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  • Comments about the Comforter the H.G. John 15 V 26 KJV. THE COMFORTER THE h.g. will not come till Jesus is Glorified meaning multiplication of his seed the Word the H.G has to be born in US via a seed the WORD the living WORD not the written Word but the LIVING WORD YA REMEMBER HE BREATH ON THEM AND THEY RECEIVED THE H.G. His breath was his WORD,HIS SEED ETC HE had already said he that soweth the good seed is the son of man, and that good seed is the word of God,Yes jesus has a seed, its his WORD to whom the word came it made them Gods thus he can propagate God thats y he is saying that which is BORN of the spriit is spirit thats our new innerman the H.G. BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY IS THE MULTIPLCATION OF CHRIST THE CHILD OF PROMISE THE H.G. TH GLORFICATION OF CHRIST MEANING THE H.G WILL COME WHEN HE GOES FORTH TO SOW HIS SEED TH WORD IN US SINNERS THE WORLD. The scriptures say that the GLORY OF THE FATHERS ARE THE CHILDREN.Ya remember the h.g fell on them that heard his WORDS, HE WAS REPRODUCING HIMSELF VIA HIS SEED THE WORD IN SINNERS thus the kingdom will come as child birth but the child is the H.G. THE KINGDOM unless ya receive the kingdom as a lil child etc.Ya gotta realize that the parable of the sower and his seed is multiplication in humanity via his seed. The scripture says that the H.G was not yet given b/c that Christ was not yet GLORFIED meaning multiplication ( the sower and his seed ) the contents of the book, the new covenant remember when the book was opened thats when they sang a new song. the woman goes into travail and child birth ( multiplication of his seed in humanity . But God told Daniel these WORDS(new covenant ) is sealed till the time of the End,as the book was sealed till the end. After the Woman gives birth then John 12 v 10 says Now is come salvation, and the kingdom of our lord and his Christ ( the child ) THE CHILD IS THE H.G. TH KINGDOM. One of the seals is GLORIFICATION ( GLORY ) I.E. THIS CHAP. 12 IS PURE KINGDOM VIA A CHILD TH H.G.
  • Boots
    Linda are spot on , cheers
  • Jim
    Do not tell yourself that God and you planned this togetter. God will not help anyone sin, That's murder; thou shall not kill in the ten commandments. Please do not say things like that; because that propped me to pray for you and to write this reponse. Praying that you are alright.
  • Mishael
    Matthew 12:36. But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give an account thereof in the day of Judgment.

    For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou Shalt be condemned.
  • Tjeff for verse 7
    I believe this the easiest verse to remember, very helpful, I trust in the word and keep it in me, then anything I ask it will be done in his name
  • Karen Tallo
    I was baptized at 16, I am a sinner who want to sin no more do I have to be baptized again, I believe in GOD with all my heart .
  • Linda Miller
    Regarding baptism. Matthews 28:19 & 20, Jesus said: ...teach ALL nations, baptizing them ...Also, Mark 16:15 & 16 say: preach the gospel...he that believe and is baptized shall be saved. Baptism come before you are saved. Baptism is essential to salvation. Acts 2:37 & 38. 1 Peter 3:21 ... Baptism saves us. 2 Timothy 3:16 & 17 tells us that "ALL scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness ... Be blessed!
  • Jesus is king
    Jesus is the one that chose us and died for us because he loves us
  • Jesus Our Best Friend
    Jesus Is Our Friend He Loves all His Children Far and Wide He calls Us Tenderly to His Side. In His Heart there will Always be a Place for You and for Me. He came to Earth as a Babe even though all Creation He had Made. Hands Stretched out and Nailed upon Calvary s Tree, This was Done for You and Me This was Done to Set Us Free, To Give Us Hope and Victory. Reaching out Across the Land Drawing His Children by the Hand. Close to our Side He Will Always Stay Helping Us to Trust and Obey. As We Seek The Father s Will His Joy and Peace we ll know for He will Never Let Us Go. Jesus is Our Friend and with Him there is No End and in Eternity We will see how Great His Love for You and Me.
  • Nthabiseng Madidimala
    I love John chapter 15 kjv
  • Frankzdrrik
    this is about verse 19....many are sayings that they are followers of lord jesus but the world loves them because they also participated in traditions,customs and occassions that imposed by religions politics and commerce...The true followers of lord jesus were all in this world but not part of it,no more traditions,customs and occassions the reason why the world hated them.
  • BSP
    Verse 18 We know that the world back in Jesus' day had a deep hatred for him so we can expect the same hatred by the world if we are truly imitating Jesus.
  • Ronald Kelly
    First to God be the Glory !!! I do believe in The works of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ . I believe every word spoken when we who believe , in Christ we hardly fit in amongst others . we just can't seems to walk talk think as the unbeliever do as we have become spiritual so our lives just not the same so we become as out siders .
  • Erech Christ Nimrod
    Revelation 3:21 reveals that the Conquering CHRIST is NOW sitting on the THRONE at the Right Hand of His FATHER GOD.
    John 10:17 "Therefore doth My Father LOVE Me, because I lay down My Life, that I might TAKE IT AGAIN"
    John15:13 "Greater LOVE hath no man than this, that a man lay down his [worldly] life for his friends [and Live his Life as a Soldier of Christ] CHRIST is not telling you to die
  • JJ
    Greater love hath no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. I have understanding Lord and I am fully planning on doing your will. After I hang myself it will shock them into seeing the truth and cause them to repent and open their eyes and see the truth. I love them enough to sacrifice my life in an effort to wake them up and invoke change and peace. In Jesus name amen
  • Dee
    Please think on this. If you carry out this act you will be doing the devils will for he is a deceiver, destroyer. You feel that by doing this act it will bring about a change in your sister and niece; however, might it also bring them to a more desolate place in their lives. Will they not think that to commit suicide would be an easy way out of despair. I'm praying that you will look to Our Savior Jesus Christ and pray for your loved ones. Prayer does change and turn situations around. Pray the blood of Jesus over your loved ones and give them to Jesus to restore them and break their addictions. Jesus can and will do the impossible. Pray peace for your troubled soul as I am doing right now.
  • JJ
    I was wrong and honestly being ruled by fear. I am going to be fine. Thanks for your concern. God bless you
  • Erech Christ Nimrod
    Jesus Christ Teaches you in Revelation 3:21 "To him and her that OVERCOMES idol-worshipping religion and its cross and double-crosses will I Grant to Sit with Me in My THRONE, even as I also OVERCAME religion and its cross and double-crosses , and am set down with My Father God in His THRONE."

