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  • Apst.Bonface Munene for verse 1
    In the begining was the word and the word was God...the word became flesh,and that's Jesus who became flesh to save mankind.Let's believe in one God and we will be saved.
  • Uboho ekanem for verse 46
    This is a clay evidence,that is a son of God. Nazareth was know to be a land of sin and iniquity but the birth bless the land,from virgin mary.
  • Uboho ekanem for verse 46
    This is a clear evidence,that is a son of God. Nazareth was know to be a land of sin and iniquity but the birth bless the land,from virgin Mary.
  • John N. for verse 12
    As many as received Christ, He doesn't make them sons but makes power available to them to become sons that means when we receive Christ we don't become sons immediately but Children it is now left for one to harness the power which is embedded in the Holy Ghost, made available by the reception of Christ, to become sons
  • George zulu
    Jesus was made for us to believe in him because he is the word.
  • D Tswapong for verse 11
    (his own)in john 1v11 refers to all creation.He (Jesus)came to the world that is His result.He came to the world that He made and the world could not recognise Him.The visible world was made by Him and did not know its Maker.
  • Imadu uwe
    With word God made everything and with all stand...
  • Rosalinasaysonkotapay
    Marc:...I agree with you because we should KNOW KNOW WHO our LORD Jesus Christ really is...The Word "was" God and "was" made flesh (John 1:1,14)...Let us NOT LIMIT ourselves in believing the "name of the FLESH" of our Lord Jesus Christ only...but also to believe his "name before he was made flesh" and accept the fact that he is NOT OF THIS WORLD (John 17:1-26)...therefore it is true that "his flesh" did pray to the FATHER whenever he asked anything from HIM the same way as he taught us to do when we want to ask something through prayer from our God the Father (Matthew 6:5-13)
  • Rosalinasaysonkotapay
    To Edmund:...all those you quoted from the bible are RIGHT...Mosima:...The Word "was" God before he "was" made flesh (John 1:1,14) and it is NOT to mean "all the words of teachings" in the bible...Esemansin:...Since Jesus Christ is the LIGHT of the WORLD therefore we must all BELIEVE him and his words WITHOUT exemption IF we want to turn ourselves from being dead in the darkness and choose to stay alive in the light.
  • Esemansin for verse 5
    No matter how small a candle light is in a room,it will still be noticed,How much more Jesus Christ the Light of the World,hw can darkness now been seen on earth.No ways Light(revelation)supercedes ignorance(darkness)
  • Mosima for verse 1
    In the beggining the was the word, the is God. Without reading His word you can never get the true revelation on who He really is. Going to church without reading the word you can never grow. Thus read his word
  • Edmund for verse 12
    Only sons of God can enter the Kingdom of God.
    Only the Holy Spirit can make you a son of God. Ro.
    Only by adoption can you become a son of God. 8:15
    Only God's family have His name. Eph. 3:14-15
    Only sons of God can see Him face to face. Re 22:4
    Only sons of God will not be stung. Rev 9:4
    Only sons of God have the seal of God. Rev 9:4
    Only sons of God believe in the name "Son of God" John 1:12 and 1 John 5:13
    Only sons of God wear the white robe of the martyr.
    Only sons of God are under the alter of God. Rev 6:9-11
    Only sons of God who suffer with him can be glorified with him. Romans 8:17
    Only sons of God know His name. John 17:6 & 26, Rev. 2:17
    Only when the son free's are you really free. Jn 8:32
    Only the son of God can teach you the truth. Jn 14:26 & 16:13
    Only the sons of God can receive the grace of God.
    Only the son of God knows this as true.
  • Marc
    There is a lot of talk about God, which is good, don't get me wrong. John 5:19, do you see what Jesus, who knew he had all power but states, and I might add, important for all of us, "The Son can do nothing in himself"... This hit home with me, we have our many problems and struggles, why? You can do nothing in yourself, as the father do, you do... Read John 6:63, one of the best verses I keep reading, discerning? Yes...
  • Tshepang
    John 1: 4-5 In him was life; and the life was the light of men. And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not. if today we live the the way we want we are in the Darkness because we do not know the truth. we are used by evil the thing we do are in the darkness and evil is darkness, we mast find our way to the light because he is the light. GOD is the light
  • Moses for verse 13
    Jesus for example(though born in a human family)was not born of human blood nor of the will of the flesh nor of man but of the holy spirit. Saints likewise are fathered by the holy spirit in human families to perform what God wills on earth. Similary satan fathers his children through human families and are the majority called by christ 'generation of vipers'
  • Nelson godbless rweyemam
    i want to be filled with holy spirit all the time.
  • Moses for verse 13
    It simply means not conceived of blood nor of the flesh but of God like the births of john or christ were. Mary, joseph,zacharia and elizabeth were just cover ups or channels.
  • Moses for verse 13
    It simply means not conceived of blood nor of the flesh but of God like the births of john or christ were. Mary, joseph,zacharia and elizabeth were just cover ups or channels.
  • Daniel for verse 1
    Jesus is God. Also the Holy Spirit completing the trinity is also God. When us christians and the world realize what this book,(John), is telling us and open our hearts to the Truth, then, and only then will we be saved. ch.14. v.6
  • Josephine for verse 12
    Thanks, to our loving and forgiving God, who has forgiven us of our sins and filled us with the Holy Ghost to guide us into all truths, so we can be called His sons and to have joint heirs with His only belovd Son Jesus Christ.
  • Rev. Autrey for verse 29
    (Verse 19) "Look! There is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!" John made this statement in reference to the removal or forgiveness of our sins. When we are saved, that is, when we believe or have faith in Jesus, his substitutionary or atoning death takes away any and all of our sins. This leaves us clean and righteous in God's sight, free to do the good works God has designed for us to do.

