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  • Richard H Priday - In Reply on John 10 - 5 months ago
    The crux of the matter is that REAL miracles as well as Godly living in Christ Jesus WILL result in persecution and suffering. Such are scriptural concepts ( 2 Timothy 3:12 and other passages). The religious spirit of the Pharisees I am sure still is in operation and thus; hatred will result in true miracles as well as true salvation messages involving repentance and calling sin for what it is.

    This would include preaching against ALL sin; including pride and hypocricy of individuals and society at large.

    The threat against all of Satan's carefully networked aspects of society are many. Those who proclaim Christ are an economic threat; so a genuine conversion that starts to affect this system will bring imprisonment; no doubt. We see this now with the Pro Life movement; and indeed anything that gains any momentum attempting to restore traditional values. This is by no means unique to one particular political party or members of the establishment. There is economic gain to wars; like it or not by powers that be; just as there is influence by caving into popular concepts today where businesses are willing to forego economic sanity to position themselves with the world as others pull the strings.

    We present Christ today; sadly often as a God of our imagination. We may have a vacuum that only God can fill but some never will seek it; and we are ALL enemies of God before salvation. Bringing the church down to the world to fill pews is backwards; we should challenge those who would follow Christ with the requirements of being a disciple and warnings of dangers of falling away for those who would glibly make a confession without counting the cost. Looking at Christ makes it clear; with the exception of the 12 Disciples He never actively sought others; but would often weed out those not willing to forsake all for Him. He had no place to lay His head; let alone a fancy building to preach in. The Son of Man came not to be served ( Mark 10:45)
  • Chipo on John 10 - 5 months ago
    A recurring theme in Jesus' conversations with His critics is that they are being willfully obstinate. Jesus' life and teachings align perfectly with the Scriptures these men know all too well-but they actively refuse to accept Him ( John 5:39-40). An intent to disbelieve, not a lack of knowledge, is their main problem ( John 7:17). Others have seen Jesus' miracles, and properly interpreted them as signs that He is divinely empowered ( John 3:1-2; 10:21). The men who threaten Him now, however, have proven they're opposed to God ( John 10:1-6) by crediting Jesus' miracles to Satan ( Mark 3:22).

    Jesus will continue to answer in the next verse by reiterating the first of His three shepherding-related analogies from this chapter. This puts His answer in plain terms: I already told you who I was, but you're not going to listen.
  • Alex N - In Reply on John 10 - 1 year ago
    Kelvin a very good question....But ya have to go back to John 1 :12...I think you are refering to John 1:12 and 13....His NAME sake.. Which is the H.G. he that is born in US via Jesus seeds....Which is our new innerman that is not born by the will of any man nor is he born by Blood as he is a spritual being....Nor of the Flesh as by the will any man's carnal mind....This John 1 :12 is speaking of the sons of God that have to be born in us via only the will of God...Man has absolutely nothin to do with this new Birth which is done by the seed of the sower the words of God....Thats y he has to know us thats when that Good seed is sown in our hearts and minds that forms Christ in us a baby ....Thats y Jesus said unless ya receive the Kingdom of God as a lil Child you will in no wise enter there in....This scripture is speaking of Christ being formed in us as a baby..Thats y Jesus has to know us.

    ......My lil Children of whom i travail in birth till Christ is formed in you....Which is the H.G. his name sake Remember Jesus said the H.G will come in my name....And the FATHER will send the H.G. in my name John 14:26....Impling the H.G. is Jesus name sake will be born in us via Jesus seed....Thats y Isaiah refers to Jesus as everlasting Father....Jesus is the Father of the H.G....When jesus breathe on his disciples he was propagating very God via his seed his breath was his words his seeds etc..Thats y Peter said being bornagain of an incorruptible seed even by the words of God ( Jesus )...That liveth and abideth for ever....Living words not written words...The living words are seeds of living beings the babes and suckling he speaks of are Spirits..Thats y he said that which is BORN OF THE SPIRIT IS SPIRIT...Thats the babes and suckling that have to come in his name....Which are spirits ...Whosoever receiveth one such Child in my name receveith me which is that Child of PROMISE the H.G...Our new innerman our new heart and new spirit...Jesus is not impotent he has a seed
  • Kelvin on John 10 - 1 year ago
    John 1:13 Who were born not of bloods, nor of the WILL of the flesh, nor of the WILL of man, but of God. The saving of a soul is all the work of Christ. The concept of man's so-called free-will is Antichrist. Scripture refutes it. Predestination is a magnificent truth, thank God.
  • Richard H Priday on John 10 - 1 year ago
    John chapter 10

    Predestination. This is a continuation of the discussion in chapter 9. Jesus explains the concept of His sheep hearing His voice; then there continued to be fractious dissention among some who listened to Christ because AGAIN; they couldn't deny that a blind man being healed had to have come from God.

