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  • Steve kelly
    At this time in my life i have lost my way at age 42 we think we know everything but when we give it to god he doesn't always answer right then . my life is in a confusion my wife and i are having many problems i wished i could just find away to make her understand about the way i feel. by no means am i perfect but the lord was great and always will be .
  • Latrell T-Killer Harper
    The lord has just done so much for us. There is no possible way we can repay him. Great job eddie for accepting Christ. I'm really proud for all of you that can be apart of Gods family.
  • Eddie
    I am going through a hard time in my young life and I hope I can get some prayers sent this way, I just gave my self to the lord this week, so I am unsure of what I am doing
  • Ludwe for verse 1
    John gave us the back ground of the Godhead the Thrinity in Chapter 1. God the Father, Son and the Holy spirit in the 1 body. God created heaven and earth using His vioce, John 1:1 told us that before everything the was the word and the word was with God and the last day used the physical ability to creat human being as His image
  • His Grace
    The "beginning" is used for our comprehension, because we live on a time basis. God being eternal has no time and there is no end in Forever. Jesus being the Word and the Word is God. God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. All in one. Our walk would be so easy if we do the One Commandment and that is to Love One Another. God loves us so much that he came down from his sinless Kingdom to go through all the things that we go through that he might get first hand experience in what we have to go through because of the sin that was inherited to us through our ancestors. Love brings obedience and being obedient to God's Word makes for a great future. Praise God for Jesus.
    Do we worship a God with some power or ALL power. Power to make the impossible possible. How can 3 be the same person? I serve the God who can make that happen. He is God, perfect, OMNIPRESENT, OMNIPOTENT, OMNISCIENT. I just believe His Word Without question or caution, for I am persuaded. The word describes us as poor, wretched, lost, deaf, dumb, blind, lowdown rotten sinners. God is all knowledgeable when we are not. We will never understand the 100% make up and all the dynamics of God. He told us to believe Him, also believe the Son. The Son clearly proclaimed Himself as God on many of occasions. Revelation 1 , "THE REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST" He reveals His self. "I AM THE ALPHA AND THE OMEGA," that proclamation alone is clear enough for me! My friends, don't die and burn in the Lake of Fire FOREVER over foolishness. Believe the Word of God. He cannot lie.
    Respectfully, Raj Hayes 1 Believer
  • Bane
    MAZZA is right. The Word and God do not have a beginning. I think it is a translation problem. In Serbian translation which I am reading word beginning is given as a period not as a point in time. Although the Serbian translation is not perfect I think it is giving a good direction to think. GOD BLESS YOU
  • Mazza
    Notice that the Word has a beginning, compare with with Colossians 1:15. Almighty God does not have a beginning.
  • Nkosi
    A language interpretation will always be a problem ,but i believe that ultimately God will reveal the truth
  • Kourtney Osborne
    That great King suffered on the cross at calvary for me and I am not able to comprehend or to put into words how thankful I am for what the LORD JESUS CHRIST has done for me saving my soul from a devils hell Thank you oh Blessed and Merciful King all Glory to your name we are not worthy but your Glorious Son has made us able to stand before thee to praise thee to bow to your holy feet thank you my father forever through your Son Jesus Christ the Righteous
  • Chaz
    Whoa folks, remember that whatever is GOD must be all knowing and all powerful. Remember this logos created everthing that their was, God is a spirit,that spirit created and breathed the breath of life into u and me. If we recall, he confirms his absolute title in the 1st chapter of Rev did he not declare that he was the 1st and the last? Did not he declare himself as the Almighty? Did not IS 9:6 declare him as this son that would be given this child that would be born and that he would be called what? THE MIGHTY GOD, THE PRINCE OF PEACE! Their is no dought in my mind that he is who he declares himself to be. who he declares himself to be. Non other than the first and the last none other than the almighty!!!
