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  • Patrick Croukamp on John 2:13
    how many times did JESUS go to Jerusalem specifically for Passover? i only see once; and yet all men are called to attend 3 feasts in Jerusalem annually. It seems HE only preached for a year and a bit?
  • Richard in Christ - in Reply on John 2:19
    Hello Carolyn,

    Corinthians 13:8 is where it is written. Corinthians 13 is a great chapter on love/charity.

    God Bless.
  • Chris - in Reply on John 2:19
    Isaiah chapter 22 only has 25 verses. Are you sure that you need help with this passage or another one?
  • Maretta Robinson on John 2:19
    What does Isaiah 22:20-30 means in laymen terms
  • Sacha - in Reply on John 2:19
    This is a Bible forum ,why am i hearing about politics ,its unacceptable to me . How about i tell you all about my stamp collecting ? Or my holidays last year ? No ? I thought not . No politics please .
  • Richard Steinhilber on John 2:19
    This shows how what we hear is colored by what we think we know to the point it twists what is said into a falsehood. This is how witnesses at the trial spoke as they did, saying Jesus said He would destroy the (temporal) temple and rebuild it in 3 days. This same way of hearing is destroying an entire nation because people are doing the same with the words of our former president to fit their narrative.
  • S. Ellis on John 2:4
    I believe that Mary, being a devout believer, knew Isaiah 25 and saw the implications of that prophecy in the lack of wine at the wedding in Cana. Notice she did not ask Jesus to do anything, just called his attention to the symbolism. She did not demand He do something. I believe his response was not rude but confirmation to her of who he was, using the term Woman. If one can see it as an authoritative statement not an insult. When he says "Mine hour is not yet come", it appears He is not talking about His ministry, but His death, again confirming who He is. This seemed to prompt Mary into action, recognizing the manifestation of the scripture through his words. He satisfied the need as it fits the prophecy of Isaiah 25, a very recognizable prophecy of who He was. He would again refer to her as Woman at the Cross. Again, authoritative, not rude.
  • Cathryn on John 2
    I love the Word of God and I trust the Word of God :)
  • CHARLEY on John 2
    In the beginning was the word and the word was with god and the word was god

    john1-1. john 1-14 and the wod was made flesh and dwelt among us.

    hell awaits those on these comments who deny the deity of jesus christ.

    isaiah 9-6, isaiah7-14, john8-58,john14-6, col2-9, rev22-13. repent of your

    foolish false doctrine.
  • Pamela D Harper on John 2:5
    Whatever he tells you to do, do it! jesus won't tell us to do anything wrong. whatever it is you can be sure you will benefit from it! it will be for our good and his glory! and it will surely help someone else, either then or in the future. and yes, this is what the church should be doing, whatever jesus tells us to do.
  • Hugo Zyl - in Reply on John 2
    God bless you brother Richard in Christ

    Thank you heartily for a very mature response which shows some spiritual common sense. It is not something seen very often on these kinds of discussion forums. It is like a breath of fresh-air; and I appreciate your time and effort to type it up.

    Love in the Lord of all, Jesus Christ
  • Alex - in Reply on John 2
    You ppl that gag at three are gonna be sick when ya have to swollow a million as God ALMIGHTY SWORE by his very self that CHRIST is gonna be multiply as the Stars of heaven, Thats y Jesus is saying to whom the WORD that heavenly seed came it made them Gods plural and the scripture cannot be broken. Now unto Abraham and his seed was the PROMISE made but he says not unto seeds plural ( natural israel ) but unto 1 seed which is CHRIST , THE ISRAEL OF GOD, THUS ITS CHRIST THAT IS GONNA BE MULTIPLIED AS THE STARS OF HEAVEN. This cannot be refuted as it was God almighty that made this PROMISE,when he swore by himself. After Abraham offered up issac a type of Christ the Child of PROMISE. thats y Jesus is saying that which is born of the SPIRIT IS SPIRIT which is the birth of the H.G. GODS GRANSON. Which is the H.G. that is SPIRIT. The Israel of GOD. Remember it was ABRAHAM'S GRANSON JACOB whos NAME was changed to Israel impling the H.G the 3 rd person is the Israel of GOD. Remember it was Solomon the 3 rd person Jesse's Granson that God wanted to build the great Temple not david the son but SOLOMON th granson which means comforter th H.G. that is gonna build the temple in our bodies, abide in me and i in you, now its our bodies that is his Temple, but the H.G. is a greater then Solomon he builds a greater temple then Solomon with in us as that good seed THE SEED OF GOD is sown in our hearts. Initiating a birth of Christ/God in us. Thus do not gag at three as Christ as gona be multiplied as the Stars of Heaven.Abraham can you count the stars so shall thy seed be. which is the seed of CHRIST The words of God, the new covenant th book in the right hand of the father, I will multiply thy seed as the stars of heaven .gbu
  • Richard in Christ - in Reply on John 2
    Hello my brother Hugo,

    I do not call myself a "Trinitarian" as that seems to be a label. I do believe in God the Father, the Son(Jesus Christ), and the Holy Ghost. As these three are One. I also do not say "Jesus is God" which to me seems to be over simplified. I actually would agree with exactly how you said as "God dwelled in Him". Or God was "in" Him and He in the Father just as Jesus states. Jesus Christ being the Messiah sent by our Father in Heaven. He is the most unique, special, marvelous person to have ever walked this earth. Our Lord and Savior. None of us know everything about Him. One day we will be with Him, and our Father, in the Kingdom and we will be able to ask Him any question we ever will have. He will have the answer for us. God Bless you brother.
  • Hugo Zyl on John 2
    Christian love to all the brothers and sisters in Christ

    This chapter raises another question which Trinitarians cannot answer.