    We then switch to the scene of the "feast of dedication" otherwise known as Hanukkah. There were Jews there; perhaps some others and the previous Pharisees; who asked Him point blank if He was the Christ (or Savior). He then told them that He clearly was; but that they were NOT His sheep and couldn't hear His voice. The concept of election of those who were given to Him (v. 29): and His unity with God (as part of the Godhead).

    Once AGAIN they prepared to stone Him. He told them once AGAIN in verse 38 to at least believe Him for the works sake and that just led to another attempt to seize Him; then He escaped. Then ironically where he went where John had done NO miracles they believed because His testimony had been true about Christ. In this case it was the opposite of when people often demanded miracles as evidence that He was Christ; clearly those spiritually blind were not convinced EITHER way.
  • Adam - In Reply on John 10:36 - 1 year ago
    I'd like to share 2 thoughts on predestination:

    1. Regarding John 10:36 "neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand" if you look at the context Jesus is talking only about his sheep. The sheep are His followers, or, Christians. Not everyone is a sheep. They are choosing to follow Jesus and choosing to believe and choosing be sheep by their own freewill and decisions. We know this because of what it says just prior to that. John 10:25-27. In v26 he says they are NOT His sheep because they don't believe. So, if we combine this verse with Matthew 7:13-14 one can presume that most are NOT sheep. Many most are wolves and some are wolves in sheep's clothing. Matthew 7:15.

    2. Jeremiah 29:11 "I know the thoughts" or "plans" and hope for a "future" some translations say. Just because an all-knowing God can know this doesn't automatically mean its robbing you of freewill. You are not an automatic robot following a specific script. God is big and powerful enough to know everything and also let us have freewill at the same time, even if little human brains have a hard time comprehending it. God is much bigger than our assumed limitations. God is also big enough to change His mind, as happened relating to Sodom and Gomorrah.

    Maybe God's plan is just a broad overview of what would be best for you, maybe like a map, but its up to you whether you follow it or not. Maybe you take a few detours along the way, maybe you get confused and even go the wrong way at times. This doesn't automatically mean you are following God's plan. Maybe you're not following Him at all. I think if you ask most people who believe in predestination, they generally admit that when they ordered a chicken sandwich for lunch and held the pickles that it was mostly their choice and not necessarily God's plan. Or when a Christian sins 1 John 1:8, I don't think most people actually believe that God causes people to sin. God forbids us to tempt or lead others to stumble in sin: Luke 17:1-4.

    God bless.
  • Predestination - In Reply on John 10:36 - 1 year ago
    I'm probably not going to answer this Biblically enough. If you have a destination in mind_you buy a ticket and go stand on the train platform for boarding.

    If we wait to do something or respond; until "we feel like it", the moment can completely pass by us.

    No one is guaranteed tomorrow. Best to move on it when it today. " Today if you hear My Voice"
  • Jesse - In Reply on John 10:36 - 1 year ago

    John 10:29 is not talking about predestination and predestination has nothing to do with God choosing who goes to Heaven and who goes to Hell. John 10:29 is showing the permanency of salvation to those who are presently saved.
  • Giannis - In Reply on John 10:36 - 1 year ago
    Dear Dave

    Predestination in the sense that God knows who is going to accept Jesus' sacrifice and be saved and predestined them for eternal life, then yes this is right. But predestination in the sense that God planned beforehand whom He is going to save and act accordingly, then no this is wrong. If the latter was true then God wouldn't be righteous. Love, Truth and Righteousness is God's nature. God will not condemn people for what they would or wouldn't have done bur for what they do or don't. The verse you state from John means that nobody can take us from God, as long as we stay on the right path. Interpretation of verses must always be done in accordance to all other verses that are related to the same topic.

    Predestination, like .secured salvation no matter what, in my opinion are wrong beliefs.

  • Dave on John 10:36 - 1 year ago
    Do you believe in Predestination? That "we've already been chosen"? I find it hard to follow this path of thought. I mean what if I'm not? This is from John 10:29 NKJV "My father, who has given them to me, is greater than all; and no man is able to snatch them out of my Father's hand."