    To be a subtitute means to die in the place of another. This means that the death of Jesus was not capricious. It's legal basis was to place Jesus in the place of all people and punish him for their crimes.

    This could only take place if Jesus is the one who made us, and is therefore God. This is what David means when he says, "Open for me the gates where the righteous enter, and I will go in and thank the Lord (Jesus). Those gates lead to the presence of the Lord (Jesus), and the godly enter there. I thank you for answering my prayer and saving me!" (Psalm 118:19-21) The prophet Isaiah says the same thing in Isaiah 45:21-22: "... For there is no other God but me-a just God and a Savior-no, not one! Let all the world look to me for salvation!

    What we are talking about here is self identity or personality. That is, the self identity or personality through whom God's saves us is Jesus.
  • Vance Taylor
    we have the power to become children of GOD if we believe and are born again ONLY! We were made in God's image but became children of Satan the angel of light when eve was deceived but Adam was not and willfully sinned against GOD!
  • Patrick
    God is good all the time!
  • Joe Barnes for verse 18
    The WORD of God was made flesh, anyone receiving the Word, receives God. The Lord Jesus words are Spirit and they are Life. The seed-word was spoken into the womb of the virgin and the only begotten from the Father was born. This child conceived in Mary was of the Holy Spirit, thus being the Father, God is Spirit and is Holy. God spoke and creation started, the scripture does not say in the beginning the Father created but God said, the WORD spoken created. Ps.33:6..... We beheld His Glory in the Son, there was no eternal Son but the Only Begotten Son from the eternal Word....Who's Kingdom there is no end...
  • David ricketts
    If your saved then yes,1st john 3:2
  • Tapiwa for verse 5
    Darkness have never defeated light.

    Darkness + Light = Light

    Jesus who is the light shines forenever.
  • Joel Ouko for verse 3
    Indeed the World was formless and God later created all things that exist even now we human beings.
  • Walumbe simon
    John was Gods servant came to prepare people ready for reception of jesus and thus salvation.
  • Francis
    are we really children of GOD?

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