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  • Kris
    In order to get the proper meaning, one must consider two things:
    1.The Greek words used in the text, as this passage was written in Greek, and
    2.How this scripture corresponds to others, rather than making it stand on its own.
    Due to the translation of the Greek word used, many Bible scholars choose to translate the latter part as "a God", or as "divine". This would support the rest of the Bible, both Old and New Testaments which refer to Jesus as having been created by God, serving as his only begotten son, and "the firstborn of all creation." – Colossians 1:13-16. Jesus himself stated that "the Father is greater than I am." – John 4:28. The scriptures as a whole support Jesus being the only-begotten son of God, sent here to make God’s name and Kingdom known, demonstrate the benefits of that Kingdom for humankind, and to provide a "ransom in exchange for many".- Matthew 20:28, Mark 10:45.
  • Francine
    I feel that John chapter 1 not only lets us know that God has been, is and always will be, but Jesus is letting us know especially ministers that it is not about the individual but about the one who sent the individual, which is God. The revelations on how to live comes from God, not man; and when we speak, we should speak his word and not our own.
  • Marceanie Walker for verse 1
    I think that God wanted us to see that he has been here, so he brought John here to teach us in letting us know about his word. Because what John said was true, and came from God. In that God and Jesus are the same. God is spirit and he sent Jesus down to walk in man’s body.
  • Austine
    Jesus was the spoken word of God according to John's revelation. That simply tells us that Jesus has been in existence (verse 30) from the creation of the World. In the beginning was Jesus (word), and Jesus (word) was with God (His father) and Jesus (word) was God. Jesus is God's own very nature manifested in the human flesh (verse 14) that lived and lives amongst us today.
  • Farm nelson for verse 1
    I believe it for exactly what it says. Jesus is the TRUE AND LIVING GOD. There is only one church he, Jesus is coming after and that is the true church of Christ. It’s time to admit who he is and let’s get some people saved to increase this kingdom. To see our families saved let’s stop tearing him apart and get the power back in our church.
  • Akuro for verse 1
    What is the difference between “in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God” and “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God's”. The second would correspond with Proverbs 8, and denotes two separate and distinct entities. Whether Jesus' beginning was from everlasting does not matter. What matters is that he has a beginning in God terms. Let us create man in our own image does not mean trinity. It simply goes to prove the point that God will not do a new thing without first revealing it to His prophets, angels (remember there was no issue of fallen angels then!). God has asked - who is my equal and to whom can you compare me? John 10:30 is often quoted out of context. One has to read the whole chapter to understand what Jesus meant. Simply put God gave Him the authority to exercise that power on His behalf.
  • Jay
    @ grant's comment on verse 18- 1. no one has seen god at anytime is referring to jehovah god the father, which is a spirit(john 4:24) and they that worship him must worship him in truth and in spirit. 2. jesus christ is the flesh part of the trinity that can be seen(john 1:14).
  • Jay
    @ paul's comment about the apostle john- 1. the book of john portrays jesus as the son of god(john 1:34)or god manifested in the flesh(john 1:1,14). 2. john was one of the 3 inner circle with christ during his earthly ministry along with james and peter(mark 14:33) 3. john is special to born again christians because he is in typology a picture of the new testament church. 4. this is why john is found with his head on the bosom of the saviour and referred to by jesus always as the beloved(john 21:20-25). 5. other than the pauline epistles john gives the best scriptures on new testament salvation and eternal security of the believer.
  • Jay
    @ balaji's comment on verse 39- 1. the best reference to your question of where was jesus staying is found in john 1:28. 2. bethabara which is bethany, which means city of dates.
  • BALAJI for verse 39
    Actually it is not clearly told, where he stayed. Where did he stay? Anybody please give me the answer with very clear reference, not a vague one.
  • Baltimore for verse 1
    Jesus Christ is God, and is the only God. Unless one has an understanding of the Scripture they will continue to misinterpret the Word of God. It was necessary for Jesus to open the understanding of the disciples before He ascended back into heaven after His resurrection. So it is today a true revelation of God will put to rest a lot of confusion regarding the Godhead and the none Biblical doctrine of the trinity.
  • Paul
    I think that John was very special to Jesus and so, he was kept till the last time when Jesus appeared to him at the Isle of Patmos. Jesus entrusted his Mother to John. John was everywhere Jesus was, he was the most loyal of all the Disciples. That is why Jesus revealed to him alone the Kingdom of Heaven (Book of Revelation), because he knew that he was the most loyal follower of Christ who will pass on the word to the generations to come, in words which will be as loyal as his love for Jesus. John’s Gospel stands out of the other three. John’s Gospel is all about the word and the Holy Spirit, like Milk and Honey to our soul.
  • Thomas for verse 6
    God still sends men today. No man can carry the word except. He is sent by God. Just as John was sent by God to bear witness of the light which is Jesus Christ, we also are sent to represent him. The question is how can we unless we are truly sent by God?
  • Tracy fyler for verse 29
    Perhaps there is one sin from which has two causes and Three basic pathways:
    1.Unbelief (hath God said?) Beleiving A Lie John 16:9;
    2.Deception, i.e. NutraSweet™(deficiency) Proverbs 12:20;
    3.Pride Isaiah 14:13 Proverbs10:13 (Self-centered) cancer, Toxicity;
    4.1 John 2:15, 16, all problems are spiritual and deal with RELATIONSHIP. Missing the mark John 17:3, Matthew 7:21, Genesis 15:1. Thus also natural realm there is only one sickness; Cellular Malfunction i.e. Dr. Otto Warburg's famous speech while Accepting Nobel Peace Prize in 1931 on cancer and its Prime cause due to Deficiency of oxygen thus Toxicity in dna i.e. Non efficient toxic city, mass production of...;
    5.Seven major pathways: Nutrition, Toxicity, ....
