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  • Walumbe simon
    John was Gods servant came to prepare people ready for reception of jesus and thus salvation.
  • Francis
    are we really children of GOD?
  • Thess for verse 1
    John 1:1 " in the begginning..... .. " if the Word is God and also Jesus is the Word can we consider that this Word is also a the Bible according to the p***age of John 1:1 please answer thanks
  • Adrian for verse 1
    in Gen.26 Then God said, ôLet Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness;
    the word "Let Us" make man in "Our" image, according to "Our likeness; so the Father, the Word and Holy Spirit is always agree in all Their plan and purpose specially in man that He loved....
  • Nyasha
    John was the first man to fulfil the new testament as He is the first man to baptize pple @ Christian
  • Trevorw for verse 11
    The OT tells us that God claimed the Hebrews as his own people.
    Ergo 'his own' - the Hebrews
  • Unknown for verse 17
    The Law is what gives us our rights. If someone knocks out your tooth you have the right under the law to take their tooth out. If someone pokes out your eye the law gives you the right to poke out theirs. Rom 8:3 tells us that the law is weak because it has no power to save a person from hell. However under grace we have power, The power to not press charges. Grace not only forgives but it gives a gift on top. Christ not only forgave us our sins but he also gave us salvation.
  • Eld. Glen Stuart
    Always keep in mind that Stephen saw God and the Son at the same time as he was being stoned. We don't have to have full understanding of the Trinity, but to simply accept what scripture tells us.
  • Rev> Autrey
    (John 1:1)Personality or person is mental makeup, how one thinks of himself. Sports figures are famous for doing this. They think of themselves in a certain way, then they act it out. Professional wrestlers call it acting out your persona. We can say it this way, God thinks Jesus, God talks Jesus, God does Jesus, and he says, "I am Jesus."
  • Rev. Autrey
    About the person of Jesus, your person or is who you are. Today we use the word personality. This makes Jesus God's personality. The other personality of God mentioned in this verse is the Father.

    Early church fathers used the word "persona" to describe God's person or personality. They were thinking in terms of the specific roles or characters God plays as he works out our salvation. In this sense they saw God as playing 3 specific roles or characters: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
  • Daniel Ifesinachi for verse 11
    His own means all the nation remember he is the maker of all things
  • Ursula Painter
    It is comforting to the human spirit to know that we can be re-united with the Creator through Jesus Christ who through his sacrifice took away the sins which separate us from the Creator. Praise be to Him!
  • Rev. Autrey
    This is what Zechariah, the father of John the Baptist said about the mission of his son: "Praise the LORD, the GOD OF ISRAEL, for he has visited his people and redeemed them. ...Now we will be saved from our enemies. ...And you, my little son, will te called the prophet of THE MOST HIGH, because you will prepare the way of the LORD (GOD). ... His wife Elizebeth said to Mary, "What an honor this is, that the mother of MY LORD (GOD) should visit me. ...You are blessed because you believed that THE LORD (GOD) whould do what he said."
  • Rev. Autrey
    Speaking about the advent of Jesus into the world, Isaiah says this in chapter 40: "Listen! I hear the voice of someone shouting, "Make a highway for the LORD through the wilderness, make a straight smooth road through the desert for our GOD. ...Yes, the SOVEREIGN LORD is coming in all his glorious power. ...He will lead his flock like a shepherd." What could be more clearer. Then in Isaiah 9:6 he say: "For unto us a child is born, a son is given to us. ...His name shall be called ... THE MIGHTY GOD and THE EVERLASTING FATHER. ...

    Yes, this is what the prophet said about Jesus!

