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  • Success
    we need to give our life to GOD , so that all that JESUS suffer for us in the cross will not be in vain .accept the salvation, so that you will be save , when you do that the lord will bless you in JESUS NAME AMEN.
  • David for verse 30
    Thd phrase "It is finished " means that Eolhim 's design is completed. Eolhim created the cosmos. The cosmos became flesh. All have sinned except one. The Lamb of God. 16 "For God loved the world in this way He gave His One and Only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will have eternal life. John 3:3-5 one can see the Kingdom of God unless born again of water and the Spirit. James 3:10 tells us that cursing and blessings can not come out of the same mouth, Jesus tells us a house divided can not stand...
  • Anne
    All prophecy was fulfilled how could we doubt that Jesus was the Christ?
  • Thomas for verse 11
    A magistrate is regarded as someone having the super powers in the worldly human sense but I see Jesus Christ overiding all their powers and instituting his dominion ,authrity and power. He said unless the power is given from above that is Christ himself.
  • Dennis for verse 40
    Can you imagine the condition of this body, beaten and bloodied? How depraved is lost fallen mankind, and still worse than ever today.
  • Anthony Sims for verse 11
    Look Mr.Pilate, I came to fulfill the old testiment prophecies. Now I am to be beaten, mocked, spat upon, cursed, despised, then nailed to a cross until dead. This is my FATHER GOD 'S will that I do this and I love you as well as my accusers. So unless you would take my place, let 's get the show on the road. HALLELUJAH! HALLELUJAH! PRAISE GOD! JESUS LIVES! JESUS HEALS! JESUS SAVES! JESUS LOVES! HALLELUJAH! AMEN. IT IS DONE.
  • Emily for verse 26
    John 19:26 Jesus saw sorrow on his mother 's face and want his mother not worry about Him, that the script must be fulfilled.Rather she should look to other sons who are with her
  • Michelle for verse 26
    to me he 's telling to come take care of nephew who needs care for
  • Jesus was send to come and destroy de works of the devil 1John 3:8 and in John 19:30 de mission was fulfil when He said on the cross It is finish and gave up de ghost. By this every man or woman tHat Believe and is born again is save from every power of de devil.Just mention de name Jesus de devil is cast out.
  • House of Zion for verse 30
    It is finished! We who believe in the glorified Christ can now enter His Rest. We can come boldly to the throne of Grace and ask for mercy and grace to help us in the time of need.
  • Kibawo Andrew
    please this goes to our friends who think Sunday is God 's day for worship as per ten commandments,if at all you believe that Christ was crucified on GOOD Friday as you call it,please clearly analyze this chapter mainly 19.31 which talks on the next day which was a Saturday a GOD 'S sabbath
    The death of Christ was ordained before the foundation of the world and nothing could have changed it. The devil was really blinded to the extent that he thought he has finally got the opportunity to destroy the only Begotten Son of God and he did not see the real reason for the Death on the Cross. If he had clearly known that Christ 's Crucifixion will Snatch the Key of death and Hades from him Give us repentance Give us easy forgiveness Wash away our sins Give us a new birth Bring us closer to God Make him and the entire kingdom of darkness bite their tongues anytime the name Jesus is mentioned Make him bow before us ordinary mortals he would have fought tooth and nail to avert it. You see, Pilate has every right to set Christ free with no one questioning him WHY but everything worked according to the perfect plan because when the chief priests read the inscription "Jesus of Nazareth, The King of the Jews " and asked him to change it to "He said, I am the King of the Jews ", Pilate stamped it that "what I have written I have written " and that was final which means that he could not change the decree sanctioned from Heaven to save mankind despite the fact that he really wanted to because God sent Him to earth to die and save us.
  • i find it interesting myrhh was at Christ 's birth and death
  • i like god i praise him
  • Ps.B.Konzaphi for verse 30
    Jesus said I am thirsty, He was not thirsty for the vinegar, but for the souls who don 't knw knw about Christ. He wanted to fullfill the scripture.
  • Kennedy Darko for verse 30
    When christ had received the vinegar,the vinegar here was our sickness,death poverty.after taken all the pains of humanity this gave him the power to shout it is finish and christ commanded our destiny.Jesus gave up his ghost,he handed his power to us.
  • Jayv Pilai for verse 11
    This an episode that has always fascinated me If anyone wants to know what I think Jesus meant by this write to me and I will let them know It is so full of truth and wisdom
  • William Brown for verse 25
    To me it does not make sense that there would be two girls in the same family that would have the same name, I believe 'MARY'S sister' is Salome, the mother of James and John, Zebedees wife.
