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  • Bright for verse 1
    Jesus is God himself! Revelation 1 vs 8. john was written what Jesus was speaking through the spirirt, he says I am the Alpha and the Omega, the begining and the end says the lord , the God that was, and is n which is to come the Almighty!!! The word came down with the name jesus, bcos every in this world must a name... Remeber wot was written in phil 2v9, the word came wit a name n dat name was exalted above all. The bible also say at the end i will write a new name on their head they will b my people and i will b their God. U cannot separate a man and the word from is mouth, so u can not separate God 's word from him becos it is the word that makes him God! So jesus is God
  • Vincent
    God comes without knowing, ths is evident as joseph realises that jesus was the son of God after the dove ascended from heaven
  • Nokuthula for verse 12
    for God to give us the right to become his children is a great previlage that only comes through God 's grace and this right means the power has been given nothing will ever be impossible for those given the right for by just calling on the name of Jesus all things are made available
  • Bridgett
    God in beginning of creation beleaveing what we can 't see That John is saying he has seen the God the father,son and the holy sprit was baptized in water how even then there was believers and non believers
  • Dahlia Daniels
    This message is the key of our life it 's basically explaining why the Word is so Important reading the Word is building our relationship with GOD because the Word Is GOD.Holy Bible means Helping Others Learn Your Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth .This is where your GRACE and FAVOR come from after Acknowledging and Excepting Who He Is.
  • Simon morita
    everything was made through Jesus Christ even the angels in heaven together with the fallen angels and devil hinself,
  • Brad
    This verse of John 1 is my assurance of my salvation.
  • Peter
    This actually is bringing to our understanding the Supremacy of the Father through the Son,So everything God has He gave to His son and now when we believe and receive the Son Jesus ,we automatically become God 's Redeemed Children!!!!
    John The Baptist was preaching repentance and forgiveness of sin for the Kingdom Of God was at hand and Christ was coming after him.
  • Muriel Farrell
    I think is is a great book
  • Heven
    really says a lot about god that i did not know an thanks go you really saved us
  • Lilian
    Jesus himself is the word of God and we must believe his words and obey his commandments. John 3:16 For God so love the world that he gave his only begotten Son Jesus Christ that whoever believes in him will not be perish but have everlasting life. Thanks to Jesus for his precious blood that shed for us. Thanks to Jesus for his Ascension, His Resurrection and for sending us the Holy Spirit. Praised God Halleluiah Amen
  • to as many as received him believe in his name became sons to receive power but are as children first children being not matured yet in the knowledge of walking in the council and learning from God the Father we are all called but not or cold in the five fold ministry not many but we are all called to be discipled this is the key element of the Holy Spirit for growth for our seal of approval and that keeps us as we mature amen
  • Kathi
    He came unto His own but His own received Him not but as many as received Him, to them gave He power to become the sons of God, even to them who believe on His life verses.
  • W.Marie for verse 3
    all things were made by God without God that means we would not exist that is why we are to present our bodies as living sacrefices holy and exceptable unto him so he can get the glory out of whom he has made,by studying his word that we might administer his word effectually to bring souls to Christ
  • Gail
    Jesus is the way the truth and the light there is no other way to eternal life Gail Green
  • Blessed
    i think instead of giving reason not to go to church we need to spreead the goooooooddddd news of the gospel
  • Lilian
    Jesus himself is the word of God and we must accept and obey his words. From his words will recieved peace, joy, happiness and life in abundance. Jesus loves us so much and he is faithful to his promises. Thanks to Jesus for his precious blood that shed for us. His love and mercy is always following us. We must walk with Jesus in Faith and not by sight for his love endureth forever. Jesus loves us... Amen
  • Vickie
    Hi Given Sithole: Chapter 1 verse 1 defines that from the very beginning of time there was the Word. Word is capitalized because it references a name by which Jesus Christ is also known. He is the living Word. So from the very beginning was the Word Jesus Christ and the Word Jesus Christ was with God the Father meaning that he was truly in Heaven with God before he took the form of man human in the natural birth and the Word Jesus Christ was God which is confirmation that the deity is three in one-- Father God , Son Jesus Christ, Word and the Holy Spirit being the remaining third part of the holy trinity. However, the focus in the 1st chapter and verse is Christ Word . John is a book of love. His account focuses on the love that God had for the world thru his Son Jesus Christ. I hope this helps.
  • Kwame anoff
    Thank God for his love
  • Nknaff
    Verse 16 in him we received all that we have received and on top of all that grace. It says grace for grace . Ideas what does that mean grace for grace? verse 12 he gave them the power to become the sons of God. Wow what a gift the power to become the sons of God. To become his brother. Christ said I am not ashamed to call you brethren. My prayer Father is because I can never to worthy of such an gift guide my words and actions that I honor your sacrifice for me
  • Kopa kingsley for verse 12
    amen for grace that came by the adoption
  • Nghashi for verse 1
    In the beginning was the word,the word was with the Almighty God, the word was made God by the Almighty 's decision or ' ' good pleasure ' ' Colossian 1:19. God-the Almighty has subjected all things under Christ excepting Himself. 1Corinthians 15 : 27-28.Jesus shall hand over to God in the end so that He the Almighty should be God ' ' all and all ' '. 1Corinthians 15:28.
  • Given sithole
    What the bible clearly say about John chapter 1 vs 1?I need to know exactly what it defines.
  • Bozki
    This Chapter Clearly Said that Jesus Christ is God. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ.....God Bless
  • Esther
    who is that prophet?
  • Geoff for verse 3
    Indeed all creation was made by him and without him was not anything made that was made this include me and every other human being,it also means everything bad or good,every stuation of life it signifies that we can do nothing without he who created us and that we wake up every day coz of his love
  • Osman Bangura
    "And they asked him, and said unto him, why baptizes when if you are a Not the Christ b Not Elias c Neither that Prophet. The Jews were waiting for the fulfilment of THREE distinct prophecies: One, the coming of CHRIST, Two, the coming of ELIAS, and Three, the coming of THAT PROPHET. please I want to know who is THAT PROPHET.
  • Nnodim Basil for verse 12
    One amazing thing I 've come to discover about God is that He has a blessing attached to every command or instruction, here or hereafter. It takes the Grace of God to really believe on His 's not about human knowledge and philosophy. May God give us that GRACE to wholly Believe and as well Receive HIM...for RECEIVING starts with BELIEVING.

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