John 15:20 Inspirational Image

John 15:20 Inspirational Image

"Remember the word that I said unto you, The servant is not greater than his lord. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you; if they have kept my saying, they will keep yours also."
John 15:20 (KJV)

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"The same word"
"The WORD is food and nourishment to my bones. Praise GOD for the WORD."
"Amen , help me to root this word upon my heart Father !!!"
"Amen they hated the Lord Jesus when He was here how much more will they hate us today it was what we are expected to endure"
"He wil never leave me nor 4sake me. So even if the world hates me, there'z 1 who wil always b my frnd #Jesus. So am not going 2 renounce JESUS bcoz of persecutions coz i'v understood the world luvd not my Master, so it wil never love me. I'd rather die 4 CHRIST than 2 live 4 men. Glory 2 JESUS our 1 n only luv. God blss y'all n know thz, GOD luvs u so much n so does ur fellow bros n sizs in the faith frm Africa."
"Amen..! Let them persecute us.. All we know at the end, victory shall be ours. God will give us more grace to overcome their persecutions. We are not afraid of people that kill the body , but the soul. God is my; our strength, what can man do unto us."
"Love it !! Also, read the whole passage when it comes to the bible. Not just one scripture !! Often times people don't read the bible and take one scripture just to feel good about themselves as they are missing out on its true meaning. Blessings !! :-) <3"
"Amen I remember all things whatsoever you said to me I remember Amen"
"Even dBible said "Blessed are dey wh are persecuted 4 righteousnes'sake:4 theirs is d kingdom of heaven.Blessed are ye when men shal revile u,and shal say all manner of evil against u falsely, 4 my sake.Rejoice,b exceedinly glad:4great is ur reward in heaven."
"Father God is my salvation my all and all"
"For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. - 2 Timothy 1:7"
"Found this to be really really true?"
"I read that with my family yesterday letting my grandchildren know if people dislike you for who you are just remember baby Jesus first you can't satisfy everybody"
"Lets keep our trust in HIM and we will sail through"
"Lord give me power to do ur will."
"Servants shall not live in the house of the Lord & they will not inherit anything for they were paid for their services. Only Sons & Daughters of God shall abide in the house of God forever & will inherit all things when they overcame their trials & tribulations as stated in Revelation 21:7. Who are this Servants? These are the UNREPENTED ones who are more faithful to their religion & man made doctrines, by-laws or constitutions rather than the Word of God written in the holy bible. They are called servants bec. they only preach the Word of God as instructed by their leaders but never obeys what they preach & even oppose, twisted & contradicts the teachings, doctrines & the gospel of the Kingdom of God. Example of w/c are the worshiping of Idols & graven images as against Exodus 20:4-5. Another example are the belief that God is only a human being like us meaning Jesus biological Father is human. His biological mother is no doubt human named Mary. They are ant John 1:1, i John 1:14, Matthew 1:18-25."
"Absolutely right amen!"
"Amen my Lord and Savior"
"Amen n nice verse!"
"Amen so true !!!!"
"Bless us with yr spirit so can hold unto u when they persecute us Lord.Amen"
"Blessed are those who are persecuted for His name's sake"
"But all these things will they do unto you because they know not Him that sent me."
"Father, help to endure, maintain and prevail their persecution....Amennn!!!!!"
"Glory to the Almighty"
"Hallelujah..... Amen..."
"Holly spirit help me to stek to ur word amen."
"I like King James version that any other."
"I love the WORD !"
"If we obey the word of God, we will not have time for stiff neck people"
"King of glory u re so good (Amen)"
"Let the Church SHOUT! {{ AMEN! }}"
"Life with out Jesus isn't life"
"Matthew 6:33 "But seek ye first the Kingdom of God & His Righteousnessness & all this things shall be added unto you." God is calling all His children to enter into His Sabbath w/c means go to God's Rest by STOP SINNING or continued in disobeying God & START renewing your life thru Repentance & be Born Again in the Spirít of Obedience to the Will of God. I AM one of the Disciples of Jesus Christ bearing the same Spirit of John The Beloved during the Jewish Setting. And now in the Gentile Setting Kingdom Age generation the unfinished business of my Father Almighty Lord Jesus Christ w/c is the completion of His workplan of Salvation in Men. History repeated itself bringing the same message w/c is REPENTANCE & OBEDIENCE TO GOD'S WORD W/C ARE HIS PERFECT WILL. No other message of God w/c are reverberating all over the globe 24/7 that people from all walks of life needs to hear w/c is the trumpet sound delivered by God's Audible Voice & Temple in this last days-The Appointed Son of God Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy!"
"No weapon formed against me shall prosper :)"
"ONLY Sons & Daughters of God will abide in the house of God forever. Who are this Sons & Daughters of God? They are the REPENTED ONES who surrendered the small god within them known as the Serpent Seed of Satan Lucifer the Devil sitting on the human Will w/c is the Spirit of Disobedience to the.Will of God that we inherit from our first parents Adam & Eve. How do they repent & surrendered their Serpent Seed/Human Will? By entering into a Covenant with God in swearing; "Father, from now on its not my Wil but Thy Will be done in my life no matter what!" Then after surrendering the Serpent Seed/Human Will w/c is a Disobedient Spirit to the Will of God you will begin to receive a New Spirit known as the Righteous Seed of God w/c is the Spirit of Obedience to the Perfect Will of God. Why do Sons & Daughters have all the rights to inherit all things & have the access in entering the Kingdom of God in Heaven? Bec. they are OBEDIENT to the Word of God w/c are His Will for man's Salvation as stated in Matthew 7:21-23."
"Satan is also master over many. He is going to Hell one day. Since his followers are not greater than he, guess where they end up?"
"Thank you my Lord Jesus. Amen"
"Thats a direct word of command for me from my Lord Jesus.....Amen Lord.."
"There is no need to "Pound the Gospel of Jesus Christ" in a person's head............Romans 10: 8-18..........Matthew 28:18-20 Because, once they hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ/ and of Salvation, most times they accept it or reject it, it is their choice. During Jesus Christ's ministry on earth, he did not "Pound the Gospel of God's Kingdom, in people's heads", especially the same ones, over and over again, as is accustomed for some today. That is what Lord Jesus is telling us, "If they listened to him, they will listen to us" as well, in sharing the Gospel..............without force."
"Wow the life within us. JESUS"
"Yeh prabhu ki wani hai,ishwar ko dhanyawaad."
"Yes I know they will persecute me,,I walked the homosexual lifestyle 44 yrs. how long was that desert?I fell into the arms of Jesus,amen,and He set me free,amen,,and I am going to HEAVEN.amen..jesse duplantis said God is crying.God doesn't want any of His children to go to this latch key child is writing a book? just for the gay community? cause I don't want them to go to hell either..hell IS REAL.."
"Yes my LORD...Amen"
"Yes, O lord."


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