    However, if you read the KJV you can maybe interpret this differently. "My Father, which gave THEM ME, is greater than all; and no man is able to pluck them out of my Father's hand."
  • Chris - In Reply on John 10 - 2 years ago
    Hello Quentin. As you continue to read in John chapter 10 ( John 10:22-39), you will find that the Jews wanted to enact the Law of stoning for anyone who commits blasphemy (v33); and that Law is found & enacted in Leviticus 24:10-23.

    And again the Jews wanted to kill Jesus because of His further claim to divinity ( John 10:34-39). At the first, Jesus claimed that He & His Father God are One (v30) and at the second, Jesus said that He is the Son of God (v36). Both are strong claims that He & God are One in Essence & Purpose. If Jesus had just said that God had sent a special Prophet to bring God's Word to the people, He might have not been hounded as He was - but then Jesus would have lied to save His Skin, which He could never do. But even before His accusers, He remained faithful to His Father & to His Divinity in the Godhead.

    The Jews constantly schemed to rid themselves of this Jesus, but Jesus' time had not arrived for His death for mankind's sins. But when they finally accused Jesus for His Claim of being God's Son ( John 19:7), they would have been extremely satisfied when Pontius Pilate finally acceded to their demand ( John 19:16) & ordered His Crucifixion. The Jews finally got rid of this Man who searched their hearts & accused them in their innermost being. Their position & wicked hearts were no longer under Divine Inspection for now, but their sin remained, as Jesus told Pilate, "he that delivered me unto thee hath the greater sin" (v11).
  • Quentin Dana Williams on John 10 - 2 years ago
    In John chapter 10:22 at the feast of dedication why were the jews attempting to kill jesus by stoning him ? Does this not show that the jews wanted to kill jesus of Nazareth ?
  • Grae - In Reply on John 10 - 2 years ago
    I believe that we , the gentiles , non Jews , r the sheep from the other fold . Christ came to bring the good news or Gospel , of the Kingdom , firstly to physical Israel or Jews by birth or those who had converted to Judaism . After his death and resurrection the apostles and other disciples carried the good news all over the world and eventually , the printing press was invented so that the Bible is available almost everywhere now . There r still one or two countries where u might find it hard to get a copy , but not too many . Thanks to God for His marvelous work and mercy to all flesh .
  • Rachel Robinson on John 10 - 2 years ago
    Verse 16 of this chapter I don't understand. Please explain to me exactly what it means.
  • GiGi - In Reply on John 10 - 2 years ago
    Yes, most people were not literate, too. Before the King James Bible was translated, Martin Luther translated the Bible in the common language of German people. (In the 1500's) He wanted everyone to be able to read the Word for themselves to test and see if what was being taught aligned with Scripture. So, God raised up people in that time period to be able to translate Scripture, but also caused the printing press to be invented so that writings could be efficiently printed in masse.

    Such a good, good God.
  • Mishael - In Reply on John 10 - 2 years ago
    This is my skinny explanation.

    For a long time the Bible was in languages common ordinary people couldn't read. Priests taught the people. The people had no way of knowing if it was truth or heresy.

    People were burned at stake for being caught with just one page of the Bible. They tore the pages out of the Bible and shared them.

    It's a sad story. King James of London set out to see the Bible was translated into English do everybody could read it. The Gospel began to spread everywhere after that.
  • Rick - In Reply on John 10 - 2 years ago
    Jeanette correction jesus christ appeared to paul, haven't had a cup of coffee yet!
  • Rick - In Reply on John 10 - 2 years ago
    Good Morning Jeanette The answer is already written in the word, in 2 Timothy 2:15 Gods Says to Study to show thyself approved unto God by rightly dividing the word of truth. Most people will believe one part of Gods Word and not another part or cherry pick so to speak. The words rightly dividing or divide right is actually one word[orthotomeo] which

    means to cut straight or right. What makes this unique it's the only place in the bible this is its usage.

    When we rightly divide the scripture is when we have correct doctrine or correct instruction on how to act and what to do. Due to what man made theology or different religious systems have elevated there belief systems above the accuracy of Gods Intended meaning. Therefore the divisions of the denominations of the believers in the body of Christ. It happened as far back as the Timothy epistles where Paul who appeared to Jesus Christ himself to preach the

    gospel to the gentiles said In Timothy [epistles for leadership] 2 1:15 all of asia turned away from him, that is a remarkable statement, that tells you how bad the division in the body of Christ was back then.

