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  • Michelle Bonovsky Nathan for verse 22
    I think it made me understand a lot of my trials and tribulations in my life and also felt small in the wide open
  • John Oduor ochar for verse 27
    john Wad baptising with water becouse he had not the spirit og god which had he only jesus And this was before jesus Was himself baptised.after john Had baptised him with wateer the spirit of God descended on him meaning being tought/walking with god not of man anymoreteaching and preaching allover jerusalem.We know john Had saddle and at no point did he took then off Jesus Had his feet washed by his disciple peter.for me at this point would say that we usually forget bout john There baptiser usually becouse he come wearing clothes made of camel hair and eating locust and wild honey.
  • Patricia M.
    Very power full. He created the earth and everything in the world and we do not know Him.
  • Fabiola Reid for verse 16
    I believe that His fullness is now ours and He continues to bless us!
  • Evans aidoo for verse 3
    Jesus is the same as the word (John1:1).God spoke the word (Jesus)to create the world and all there without him (Jesus-word)nothing would have been created hence John 1:3 amen
  • Doris for verse 3
    Father we thank you, that the bible says all things were made by God the Father. We give Glory and Honor. And we will worship you as long as we live. We love you O' God Our Father.
  • MockingBird for verse 3
    God Is Creator of all : This scripture says a lot !!! I am not able to comprehend all that God has & is: Throughout eternity I will still be learning. I stand in AWE of my Lord God Almighty.
  • MockingBird for verse 3
    God Is Creator of all : This scripture says a lot !!! I am not able to comprehend all that God has & is: Throughout eternity I will still be learning. I stand in AWE of my Lord God Almighty.
  • NISHA313 for verse 3
  • Chimezie P. John for verse 3
    All things were made by Him (things in heaven, earth and beneath the earth) which without Him, nothing can ever be made. And all things are subject to His Name; that's why when we mention the Name of Jesus, demons give way, oppositions and mountains melt at the mention of that Supernatural Name. Oh Halleluiah!!!
  • Robert for verse 2
    The Light vs. the darkness.
  • Kiko
    i ponder it amen
  • Anonymous for verse 18
    it is clear that Jesus here is the Begotten God in which he preached words about The God who is JEHOVAH (Psalms 83:18) that is why Jesus is called The Word ... Jesus and the God is not the same.. one proof is Jesus prayed at Luke 17 ... he used the word "Father" .. Father and Son is not the same obviously... so there is Someone Higher than Jesus - Jehovah (Psalms 83:18)
  • Peter John for verse 5
    Every Man and Woman has gift of enlightenment contained
    Within themselves no person can improve from without.
    Every improvement has to come from within self.
    Sit quietly and listen to the light within.
  • Men were in darkness and were dead. For centuries now they have been living without life(zoe). They were cut off from the truth. The life that men needed was in Him and only that life was enough to bring light to men. The light and the life are two inseparable things, that is why he said we are the light of the world cause once you receive that life light also comes in
  • Malatji, Peter Malatji for verse 12
    I heard this Jn 1:12 many times unblessed, but today I got blessed in a special way. Jn 1:12 says since Salvation in us lives Jesus Christ, whom when God want to bless first chech if indeed Jesus Christ in me, should he find Him in you He empowers you to subdue or take full control of all powers on earth, it may be academic power, business, marital, witchcraft, devil whoshiping, setbacks or any other sphere, all are under your control, ever joy is your part in the name of Jesus. Amen.
    john 3*16*21 ALL Human being Save Son's of God In Jesus Name.Acts 4*12 The way to saved Only JESUS.
  • Nese Gado
    I love John Chapter 1 in particular verses 1 to 5
    where John summaries the creation and the comming of Jesus. So plain to see.
  • Hlekani
    I absolutely just love all the chapters of John.
  • Joshuaose
    Wow jesus christ is the reason are live are thank Our lord for make it possble in our live true the resurrection of jesus christ has make us has life what could happend if christ is not true raised frm dead then could that bee no me are thank God his mercy and love
  • When Yahweh first spoke the Word was brought forth being that every thing that was created was created by him and there is nothing that is not created by him. So the Word came when Yahweh first spoke. John 1:18 says the Word was in his bosom
  • Janet
    When one speaks of love, rather than the current reality, one is raised above in his thinking. Love lifts us all.
  • DR. \\\\payton for verse 4
    I know that you are right. Acts 4:12
  • Leigh for verse 10
    Yes Jesus was a man who was touched in everyway of the temptations of the flesh yet with out sin. For he always did those things which pleased his father. Made a little lower than the angles , through obedience was made perfect and became the Author of salvation .
  • Rich
    Read Isaiah 53-5 by his stripes we are healed. when we ask anything in is name it shall be done. We must have faith and believe that we received what ever we ask for. Sorry i cant remember all the scriptures.
  • Sitotaw
    I can see that the light of the world Jesus .
  • Matt
    @ Mark's John Chapter 1 comment on 11/20/2013, 11:13pm:

    Look, how John uses the term "the word of God":

    Revelation 19;13:
    "And he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and his name is called The Word of God."

    Jesus IS the Word Of God!

    The creation was conducted by the Trinity. Two main reasons for this: In Hebrew, the Word for God used in Gen 1;1 is Elohim = plural.
    Also, take a look at Gen 1;26:
    "And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness (...)"
  • David for verse 12
    As many has recieved d power in holines & purity of mind. ( the Lord know who are his own, believerS shuld stop pretending.
  • Janyce
    Please read Genesis 1:26 and John 17:5
  • Mary Brown
    I don't understand his ways but I know that he is doing it for my good. Sometimes it's hard to understand when you are going thru so much pain and it seems like it's never going to end. Every time you turn around the person that you thought was your friend or family turns out to be your enemy. I know that he is the beginning and the ending but I get very confused when I talk to him and he doesn't answer my prayers. I know that he gave his only son to suffer for our sins but why must I continue to suffer and see no results for my suffering. I hope one day he can answer some of my prayers because I'm getting tired of living anymore.

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