the wine first or last?
  • Danny croley on John 2:17
    I need a deeper meaning on that scripture

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