    Matthew 27:56 Among which was Mary Magdalene, and Mary the mother of James and Joses,[Jesus mother] and the mother of Zebedeeís children.[Salome]
  • Joseph keya for verse 28
    Jesus accepted death so that we as believers our sins are forgiven forever and remember as christian we are his grace.
  • Brian for verse 15
    the people turned to samuel and asked for their own king,the scribes and priests done the same,but think on ,even today we have our own king in our wretchedbodies,our choice except the true King,Jesus Christ.its true what Paul says,anything thats good for us we do not want,anything thats no good,we has no sense.LORD i LOVE you.THANKS FOR YOUR SACRIFICE
  • Felicia Ofem
    If only they knew that Jesus would rise again, they wouldn't have attempted it.
  • Kenneth p pitre
    Technically, one of the most important scriptures to thoroughly understand; for it can reveal who are false prophets, and which church is the one Jesus said the gates of hell would not prevail against it. If the Sabbath was the next day - then Jesus was crucified Friday - which according to the sign of Jonah and a scripture that reveals that a day is 24 hours reveals that Jesus contrary to the belief of practically every denomination - because they donít do the math - was resurrected on Monday afternoon. The high Sabbath is the tale tell that one seriously seeking salvation should consider. The bible says that Jesus was crucified midweek. In 7 days midweek is wed. According to the sign of Jonah and the 24 hour day scripture reveals that Jesus was resurrected on Saturday. The Sabbath day - and although Iíve researched different studies I am a believer that God did not raise Jesus from the dead on "Easter Sunday", and did not change the Sabbath day. Note - even IF Jesus was resurrected on Sunday - the bible never declared that or anything else reason to change the Sabbath day as many denominations claim. That is ludicrous to think God in His wisdom so great that the most intelligent ever born canít comprehend would suddenly change the Sabbath day! I ask - WHY WOULD HE ? To anyone who believes Sunday is now the new Sabbath day.
  • Mas
    What you have raised is a profound study in the Bible. And just one book (John) is not enough to provide all truths that the study entails.
    It has to start from the Old Testament, where one can learn the institution of Jews Passover with Moses, all events, lawful and customary that surrounded that Passover.
    Yes, there were two Sabbaths involved in the events that surrounded the death and resurrection of our lord and savior Jesus Christ.
    1.One is the Sabbath of Preparation of the Jews Passover in John 19:31,42. That Sabbath had nothing to do with weekdays, it was just a public holiday (Leviticus 23);
    2.The second is a weekly Sabbath, spoken of in John 20:1 in the first day of the next week.
    So there were 2 Sabbaths involved, and they were successive the holy proclamation (public holiday) and the normal weekly Sabbath. And resurrection took place early on the first day of the week.
    I could recommend a study by Victor Paul Wierwille ďJesus Christ our PassoverĒ.
    Great to notice the accuracy of word of God.
    God bless you.
  • Emanuel for verse 31
    What about the theory that there were two separate Sabbaths days in that week, please see "centuryone [dot]com[slash]crucifixion". My question is bona fide - can anyone elaborate on this, or respond to it? Thank you.
  • Susan Dalton for verse 30
    "It is finished." Jesus said, "...I have finished the work which thou gavest me to do." (John 17:4) The mathematic definition of work states work is done when a force acts upon an object to cause a displacement of the object. For a force to qualify as having done the work, there must be a displacement and the force must have caused the displacement. According to this definition, I can dig all day trying to get a stump out of the ground; but, if I do not displace the stump (get it out of the ground) work was not done. Satan did a work on man, and man did a work when man sinned. Man was displaced from righteousness. Jesus did a work of righteousness. He displaced man from sin, death, and hell. His work on the cross moved man from death to life; from darkness to light; from sin to righteousness. Each man has to do a work of repentance to receive the work of Christ. Without repentance, man may spend his lifetime fleeing the curse of death, yet, finding no escape of death - for he actually did no work of repentance.
  • Ms. M
    this allways make me cry when I read this.
  • John Russell for verse 14
    Perhaps "the sixth hour" refers to the amount of time (6 hours) between the arrest of Jesus and Pilate's delivery of him to be crucified.
  • Levi
    :( SAD FACE... ):
    Jesus on Calvary tree declared and said that it was finished which meant all our sins, infirmities were forgiven on Calvary's tree.
  • Frederick Wright
    We all have a cross to bear according to John 19.
    We are so eager to rush through suffering in order to receive God's glory, blessings, and mercy on us. Jesus knew he had accomplished his goal because God had already communicated it through his spirit, which is why he said "It is finished." We must know that me must continue to suffer to fulfill our destiny unto the Lord and wait for him to communicate to us when our test has been completed. Then, in our spirit, we will know by the very voice of God when we have come through our test. We can then say "It is finished." Then guess what..... we are on to the next test.... from glory to glory.

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