  • Cliff
    come on people if you are still drinking milk you will say that Jesus is God him self. if you are eating solid food you say that there one in agreement [[unison]how can you make 3120 people to be one. only by working together as one [unison]that what he ask his farther do what over them let them one like you and me.john17;11.Nobody is this world is as close as Jesus and his father they so close and loving we can start to think they are the same person when they not.Colossians 1:15-17 he Jesus was the first of God creation how in heaven and earth can he the same person as his father JOHN20:31
  • Takirid
    Does Thomas exclamation at John 20:28 prove that Jesus is truly God? Thomas answered him,'My Lord and my God! There is no objection to reffering to Jesus as "God,"if this is what Thomas had in mind. Such would be in harmony with Jesus own quotation from the Psalms in which powerful men, judges, were addressed as "gods."(John 10:34,35,RS; Psalms 82:1-6) Of course, Christ occupies a position far higher than such men. Because of the uniqueness of his position in relation to Jehovah, at John 1:1(NW)Jesus is referred as the only-begotten god. Isaiah 9:6(RS) also prophetically descibes Jesus as "Mighty God," but not as the Almighty God. All of this is in harmony with Jesus' being described as " a god," or "divine at John 1:1. The context help us to draw the right conclusion from this. Shortly before Jesus' death, Thomas had herd Jesus' prayer in which he addressed his father as "the only true God."(John17:3) After Jesus' resurrection Jesus had sent a message to his apostles, including Thomas, in which he had said: "I am my God and your God." (John 20:17,RS) After recording what Thomas said when he actually saw and touched the resurrected Christ, the apostle John stated: These are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that believing you may have life in his name."(John 20:31,RS) So, if anyone has concluded from Thomas'exclamation that Jesus is himself "the only true God" or that Jesus is a Trinitarian "God the Son" he needs to look again at what Jesus himself said (vs.17) and at the conclusion that is clearly stated by the apostle John (vs.31).
  • Takirid
    Does John 1:1 prove that Jesus is God

    John 1:1,RS:" In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God and the word was God[also KJ,JB,Dy,Kx,NAB]" NE reads "what God was,the Word was." Mo says" the logos was divine." AT and Sd tell us "the Word was divine."The interlinear rendering of ED is a god was the word."NW reads the Word was a god";NTIV uses the same wording.
    What is it that these translators are seeing in the Greek text that moves some of them to refrain from saying "the Word was God"? The definite artical(the)appears before the first occurrence of theos'(God) but not before the second. The articular (when the artical appears) construction of the noun point to an identity, a personality, wheras a singular anarthrous (with out the artical) predicate noun before the verb (as the sentence is constructed in Greek) point to a quality about someone. So the text is not saying that the Word (Jesus)was the same as the God with whom he was but, rather,that the word was godlike,divine,a god. What did the Johm mean when he wrote John 1:1? Did he mean that Jesus is himslf god or perhaps that Jesus is one God with the Father? In the same chapter, verse 18, John wrote: "No one["no man ,"KJ,Dy]has ever seen God; the only son ["the only begotten god NW],Who is in the bosom of the Father,he has made known."(RS) Had any human seen Jesus Christ,the Son? Of course! So, then ,was John saying that Jesus was God? Obviously not. Towards the end of his Gospel,John summarized matters, saying: "These are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ[not God] the Son of God."-John 20:31.RS.
  • Bob
    darlene please check your translation of j.1.1 last word is missing the word was a god not (was god) j1:14 agreement in mighty god one problem our god the creator was God ALMIGHTY slight difference.1 tim 3:16 disagree with God ALMIGHTY being made into flesh yes his begotten son his first born of all creation the word he was made into flesh.j10:30 I MAKE A REQUEST, THAT THEY ALL BE ONE JUST AS YOU FATHER, ARE IN UNION WITH ME AND I AM IN UNION WITH YOU THAT THEY ALSO MAY BE IN UNION WITH US J 17:20,21. I and the father are one is a wonderful unity the closet bond possible between 2 persons especially father and son.
  • you can say many interpretations people are taught the trinity is the truth others not until you can interpret the hebrew and greek scripture yourself then you can see the truth until its all guesswork but please note all will find out the truth eventually some will be wrong and some right. my belief is simple in the beginning the word was,andthe word WAS with GOD and the word was a god. ALMIGHTY NO but mighty god yes. end
  • 1redskin
    Jesus Christ is Lord of all & one thing is for certain, He is coming back for the Church!
  • Richard L
    Jesus Is God? What a ridiculous yet common false witnessing. "if you have seen me, you have seen the father." Were we all not created in the likeness of God? How many times must Jesus say "OUR father" until you finally get it? His story is not one of becoming God or the rebirth of God. It is about forfeiting his own will and living out the will of God, which he asks us all to do as well? Perhaps you bible thumpers need a reference. In John 20-16 he tells Mary to tell his brothers "I ascend unto my father, and your father; and to my god, and your god>" He didnt just say it, he told her to repeat it verbatim. Think about it. Thats what Jesus would do.