  • Tony
    I don't like when you edit the word of God. Let’s leave it in its original form, we don't need to be taking away or adding to the word of God or giving one’s own interpretation.
  • Grant
    Trinitarians, How do you explain verse 18 where it reads : nobody has seen God at any time? Who was the guy that was tortured to death, and why were there are 3 crosses if nobody could see the guy in the middle. Remember, don’t try to change the words "at any time".
  • Peter Ejike for verse 46
    I really felt good with the answer Nathanael got and also my greatest happiness is when Jesus asks Nathanael if he believe because Jesus said to him he saw him under the fig tree? And Jesus also promising us that today we have seeing him and we shall continue to see greater things in our life, what a wonderful savior. Thank you Jesus. We love you. From the family of Mr and Mrs Peter EJIKE.
  • Nawon Emmanuel
    Following John, I strongly believe that Jesus is God.
  • Kanu Ejike Kingsley
    Thank God.
  • Linda Sumlin
    Wow I'm just so thankful for Jesus’ obedience to his father for us. In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God, I started thinking about how we say around Christmas time Jesus is the reason for the season, but in reality we are the only reason he came to earth for, to show us the way then he died and rose on the third day with all power for us. I just want to say thank you God for you son Jesus, for everything he did and is still doing for us.
  • Lawis
    The commencement verse of the Gospel of John 1, says it all, that God has been from the beginning of creation and that the Word was with God, and that the Word was God, and that by Him all things came into being and without there was nothing that was made except through Him. It is in a sense that signifies that God and His Word are one, and that even though the world had a beginning, God never began because He has always been. And for Him to be whom the scripture says that He is, He must have the ability to commune with His creation- hence, Jesus Christ fittingly is the Word of God. These are mysteries and revelations. And it demands humility to be able to get into the different levels of knowledge that are inherent to that. And whenever a weapon is designed, put together or as it were, fashioned against you and I as Christians, please understand that such weapons are part of God's creation, and, in so far as we walk in love, and conduct ourselves, in line with the dictates of God's Word, then God, in His faithfulness guarantees us continual safety. And that is one of those things that make Christianity greatly friendly and highly inviting.
  • Leo
    Christ our lord was there from the beginning. He is the reason for our being. I will trust and continue to trust in him.
    John informs us that the word was GOD; and he made all things; then the word became flesh, after making everything and live in the world but they knew him not; nor accept him. GOD who came down and live among us then as JESUS, allowed himself to be crucified, so we have a chance to enjoy everlasting life that was made for us all. John 1:10 state he was in the world; and the world was made by him, and they knew him not. GOD has continually given us his unconditional love; and a lot has failed to accept it; and he is still trying by using various people and methods. Those of us who have accepted him, he has given us power to become sons of GOD. Let us worship him, and get the power to do the greater job; from the example HE has set us; ASKING for his continuous blessings and revelations amen...
  • Percy Giles for verse 5
    I think that darkness can't handle light.
  • Margarita for verse 10
    It breaks my heart to no end when I see that people who know the truth of who God is, are still today rejecting Him by their evil deeds. Rejecting the Great Mighty and Wonderful God that made us and all that is in this world. God who stooped down from heaven and became a human being. One day, He took all the ugliness of the world to the cross, as our sacrificial lamb, so we can learn how to live again. Yet the people still Crucify HIM ALL DAY LONG! But one day Jesus will come back so we can live in eternal peace.. Amen!
  • Enoch Gyas
    John 1 reveals to me that JESUS is unquestionable and incontestable GOD. I love Him, He is the Lord of my life.
  • Mick R
    Nathaniel...boy I just love this last little sequel to this great Chapter. We see Jesus walking amongst the people of the day, then we come to Nathaniel in amongst the mix. Wow, a one line statement from the Lord struck a chord with Nathaniel. I can only speculate what Nathaniel was doing under the fig tree, but my guess is that his thoughts were on prayer and communion with the Lord God Almighty. Nathaniel was a straight shooter in manner, deed and thought. This was confirmed when the Lord spoke with him and acknowledged the secret thought life of Nathaniel while he was under the fig tree....One is left to speculate what that was, but my guess was that it was intimacy with God in prayer, that no one else except the promised Messiah could confirm as their eyes met in that initial confrontation. Nathaniel immediately acknowledges, Jesus for who he was praying for or about while he was in his own little world with his own thoughts under the fig tree. Wow and Wow again. Nathaniel meets the Lord of All, who is able to read his thought life. Nathaniel comes on board as a genuine believer. The verses after the meeting tend to confirm where Nathaniel's thoughts were while he was under the fig tree, that is toward Heaven, The Prophets etc ascending and communion with God. Lord make us transparent of heart, not guile, just sweet for Him with Whom we have to do.
  • Paulette
    Halleluiah. God is worthy and worthy to be praised. I am understanding a lot since I have read from the Book of Genesis and am now into the Book of John.
  • Diane
    I am very new a reader of the Bible. A very good friend of mine has introduced me to the readings last week. I enjoyed reading John but it was hard to understand at first. I appreciate the comments of other readers explaining what they believe the writing is about.

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