John 14:27 Inspirational Image

John 14:27 Inspirational Image

"Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid."
John 14:27 (KJV)

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"My LORD is coming bak 4 me coz he went 2 prepare a place 4 me :) :) i must sanctify n keep maself ready so that when the Son of Man returneth, He shal nt find me sleeping. Amen glory 2 Jesus"
"This is My favorite scripture"
"Is it just coincidence that the Bible says "Fear Not" 365 times? 1 for each day of the year!"
"I love this verse, :Let not your heart be troubles" when upset about something try to say this verse over and over, it will soothe your soul."
"Psalm 27:1 KJV The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear ? the LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid ?"
"I really needed this at this very moment. I am worried for my father"
"The words, "fear not" are recorded 365 times in God's for each day of the year! God hath not given us a spirit of fear....but of power, love and a sound mind. So....fear is a spirit that is not welcomed by a child of God."
"Amen. Thanks for the Word. Very timely"
"His ways ar beyond ours n his thoughts are beyond ours.."he dosnt give as da world giveth" amen"
"It is a lasting peace that our Saviour gives, not the vanity of this world which deceives us into enjoying "the pleasures of sin for a season" but ultimately only brings wages of death. Jesus offers us peace, also eternal life! No money can buy these! May we be willing to surrender ourselves to Him daily, and then the sweet peace of His Holy Spirit will be ever present with us."
"Peace is one of the best gifts in the world!!!!"
"Praise God!what a lovely way to start a day!I love You Jesus because You gave me eternal peace&life"
"Thank u Lord.I really need this unique peace for the rest of my life."
"Thank you Father, for truth, for your word, for freeing me."
"The gift from God is always good and perfect; unlike gifts from the world and devil that bring sorrow. 'Blessing of God maketh rich without adding sorrow with it' so don't be in haste wait upon God and He will keep you in perfect peace. Amen"
"You don't know how bad I need this Bible scripture right now. Thank you! Please pray for My Son whom was involved in a automobile accident 3 days ago."
"Amen Thank You Lord JESUS.."
"Amen. It brings peace just to read it."
"Amen.thank u Jesus."
"Because He LIVES I can face tomorrow !!!"
"God bless Amen !!!!!!"
"God is always on Time'."
"He is Jehovah Shalom, the Lord our peace. Praise God!"
"How I crave this peace"
"I accept this scripture in the name of Jesus amen."
"I claim this promise all the time.Thanks Father for loving us so much..."
"I love this because i know this Peace, n jus like THE HOLY SCRIPTURES describes it, it is so!! May GOD'S PEACE BE WITH ALL OF YOU!!! amen"
"I love this verse. Was my strength when I received news of my cancer!!"
"I need as much pray as i can get"
"I needed to hear this right now, too. My mind is not at peace - worrying about the future in my church."
"I really needed that right this second. I am worried for my father."
"I really needed to hear a word from God ..thanks amen ..God is so worthy of praises everyday thank u God just for life..."
"I still love the King James version to."
"If only I didn't have to be afraid in the first place. I trust in you My God!!!!"
"If you believe in God believe also in me(JESUS)"
"Isn't it wonderful that we have so much to look at that is so peaceful. Beautiful, I truly believe go to a place like this a be still. Know that he is God. He loves us like a Mother loves her child unconditionally."
"Just what i need right now, thank u Jesus."
"Let nt ur heart b troubled...amen n amen"
"Let thy will be done in my life so dat men may see & give glory 2 Your Name _ Amen."
"Let your heart be not full of fear for He is not a GOD of fear. Call on Him more Kia!"
"My absolute favorite verse out of this chapter!!!! Thankful for that peace"
"My favorlte Bible verse."
"Oh my hevenly father,teach me how 2 pray,hallelujah"
"One of my fav scriptures"
"Our Prince of Peace, thank you!"
"Perfect Peace"
"Thank you I receive. May the same peace be with you. Amen!"