    I do what I do because time and time again God has bared His arm and I have Had signs miracles and wonders all during my life, not that I'm a big somebody because. IT IS WRITTEN! If whatever you have been taught is working stick to it! GodBless.
  • Jeanette on John 10 - 2 years ago
    Why are there so many translations of the Bible?
  • Eric L on John 10:30 - 2 years ago
    What shame. Pharisees got the answer they seek yet still not believe. We humans are blind by what we dont understand. Ye are not my sheep that is why you do not believe.
  • Rogvi - In Reply on John 10 - 2 years ago
    Dear Kathleen. Yes, indeed. The fourth gospel is "The testimony of Eleazar"
  • Chris - In Reply on John 10 - 2 years ago
    Hello Kathleen. If you read John 21:20-24, we see that the "disciple whom Jesus loved" was reclining against Jesus at the Lord's Last Supper. And it's this disciple who says, "This is the disciple which testifieth of these things, and wrote these things: and we know that his testimony is true". We know that Lazarus wasn't present at the Last Supper, so he couldn't be the Gospel writer. And we also understand that John, as others, tended not to refer to themselves by name, especially when there was a special Grace being afforded - that they not be the focal point. See 2 Corinthians 12:1-4 as an example from Paul.
  • Kathleen Thornburgh on John 10 - 2 years ago
    Could it be that the Gospel of John was actually written by Lazarus? I truly believe it was he that was the beloved of the LORD.
  • Chris - In Reply on John 10 - 2 years ago
    Hello Sherrye. I have looked at those Scriptures you gave & know them well, but I don't get it. You may need to give your exegesis on them because I feel that your understanding of them may not be what I believe. It's unwise to offer comment when there is ambiguity. Thank you.
  • Sherrye Lappin on John 10 - 2 years ago
    Psalm 82: 6 is the law spoken of in John 10:30

    This is what religion does not teach man. Jesus is taught to be above us. On a pedestal. This was not his teaching. This keeps us down under a goal impossible to achieve. This is the work of the evil one. Read and reread both scriptures until you get it.
  • John on John 10 - 2 years ago
    Yes I have a question. Do you really respond to questions?

  • Glenn - In Reply on John 10 - 2 years ago
    Hi fren , even Thomas, who had been with him , an served, an seen ,. doubted ,.. be strong, stay in the word, pray , an ask your Heavenly Father, for eyes to see an ears to hear,.. he hears you , an already knows what you're going threw an feeling.
  • Dianne - In Reply on John 10 - 2 years ago
    Paul Some verses to help 2 Timothy 1:7, 1 John 3:1+2, God through Jesus Christ forgives and its available to have a clear conscience, just daily change habit patterns based on the word. Also 1 John 3:20-22, also Romans 8:28-39 or as the saying goes if God is for us who can be against us no one. We are on the winning team. God Bless
  • Paul on John 10 - 2 years ago
    I so need enough faith as I had in my younger years to follow Jesus, but I have so much doubt.
  • Tim Kane on John 10 - 2 years ago
    The difference in the Gospel of John from the gnostic Gospels used to bother me. I saw it as more fanciful. But these days I have been viewing it, in part, as a letter to Muslims, to address their issues, written 500 years before Mohammed preached Islam (according to the standard Islamic narrative of Mohammed's biography). This springs out at you in the very first verse, of the very first chapter - which is written in terms that seem out of place but a Muslim would immediately grasp: "In the beginning was the Word,..." and later in verse 14 comes the kicker, "...and the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us...."

    Most Muslims are programmed to ask: "where in the Gospels does Jesus say 'I am God, worship me.'" (Islam emphasizes the majesty of God and that humans should make themselves slaves of God.) The Gospels of John address these concerns most directly, but Jesus, in John 15:15 addresses the nature of our relationship to God, we are no longer servants, but made friends with God. We are to have an intimate relationship with him.

    But, in John 10:10, Jesus, compared himself directly with Mohammed. You see Mohammed started his career as a warlord first as a caravan robber, a thief. Western Civilization is based upon Christ's teachings (and a few of his commandments) among them are: separation of church and state, search for truth, value truth, avoid falsehood, freedom to search for truth, exercise of that freedom (the theology is worked out in the parable of the Prodigal Son), love and forgiveness. For people living in the West, these principles have given us a more abundant and full life - what a gift!

    Today almost no Christian, living in the West, aspires to live in a Muslim majority country, but almost all Muslims living in a Muslim majority country aspire to live in the west. Islam threatened/encroached Western Civilization for about 1000 years. In that time about half of Christendom was lost to Islam. Today the West walks on the moon, Islam not so much.

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