    You Christians who believe you are Saved by Christ's death, Christ just told you that you are WRONG!!! You still Must OVERCOME idolatrous religion and it's crosses and double crosses. CHRIST IN YOU CONQUERED DEATH AND HIS REWARD IS TO SIT IN THE THRONE WITH OUR FATHER GOD. You too must OVERCOME by Faith in Our Father God's Tough-LOVE just like Jesus did!!! Ignore the cross. Focus on the THRONE.
  • Erech Christ Nimrod
    JJ "Let the weak say I AM Strong!!!" -Joel 3:10. Be Strong. Hanging yourself may make "them" sad for awhile, but hanging yourself will NOT make anybody repent. Why should they??? JESUS CHRIST LIVES. JJ, it is you who must repent (THINK AGAIN!!!). Romans 10:13 Teaches You "For whosoever shall call upon the Name of the Lord shall be SAVED." Romans 10:13 does NOT teach you: For whosoever shall call upon the Name of the Lord shall commit suicide. In your reply you called on the Mighty Name of the Lord. Evidently you DID NOT understand what We wrote. Understand this: Revelation 1:18 "I Christ am He that was dead; and BEHOLD! I AM ALIVE FOREVERMORE, Amen; AND I HAVE THE KEYS OF HELL AND DEATH!!!"
  • JJ
    I am sorry if my comment upset you. You don't have all the details and have no idea why I think it would cause people in my life to repent. My little sister followed me into the world of drugs and alcohol. She is now a practicing prostitute, as is her daughter, to be able to support their heroine habit. Because I was the older brother and an alcoholic and addict myself, I know there's no way, other than shock that will reach her at this point. I have lived a deplorable existence and an act such as that would be the most effective way to reach people. By showing them that the wages of sin is death. I was going to write a heartfelt letter and pray for the best. I changed my mind anyway. Blessu
  • Erech Christ Nimrod
    Question: why do you christians worship jesus christ's "death" instead of his victory over death??? because jesus christ teaches you in Revelation 1:18 "i am he that lives, and was dead; and, behold!!!i am alive for evermore!!! amen; and i have the keys of heall and of death!!!

    can anybody answer that question??? peace.
  • Mickey
    The gospel of Jesus Christ (that everyone through time has preached to the unsaved and unlearned) is easy to remember:
    The BIRTH, LIFE, DEATH and RESURRECTION of Jesus. Our Messiah.
  • Erech Christ Nimrod
    Very Good JJ. Stay Strong. It ain't easy. And always remember ""For I the LORD thy God IN YOU will Hold thy right hand, Saying unto thee, Fear Not!!! I will help YOU." Isaiah 41:13
    Corinthians 3:16 asks you JJ "Know YOU not that YOU are The temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwells IN YOU? YES YOU NOW KNOW!!!

    Continue to shock your LOVELY Sister and your LOVEABLE Niece by showing them Your Strong Spiritual Revolutionary side!!! Show them that the wages of Strong-LOVE is LIFE. Jesus Christ warns You to Beware of religion and false prophets' teachings in Matthew 24:4-5. Be a Good Shepherd to your LOVED Ones JJ. STUDY. God is LOVE (1 John 4:8, 16). STRONG-LOVE!!! FAITH. THINK.
  • I am that Michael Isaac Dale
    The wicked boasts by saying, Most assuredly Jesus Christ came in the flesh. For the same murdered the Son, even the risen Christ, and imagines to again (though he testifies not that Christ is come.) It is written, He that hates me hated my Father also. If I had not done among them the works which none other man did, they had not had sin: but now have they both seen and hated both me and my Father.
  • BSP
    Jesus gave the command for his followers to have a deep self sacrificing love for one another the same way he showed loved for us.
  • Angela E Mcfarland
    I know from experience Jesus is Lord of my soul because covetousness of others or more things leave one feeling empty and restless to His purposes,nothing seems to satisfy. So I'm glad my father sets me straight.
  • ALEX
  • Steve
    There is but one God. This in the main tenent of the Holy Bible. But there be many servants, and Jesus being the foremost, so that he was known of, just as he knew God intimately. As a Jew, I have struggled with the NT, just as the Jews in Zion did. But to become lifted in spirit by God, to be guided and protected by God is the reward available to all, Christians,Jews,and Muslims alike, alike!
  • Doris Brown
    When I thought that God was not hearing my prayer because of disobedience i prayed and that is the chapter that God gave me to read and I shall forever stay connected no matter what!!!! I LOVE THE LORD MY GOD WITH ALL MY HEART!!!!
  • D. Wms
    John 15 tells us that we must stay connected to the "True Vine" which is Jesus the Christ, ask yourself "am I connected to the Vine?" You will know by the fruit that you bear, you will know by the love that you show, you will know by the life you live, others may ask of you why are you so happy and at peace. Live by the ten commandments, live by the fruits of the spirit and stay hooked to the Vine

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