    Do you believe the prophets or men?
  • Willy
    john 1:1 is a very known verse to us, stated here my bros and is speak of the plan of GOD,for creation,redemption,perfection.the bible tells in revelation 3:14 that Jesus is the beg. of the creation of GOD,COLOSSIAN 1:15.NOW Jesus is not GOD in the BEG.he is the center of the plan of GOD,that's why the bible tells in mat.14:33 he is the son of God.
  • Rev. Autrey
    As the song says, "God in three persons, blessed trinity." The word "person" comes from the term "persona," who you are or the character one plays. This means that we are not talking about separate entities, but the personalities of God. You can have as many personalities as you like and still remain who you are. God has three personalities, but he still remains one God. Two of these personalities are mentioned in John 1:1: Jesus and the Father. The other personality, the Holy Spirit, is mentioned in other Scriptures. All of these are the same God.

    To sum it up, the personality of God through whom he made the world is Jesus.
  • Rev. Autrey
    This verse says that "the Word (Jesus) was God. This means that Jesus is not a created being as some teach, but God Himself. This is possible because what we are talking about is self identity or personality. ... God has three personalities, but Jesus is the personality through whom God created the world.
  • Cassie for verse 49
    I love it. God is in my heart always, I love the bible
  • Sneha for verse 1
    its true as always
  • Damilola for verse 12
    Gracious is you lord. Thank you for your mercy that endure forever.
  • Shellington
    There love in Jesus Christ
  • Ciscokid
    John lebeoa-- In John 1:1 The "Word" is the thought,intent or purpose of God to create Jesus.-Jesus was not with God--except in the mind of God. The Bible tells us in the gospels WHEN Jesus was ACTUALLY created/born.
  • Skylar Sinclair for verse 11
    I take it that "His own" is talking either about those who had been saved in that that had received Jesus Christ into their hearts...OR... that perhaps His "blood" family rejected him. Either way I can certainly relate because our two sons have rejected us and we have no earthly idea why. Rejection is one of the most painful things on earth especially when it's "your own".
  • Tamsyn for verse 5
    The light, as James stated in 2010, is the Word of God. But John, the gospel writer, is not referring to The Bible as "the Word of God". He is referring to God's living communication, the person of Jesus. That written book, The Bible, gives an account of Jesus, and the way he communicated God's message in actions and words. It gives an account of life before Jesus' incarnation, and an account after Jesus incarnation. But Christians should never lose sight of the fact that it was Jesus who was God's message to the world (God's Word), not the written book that gives testimony to the life of Jesus, and the struggle by people like the apostles, most notably Paul, to make sense of the events and base a theology on them.

    Today, we have whole schools of theology, and churches that have grown out of them that worship "The Word of God" in the form of a written text. Sure, it provides the only record we have of Jesus' teaching and life. It also informs us of the prophecies that heralded him and the church that followed. But mistaking the written words of fallible man as God's dictation leads to all sorts of problems. Jesus, incarnate, crucified and risen is sufficient. He was, is and will remain "The light that shineth in the darkness".
  • Ike Emma Kanu
    There is no doubt that Jesus Christ is the son of God and the only King of kings and redeemer of mankind. Philip and Nathanael confirmed it. John 1*45,49
  • Taylor
    I think kids should learn this to all they could be learning from just learning just 1 verse a day
  • Alex
    DELE DANIEL's & Idowu Isaiah A's:
    In regards to your comments about Jesus and God being "ONE" You are absolutely correct in that Jesus said he and the Father are One.

    But neither one of you quoted John 17:20 where Jesus stated: "that they may all be one; even as You, Father, are in Me and I in You, that they also may be in Us, so that the world may believe that You sent Me."

    According to Jesus's own words all of his followers are ONE with him and with the Father. Does that mean that we are all GOD as well?
  • Amanda
    thank you god for your son jesus that die for our sin i love and praise your holy name
  • John lebeoa for verse 1
    jesus is the 'word';"before your great ancestor abraham was born,i was there".through jesus(word) the world was created. meaning, he was there before Adam too.the question is; if the son is the 'word',is that mean the father is the 'thought'? (because the 'word' comes out from the 'thought'.)

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