"Thank you jesus for restoring peace in my life. Help me not to lose it again"
"Thank you Jesus. =)"
"Thank you Mighty Jesus,"
"Thank you my God and Saviour."
"Thanks be to u jesus"
"Thanks to God, my lord Jesus christ &the Holyspirit."
"Thanks, Melissa, I needed this just now."
"Thank-you Jesus I love you"
"That's an on time word,Thank you Lord For reminding us with a right now word..."
"The book of john my favorite"
"The peace of God surpasses all understanding.... His peace is eternal...endures forever...brings his people thru the raging storms of life... Jesus stills the storms with His peace"
"This is also on time for me. I had back surgery on the 11th, and was unpleasantly surprised learn I had staples instead of just stitches. Tomorrow morning is my first ride in a car, and most likely when the staples will be pulled out. I've been very worked up, afraid of the pain of getting in and out of a vehicle 4 times, the ride itself, and the removal of the staples. I need this verse to manifest in my spirit."
"This is such a wonderful verse for today! All are wonderful, but this is so for today because of all that is going on with so many that i know. Lord give peace and grace to them that I have been praying for. Heal them Lord. Let this be a testimony to you Lord. In Jesus Name I Pray. A-men. <3"
"This scripture has brought me through many hard times, it's alive and active and sharper than any two edge sword....etc. awesome Word."
"This verse has helped me through many troubled times"
"Ur ma prince of peace Jehovah Shalom. I give u da glory Lord"
"With a husband just dieing to cancer a soninllaw 2 monts later found dead froma heart attack on side of the road 2 very very hurt and lost grandchildren evicted from my home of 22 years just throwed out here what a wonder full verse to wake up to food to my soul Jesus is my Rock thank u"
"Without my Lord God, I would have no inner peace, for the world can cause so much turmoil. Give you all the praise and glory Lord my God. Thank you for your peace, love and dying for me. AMEN!!!"
"Wooow Jehova,wat i realy niided,u knw wat i need b4 i even knw it"
"Words of encouragement....... Thank U Lord Jesus"
" Amen. "
"Absolute peace from Christ is better than peace treaties of the world."
"Amen i clame it in Jesus name."
"Amen to God b e Glory"
"Amen! Amen!! Amen!!! God love me so much"
"Amen! Let it be Oh Lord!"
"Amen! Thank u our faithful Lord"
"Amen, He is true peace. And He wants us to be peace makers :)"
"Amen. I love this verse!!!"
"Amen. we ll always trust you Jehovah."
"Amen....thank u my heavenly father"
"Amen.All the glory and honor to you Lord Jesus Christ Our Lord and Soon Coming King!"
"Amen.Lord i thank you for your love and mercies."
"Amen.lord thank u 4 kpin alive."
"Beautiful scripture and beautiful picture."
"Beautiful.... ??????"
"BLESSINGS Sister Jessica-Love Ya!!!"
"D regulator of my heart"
"Dear loving father thank you for the free peace.Amen!"
"Don't let your heart be troubled! Everybody is living the life that is perfect for them."
"Dont rely on something that you think you know trust god with all your heart says provebs.brothers and sisters we shld practice faith in the lord and trust him in everything,he is a problem solver,he is jehova jireh the provider.i doesnt matter what you are going through tonight joy will come in the morning.he said when i finally do it for you im going to do it exceedingly and abundantly above all that you can ask or think.dont worry is the keeper of your soul ,he will never leave you nor forsake you.pray"
"Even as enemies who conspired against me & refused my mother entry visa for 27 yrs to UK where she birth me, in other to isolate & frustrate my life , they exploited my divorce & bitterly refused me divorce settlement & child support in their quest to dash me like a piece of rag to abusive nasty men in my 21yrs divorce, they had nasty men hurting my job chances & my children's career hounding me whilst am being financially strangled, but to the bitter end of the sad conspirators they lied & smear my record to break me& hound my two children to enemies houses, and lied repeatedly about all sorts of deceases to isolate me , but I remain healthy with no health concerns what so ever, except financial challenges, now my evil enemies are done lying about deceases, they came up with a new crap about black sheep of the family? And I ask my evil foes if you look closely you will see Snow White & not the black sheep! It's all in your sick hateful minds , anyone who tells you I on track. & field & on stage from age 6yrs till 21 yrs. & left home a virgin, whose both parents attended most of my shows is suddenly a black sheep? Such is sick. &sad of envy! The worst experience of my life is the one you. & every evil nasties threw at me in England from 1983-2013 and my parents had nothing to do with it! I thank the God of my salvation, who remain my strength amongst the cruellest on earth who uses bad news from every creed to attack previous life in England in an effort to derail and misplace life to suit their evil quests, I thank God who sustain me through all cruel & gutless attacks of my foes"
"Exactly wat I needed to her.things r a bit stressful and tense at my life and at wrk at de moment.if I cn only attain peace inside of me I would regain my strength and push"
"Fada God tnk u 4ur words. U worthy evriday n evri hour Amen......."