  • T Ibanichuka
    GOD is love,love the WORD and knowledge it you shall surely find LOVE and the LIGHT everlasting.
  • Jeff davis
    Jesus is God,He was before john the baptist and yet john said that one will come after me even though he was before me.When Mary told John's mother that she too was with child,John leaped for joy, because he received the Holy Ghost at that time(6months old)in the whomb.Jesus is God's son, the flesh,"One mediator between man and God,the man Jesus.But they tried to kill Him with all the beating's and they could'nt,NO-ONE can kill a Spirit,but God Himself.When Jesus was casting out devil's from everyone,the devils feared Jesus because they know He's God, they asked Him not to destroy them,cast them in the swine that they will live.Bad spirit's are the fallen Angel's, when the Devil was cast into outer darkness,they fell with him. Here ol'Isreal,our Lord our God is one Lord!I know the ONE who know's,Jesus is LORD of All!!!
  • Edward for verse 1
    Mark 13:32
    [ No One Knows the Day or Hour ] "But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.
    Mark 13:31-33 (in Context) Mark 13
    Also notice not even the Holy Spirit ,knows the day or the hour.It say "Only The father" Now why would that be if they are 3 of the same beings?
  • Ben weaver
    response to Jerry; check Luke 1:39-
  • Jerry
    where is the chap- that mery with cild in her whomb went to visit martha or some one and they was with babe and he leaped in her whomb.
  • Garyloyd
    Harvest in the winter?nope! Don't kown the year or even the day but I think the True Christ will return Sept. 29th. But the whole world has to follow instead of christ first and the two witness must be killed in a place where all can see their bodies. T.V. will do that. But 3 and a half days later if I'm on the street and you ask me I will be able to tell you the exact time.
  • Qp
  • Shafnette
    Truly Jesus is the Son of God & God at the same time,son of God is actually a title given by God To people who have the holy spirit.King David was called firstborn son(Psalms 89:26-27)Jesus is the first and the last(Revelation 1:8) but when He was about to be send from God,God said He is sending him as a Son(Psalms 2:6-7)Apostle Paul says those who have God spirit are Gods sons(8:14,Heb12:23)son of God is a connontation meaning people who hav the holy spirit God sayin that He bore them,Jesus came as a person like me & u and he had the holy spirit hence the son of God but he was the manisfestation of God(1Timothy3:16,Isaiah 9:6,Malachi 3:1Psalm45:6-7).There is no trinity God is one Jesus is the manisfestation of God bodily,Jesus came in the Power of the Holy Spirit and that Holy Spirit is God.Jesus being the word of God is goes back to Moses when God spoke wit people from a burning mountain people were so afraid and trembling,they asked Moses to speak wit them in God's place then Moses said God wil send someone from among them whom God wil speak through who is the Word of God(Deutoronomy18:16-18)
  • Victor
    I believe and know that Jesus is Jehovah's son there isn't any doubt in my mind.and lets look at it like this too, if Jesus was god in the flesh and he came here telling everyone he was gods son... wouldn't that make Jesus a liar... hmm.John 8:44 shows who the liar is..Jesus and Jehovah wouldn't mislead people
  • Bridget Owens
    I have read over John and I agree with it one-hundred %. John loved God and followeed what ever he was told. God, Jesus and the holy spirit are all one. John is also mentioned inthe chapter of Revelations. Whoever reads this, may God bless you all and please pass it on.
  • Anderson
    Can one be with one and be one at the same time. verse 2 reafirms that the Word was with God.
    Verse 18 says no NO ONE has seen God at ANY time!
    Jesus explained him. Seeing Jesus was LIKE seeing
    God because he was "the image of the invisible God
    the first born of every creature" (Colossians 1:15,2 Corinthians 4:4 Hebrews 1:3) in this way it can be said " I and the Father are one" (John 10:30) & "he that has seen me has seen the Father" (John 14:9) There is no mystery. Jesus is the the SON of the one and only true God (John 17:3) He himself said I ascend unto my father and your father; and to my God and your God.(John 20:17)
    This reasoning harmonizes with the whole Bible with no contradictions.
  • Linda for verse 21
    god is coming back jan-9 -2012

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