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  • Jimmy dean on John 11
    I really enjoyed reading these comments, it brings out the feeling of some else is there with you these are precious moments in one life.
  • Lu2677 on John 11
    Bruce,You ask "where will you be in eternity?" A saved person (one that knows who God is through faith, and believing all of His word, walking in truth) will be in His Kingdom,heaven. I believe the verse you gave; you hold fast to your own opinion.I answered your questions but you did not answer mine. Yes, I need a savior;every day. I walk by faith not by sight. And yes, a saved person will know.
  • Bruce on John 11
    Lu: If you don't know these things, if you're not changed, where do you think you will be in Eternity? Most of Your responses Say you read The Bible. Also that You need a Savior. Is He Tugging on Your Heart? That's what John 6:44 is saying. 2Corinthians 5:17. Read These Verses,Pray, See You in The Morning. You Will Know. Impossible Not To.
  • Lu2677 on John 11
    I don't see a "tug on your heart" any where in scripture. Nor is there any obligation for a walk up to the alter. And I cannot see evidence that Satan would say"not now do it later" And why do you say faith will be evident "the next day"? Why not this day?
  • A disciple on John 11
    Mr. Smith (cont.); Obedience is what drives the action, and comes out of the same as "Hearkening," as it is in its nature, attentively hearing, for the purpose of doing and acting upon what is heard. Obedience is the manifestation and reflection of the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that has been rightly planted in the heart: Humility and Truth in the inward parts, worked out in a manner of life.
  • A disciple on John 11
    Mr. Smith (cont.); "When we are obedient.." Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is obedience. Acknowledgment of the truth and repentance is obedience. Changing our life to come now and follow Jesus, and keep His commandments is obedience: when we have heard and received and done that which God has commanded us concerning the Glad Tidings of His Only Begotten Son, and continue steadfastly unto the end.
  • A disciple on John 11
    Mr. Smith; Yes I have received the Holy Spirit since I believed, in the same way as them in the beginning. When I confessed my sins to the Lord and repented, and was delivered from unclean spirits; I was Baptized in water; and being before instructed, I asked the Lord that He would Baptize me in the Holy Spirit; and I came up speaking in tongues. He has also opened my understanding to Scriptures.
  • Mr. Smith on John 11
    A Disciple: as a follow-up on your comment, may I ask you what Paul asked the Ephesians in Acts 19...Have you received the Holy Ghost since you believed? If so, how do you know you received him? And what do you mean by "when we are obedient"?
  • Bruce on John 11
    Yes,without The Spirit convicting us of sin, we think we are fine./ No man can come to me, except The Father which hath sent me draw him---:John 6:44, That's a Tug on Your Heart. He may say your wrong,You need Salvation,go to The Altar,ask Forgiveness. Satan says not now,do it later, tonight, next week. Without Salvation no one can understand The Bible. They read it with worldly eyes.
  • Charles Bonsu on John 11
  • A disciple on John 11
    Hi Bruce; I like the word "convicted of my sins" better than a "tug on my heart;" I think you can guess the difference. I was saved by Jesus through faith. Conviction is in the realm of faith and spiritual, and it is for the intent of getting us to repent and be converted. As a seal of that reconciliation, when we are obedient and ask Him for it; God gives us His Spirit into our hearts to live it!
  • Bruce on John 11
    disciple: how were you saved? did The Father Tug on your Heart? was it by The Blood? It's True,many pastors and others say: just say this prayer or be baptized and your Saved. Many are on The Wide Road./ No one can be Saved without The Father's Call:John 6:44:a tug on your Heart. Without The Blood of Christ,there is no Salvation.The Change is Instantly! The next Day We will know by The Fruit.
  • A disciple on John 11
    This is an open invitation to everyone on this site, who believes they have a strong knowledge of the Bible: Where is it written, that we are to only accept Jesus as our personal Saviour, and ask Him to come into our lives? I say that this a false teaching, not based on the Glad Tidings preached by Jesus, the prophets or apostles; but one made up by modern impostors in the churches. Please answer!
  • Walter on John 11
    I see a few comments I find a little confusing concerning baptism and salvation. One receives the Holy Spirit at the moment of conversion, not baptism. Also, simply "believing" in Jesus is not salvation. Remember that the devil and his angels believe! It is repentance towards God and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ..amen!
  • Zeingoff on John 11
    Jesus spoke of the Spirit concerning Laz. Therefore he let the death of the body occur. What! But he knew a demonstration of the power of God was necessary. It became a political tipping point as the High priests plotted his sacrifice to save their position in the Roman state
    Jesus certainly knew his fate and also knew he the Father who would stage these events for the sake of all the doubters
  • Irene123 on John 11
    V. 10 - is yet another prophesy of Acts 2:38 - the receiving of the 'light' (Holy Ghost, after being baptized using the NAME of Jesus); altho' it is common to receive His spirit before water baptism, but water baptism has to be in there.
  • David Teer on John 11
    Why do men fear other men? We should fear who can judge our souls not humans. We must fear the grave as we fear the bed.
  • Irene123 on John 11
    E. Ijioma - I wish you had given the scripture for the plan of salvation.
  • Todd Brawley on John 11
  • Joseph Coil on John 11
    Amen! Amen!
  • Emeka Ijioma on John 11
    I know that whosoever believes in Jesus and follows the pattern he has given, that is, repent of our sins, offer ourselves and be Baptised by immersion in the name of Jesus Christ and remain in the fear of God (process of sanctification), we shall receive the Baptism of the Holy Ghost and will be saved. This is the process of salvation laid down in the Bible for us to follow.
  • Geraldine on John 11
    This means that only Jesus can save us. He gave His life on calvary to save a sinner like me and for sure once you accepted Him as your Personal Lord Saviour, definitely you will have an eternal life in Heaven. Thank you Lord for this promise.
  • Judith on John 11
    It touches my heart very deep Amen
  • Irene on John 11
    The chief priests and Pharisees; " ..... and the Romans shall come ..... "; Matt. 6:33. They saw everything the ordinary Jews saw- who accepted Him. Money and power.
  • Mayo on John 11
    Can you tell me why Jesus said so??? Nevertheless he came to the burial ground purposely because of Lazarus and for other dreads.
  • Jaykala on John 11
  • Landon on John 11
    the only thing I know is that man was created on the sixth day so what I have bin looking at to try and understand this is that GOD rested on the seventh day and I believe this to pertray him who will sit at the right hand of jesus just as jesus sat at the right hand of GOD this is the day the serpent was talking about your eyes will be opened and man will be like one of Us. immortal I hope.!
  • JoeMat on John 11
    If he had not called out to Lazarus, everyone in the tomb would have come out.
  • on John 11
    He needed to call him by his name because all the dead would arose if he did not
  • Irene123 on John 11
    V. 43 - does anyone know WHY Jesus said, "Lazarus, come forth?"

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