"Father let Thy wil be done in my life, so da dos who hate me without curse may turn back & love me _ Amen"
"For He is our peace,..... Ephesians 2:14"
"Glenn this verse is so good, and one that will help a lot of people when they need help, me for one, thanks"
"God Bless Everyone! Amen!!"
"God Is Great. HALLELUJAH Amen."
"God l thank u for this great promise u av for me"
"Hallelujah to The High!!!"
"Have it,so that we may have a peaceful and restful life.many look for peace but can't find it because they keep looking in the wrong places."
"HE haS given us Peace in our hearts bcz HE loveS us HE does nt want us to feel the sufferings of ths world."
"He say 2 d apostle i leave u peace, my peace i give unto look nt on my sin bt on d faith of ur church n grant us peace n unity of ur kingdom were u lived n reign 4 ever"
"Heavenly peace which comes through living in love, and obeying the holy scriptures. Amen. So be it in my life."
"Help me god i fell and need help to get up......"
"His words Blessed to Us!"
"I accept this version and this is my fav. version.....Amen"
"I live a free life full of peace and love of GOD... SHALOM,SHALOM"
"I love this scripture. Remember it well."
"I love this verse, cause its a living thing in my life its a live in me."
"I love this, it post scripture for me. God is my refuge"
"I needed this too i am worried about my nephew & niece, please pray for them & my husband, my husband has to have a stress test in the morning for his heart, pray everything goes well for him."
"I praise God for HIS PEACE!!!!!"
"I was invited to the olympics and I'm not afraid My brother's wife is from england and so was her family I was invited"
"If I focus on the world, with all it's wickedness, I will never have peace. But when I focus on Jesus and my Father, the Holy Spirit will give me full peace. Not as the world knows, for He has chosen us out of the world. We are a peculiar people. Thank you Jesus!"
"It looks like there are a number of us that needed this verse. Sara Danser, I had staples removed from my stomach. About 12 to 14. It was not painful to have them removed. Hope that helps. The second time I was glued. That did not,hurt either."
"Jah guide us all.."
"Jah is love."
"Jayson Salano, You said it all. I love my JESUS."
"Jean, I love that song:) thanks for bringing it to mind<3"
"Jesus i love u........."
"Jesus' love is like a cool well spring of water quenching my thirst on a hot summer day. He's always there when I need him, never changing and a 100% trustworthy."
"Jesus said s it best and made his point the rest is up to us"
"Jesus thanks u 4 your love"
"Lord ,Please help your people to be awake and be ready for You my Lord ,when You will come.Thank You."
"Lord drive all my fears away AMEN"
"Lord i receive ur peace n boldness amen"
"LORD I thank u for wht His wad hs done to me"
"Lord jesus i thnk u 4 ur wrdz"
"Lord thank u 4 ur kind of peace upon my lyf....let it continue ijn amen"
"Lord, in time like this, we need your peace in our country. Help us Lord."
"Lord,i thank u 4 ur peace. If nt 4 u my life wld ave bn shattered,thank u bcs in u there is peace. The world is full of chaos!"