    In God's temple you had the holy place which only the priests could enter, and the holiest of holies which only the high priest could enter once a year. But that temple was not considered to be God. Rather God had His presence IN the holiest of holies. Not the skins or the curtains or the stones or the ark but simply indwelling that space. But now Trinitarians say that Jesus the physical man IS God.

    Question: why was the temple not seen as God if we are to believe that Jesus the physical man is to be seen as God? Why is the foreshadowing wrong? Why is God misleading us as to how He has His presence?

    Correct answer: the physical Jesus was not God. God dwelled in him. Just as the physical temple was not God. God dwelled in it. Thus the foreshadowing is correct. Thus God has lead us correctly to understanding how He has His presence.

    And for that we thank our Father and bless His holy name. Hallelujah!

    Please consider these things carefully my Trinitarian siblings, is my humble request.

    Peace and love in Christ
  • Chris - in Reply on John 2:4
    Since we're not given a whole lot of details to work on, that phrase, "mine hour is not yet come" could be Jesus' declaration that the correct time for the revelation of His Person, Ministry & Purpose in man's redemption had not yet arrived. His Mother would have known that the Divine Seed that was implanted in her about 31 years ago, was now standing in the midst of this marriage ceremony & well able to perform the works of God. And in this hour of need at the ceremony, what a great time it would be to show the people Who Jesus really is as well as help the marriage hosts out. "Killing two birds with one stone" is often a human inclination done because of having a narrow perspective. But Jesus retorted, that the appointed time had not come, but for the sake of his Mother's request (& maybe, her pleas), Jesus consented to her wish.

    I see this event as both Jesus' acknowledgement of his familial position as a son before his Mother as well as being directed by His Heavenly Father for the planned revelation of His Son to Israel. All that the Father has purposed for His Son (& for each one of us) fits perfectly into His timeline & order, so even though "His hour (of revelation) had not yet come", this 'first' miracle at this particular time would not necessarily throw the Divine timing out, rather, brought it forward a notch with the other events that showed the divinity of Jesus naturally following on according to that Plan.
  • Timing is Everything - in Reply on John 2:4
    This instance was Jesus's first miracle performed. He wasn't rebuking Mary. He was reminding that the appointed time to begin doing miracles had not yet arrived.

    They both knew he could; the time to begin had not bean given by The Father yet.

    In my experience; don't run ahead of the Lord. I did, Once. I was promptly corrected. (The Holy Spirit was speaking to my spirit)..."are you ready to do it My Way?"

    (Concerning street evangelism.)

    He didn't reprove me. Just asked a question. I learned to LOVE hearing that Shepherd's voice that day!!!

  • Curtiss cordy on John 2:4
    what did jesus mean when he told mary my hour is not yet come.
  • Fred Scanlan on John 2
    Could there be a revival, or a spiritual awakening! i would ask you older who know the truth too call three or more peoples and speak the gospel found in christ.
  • Valentine Adam Gerbert on John 2
    My previous post- We wouldn't need big Government.
  • Valentine Adam Gerbert on John 2
    There was a widower woman

    Whom was poor but she gave into the lord one pence. Today if everyone paid their tides we need welfare or big government. Instead the community who take care of their Sisters and Brother's.
  • Stanjett - in Reply on John 2
    Hades. A place where we wait for judgement. Not hell or else Abraham would not be there.
  • Eleanor on John 2
    Pray trying to get their it seems like sone wants to being me down ate stop my progreess teyong to get my realtionship wirh GOD back it seems harder to pray and i need a miracle need My enemies to back ok they fast are like sharks need GOD show up and show out
  • Shelley - in Reply on John 2
    Abraham was counted righteous when he gave up counting the stars and just believed God. " It was counted to him for righteousness, just as our obedience to God is counted for righteousness when we give up our own works.
  • Shelley - in Reply on John 2
    The "righteous man" in James 5:16 has to be Christ. You can look at it two ways: Because we are in Christ, if we pray fervently it will accomplish what we pray for because it will be God's will; or, Jesus, the only righteous man to live, prayed for us in John 17, therefore his prayer will accomplish much.
  • Stephen - in Reply on John 2
    James 5:16
  • Stephen - in Reply on John 2
    In response: Alex on John 2:

    "There is none righteous, no, not one."

    Then how can "The effectual fervent prayer of a 'righteous' man availeth much?"

    And why was Abraham considered a "righteous" man?
  • T. Levis - in Reply on John 2
    Just to add a little to discussion:

    Personal experience it is like to many new believers it's learning everything again but better.

    I thought just the other day about this issue.

    Like learning to talk, eat, walk & act all over again, in the Spirit

    Like not going places that cause sin before, not saying hurtful or offensive words etc.

    Mathew 25:31-46, Mathew 7:15-24, Philippians 2:4-15, Jude 1:21-25
  • Thank you - in Reply on John 2
    Thank you for responding
  • Stanjett - in Reply on John 2
    Being born again means being born of the spirit. That which is born of flesh is flesh. Got to be born of the spirit to be saved.
  • Stanjett - in Reply on John 2
    Jesus rose on the third day. He died on a Friday. ( what we call good Friday .) He rose on a Sunday on the third day. Now Friday and Sunday were not full days but Saturday was. Still 3 days. Not 24 hour days except for Saturday. This is why most christians worship on a Sunday.

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