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12/12/2020, 4:29am by "James": To lay down one's life simply means, I would be willing to have the love and courage to stand against evil to save my friends. There is no glory to die for a cause, the glory is in victory over evil, victory over death. What use do you serve if you die, burdening your friends with guilt. To stand in front of a burdened soul, protecting them from evil, that is where you'll find me laying my ground.

9/02/2015, 3:25pm by "V. V.": Christ came into this world to serve a purpose... deity in service to die. The crusifiction was the only natural death that fullfiled the spiritual death of the soul. To die is to gain... dying out in the flesh means to be rid of our lusts and desire to sin no more. If your eye sins... cut it out... is a parable not a comand. Committing suicide is a sin. Giving your soul to free a brother or sister in Christ from sin to save that person from eternal hell is what Christ wants. Let the supernatural type the natural and watch what God can do... What a mighty God we serve. If a friend was sinning and for me to save that person would cause me to sin would I not want to save that person's soul? Though God knows my heart and because I trust in my God... all is well. Even if my flesh body gets in the way. I am not ashamed to serve my God.

9/02/2015, 10:39am by "greg": Edward, I do not think, this verse meant to commit suicide... We can die for a friend by our enemy, taking our life fro loving that person, but to take our own life is a sin.. For we have to remember God feeds the birds an animals in the woods, we should not worry about who feeds them, for God does supply to those who truly love him... There is no excuse for suicide, the thought could have been nice, but besides being a sin, it would have put his family in a pain an suffering state for his killing himself.. Giving up your life, in this text is, Loving all no matter what, an living the way Jesus did, taking on a life that can be a harmful one too you, but trusting it God to give you strength..

9/02/2015, 7:12am by "trinity adwoa kwofie": We should in turn love him

8/18/2015, 9:53pm by "Ngala Nadege": Wow I love this chapter so very much it makes me to realize how Jesus really love me by laying down his life for me what a great love. and it is equally motivating me to tell others about this great love, it is only when we realise that he layed down his life for us , that Is when we are motivated to talk about him

8/06/2015, 10:24am by "Bruce": I believe this all about Jesus telling us that there exists no greater love that how He was gloried in His death and resurrection for us. Christ's glorified so that we may experience this is the best gift God could give us. Himself. Everything points to the glory of God. The fact that we can experience joy in knowing him this way is what I believe Jesus is telling us here. John 17:24 shows how Jesus' prayer was that He would glorify the Father by the means of Himself being gloried and we would be able to savor it for all time. By giving us this gift, God is revealing the greatest love of all-Himself. I buve John 15:13 is not about us but about Christ. About He was glorified and how we the joy in experience His glory. This is divine live for us.

4/22/2015, 1:20pm by "Edward Boothhe": What if a person was old and was about to have to be committed to a nursing home. This person had saved 450,000 dollars, and in less than seven years the nursing home would have all of that money. This person is caring for a mother and six children in Mexico and wants to put this money in trust for this family, so, rather than going into the nursing home if he took his own life so that the money would go to support this family for many, many years. Would it be a sin? Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one 's life for one 's friends. So is it a sin, or an act of great love. Would someone with more wisdom than me, please give me the answer to this

11/27/2014, 2:39am by "Tucker": What about just giving up some of your time to spend with someone. God created us for Relationships! Spend some time with the Least of these.

11/05/2014, 2:41pm by "Delores Givans": This is an exceptional type of love, dying for your enemies, something most of us would not do. God is love.

10/03/2014, 6:12am by "pastor Ryan Sheppard": A Superior love checkmate God before time began set out to prove His Greatest Love to us. For, offering Himself up as a sacrificial Lamb to die on the Cross in the Form of His dear Son to pay for our sins is the exact opposite of what the enemies of our souls set out to do for us. Given a 1,000 million years no one 's mind will ever conceive of a greater love than Jesus offering everything, His life, breathe and each and every drop of His Blood dripping as He allowed Himself to be ridiculed, spat on and tortured though He could 've summoned Holy Angels at any time to defend Himself. This verse does MORE than express the obvious this verse is written to spur us on to go witnessing to share the Greatest love and fulfill and obey God 's Greatest commandment to love God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength and to love thy nieghbor as thyself. How can you love thy neighbor greater than sharing the good news of the gospel of Jesus?

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