"Love this one! Amen!"
"Love this vrease"
"Many God bless you for give us good word i pray for you thanks"
"May b praised 4 ever"
"May God add a blessing to his holy word.."
"May it be so in my life _ Amen"
"My dads favorite chapter and mine"
"My favoritest verse ever!"
"My name is shabani gift i m delightful together with you and i think i will get a lot of things about a speach of God that is God bless you"
"My peace that i give unto you that a peace that world cannot give that peace that world cannot understand peace to know peace to live my peace i give unto you. Amen!"
"No residue when you eight with the name of God"
"O, wat a wonderful God You are..You Are kind thank YOU Lord God!"
"Oh my god oh my love jesush...... Be with us n we need u for ever"
"One of my favourite passages fromthe bible xxx"
"One year ago my earthly love went to Jesus.I'm so thankful for the peace He gives me."
"Our GOD is a good GOD"
"Peace b wit u bro amen"
"Peace to the world and in the world I pray...."
"Praise God for His "Peace"."
"Real peace is from the Lord. Thank u Lord."
"So bautiful!"
"Tank u my heavenly father..4 ur spiritual fruit dis mornin..ur word is amen!"
"Thank Lord Jesus, u've removed trouble from my path, my life n my family. Amen"
"Thank u Jesus. U r worthy 2 be praised."
"Thank u Lord 4 ur peace"
"Thank u Lord your promises are Yes and Amen. You are my rock Lord Let your name be glorified."
"Thank u Prince of Peace 4 the abundant peace u've showered upon us who trust n hope in u."
"Thank you for your peace Lord, we need it!"
"Thank you Jesus for this promise,I needed that this morning."
"Thank you Jesus for your inner peace in me."
"Thank You JESUS!!! I. LOVE. YOU."
"Thank You LORD! this is a favorite "Hang on, I'm coming Verse!""
"Thank you Lord, for God given Peace!"
"Thank you so much my dear GOD"
"Thanks be to God, Thank you Jesus..........The fact that is is given, no one can take it away from me, your peace"
"Thanks God for this day"
"Thanks God for your peace, too much incomprehensible for me on this dark night, but I feel your peace!"
"Thanxs Lord 4 ur word lives 4rever Amen"
"Thax u jesus"
"The best peace you will ever experience is in CHRIST JESUS it's wonderful."
"The general peace comes and go from us , but GOD peace stay's us confirming HIS love toward us."
"The same i will to share with the world.Thank You God."
"The world might be so cold and dark unto us but we should always hav courage for we have a friend in Jesus who was tempted and suffered the same way we are but conquered the world."
"There is Peace in Jesus!"
"This looks just like a place my grandson took me and I agree with you very much thank you very much for these momery blessyou I think I left my heart there and my baby girls to cause I miss them so much my heart hurts me so much and miss them I had them and care for them when they little thy steal your heart love nana"
"This past wed night a friend of mine thro RU gave me this vs. :)"
"This Scripture passage was preached at my sister's funeral."
"This was the necesity at the time my heart was troubled (Y)"
"Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee[Isa.26:3]Amen."
"Tnk u oh lord AMEN"
"Tnx lord 4 d peace u gave unto me"
"To me = God is a Monarchical Democrat - His way and our way until we all see the light"
"Very nice Scriptue."
"We never have to worry again....unless we 'choose' to and why would you want to mess up that perfect peace?"
"We're going to need this peace now more than ever..."
"When we rejoice in his peace we feel so contents and the spirit takes over and give us the peace we need , lets not be trouble with our burdens lets have him reside in us and take over our temple he had given us,. Amen!1"
"Without you I cant do you anything thank lord I love you lord"
"Yes He is my peace in times of storm"
"Yes Jesus is the prince of peace, he gives peace not like the world giveth, it gives nd takes away but his peace is beyond human understanding and is everlasting."
"Yes! If we have the peace from GOD we can face the many challenges in life."
"Yesssss ooooooo,amem"
"YOU are wonderful Jesus!"


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