John 13:34 Inspirational Image

John 13:34 Inspirational Image

"A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another."
John 13:34 (KJV)

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"Lovely <3 :-)"
"God dosn't see color."
"Matt 5:16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may seeyour good works and glorify your father which is in Heaven. There are too many instances where people are only interested in taking care of themselves. I come from a time you could sleep with doors unlocked, people cared for each other, if someone was broken down on the side of the road you were not afraid to stop and help them and you had no problem with giving a needy person the last shirt on your back so to speak if they needed it. Times are increasingly tough. We must all learn to love and care for our brother and sister and let the love of God shine through us. If you live for God all your needs will be met in His time."
"Aaaaaaaaaaamen and aaaaaaamen"
"Amen! The world would be such a better place if everyone would abide by this!"
"I lv ths verse the most;notng very wel the emphasis;God nt only doesnt tl us to "lv one another";agn He tls us to "lv one anothr".......smethng special 'bout ths verse;He of course foresw tht there ws gonna b lots of fightng;hatref;killings & less lvng;hence the empasis;buit as Christians do we adhere to God's command??#thinkng out loud#....."
"I often wonder why religion has broken the bonds of Love, and divided it by denominations."
"Love is important therefore love everyone but love God more han anything in this earth"
"Love is more than an emotion. It's a commitment and a choice to treat people with respect. Read 1st Corn. 13. That chaper is all about Love and what Love is all about. Choose to love all humans and not judge."
"Jerome it is so because love cannot be love without the truth. Since light and darkness cannot co-exist. You can love heritics in the sense that you wish they are saved but it is ungodly to like or love their deeds."
"This is all God wants us to do. So simple, and yet people fail to get the message. Love one another as He has loved us. Wouldn't the world be a better place if all lived by this one simple commandment!"
"This is the greatest commandment that God has given us. We should all live by it."
"Very good picture!"
"AMEN! and AMEN again!"
"God so loved the World...."
"I love this ,and I love the Bible online awesome"
"Put god first at all times. before u start ur day go to god in prayer.amen"
"Remember that true followers of Jesus Christ love Him more than one another (Matt.22:37-40). He said IF you love ME, keep my commandments (Jn.14:15; 15:14). If one chooses not to keep His commandments or word, than such a one fails to abide in His doctrine or teaching and the Bible says such one's "hath not God" (2Jn.1:9). Got to love God and be one with Him first (Matt.6:33; Matt.10:37; Matt.22:37-40) before unity and love with one another can exist. Biblical love is not this "universal love" of accepting everyone just the way they are. Too many are more concerned about offending none another, than they are concerned about offending God. ...Gal.4:16?"
"Thank you God for Loving us and for commanding us to love one another. Thank you Jesus"
"Wish there was more love shown that what it is right now. Wondering what has happened that people don't show their love nor share it.."
".......... and do we really love one another as JESUS loved us. This is the greatest comandment and is greatest sin if we don't love ourselves. Our leaders, a word is enough for the wise."
"^ and if our governments would do so too!"
"Amen to that ???"
"Amen we have to love every boudy maybe not there ways if thay don't line up with the word but we still have to love there sole after all we all are his children"
"Believers are to speak God's word. That means not only doctrine, but also fireproof and correction. Some people mistakenly believe that it's unloving to reprove someone, but if done correctly, out of love for God and that person, then it is loving to show them where they are off The Word of God. Do you let your friends walk in darkness, where they can get tripped up and stumble, or is it more loving to bring them back to the light and accuracy of God's Word?"
"Christ had been glorified in many miracles he wrought, yet he speaks of his being glorified now in his sufferings, as if that were more than all his other glories in his humbled state. Satisfaction was thereby made for the wrong done to God by the sin of man. We cannot now follow our Lord to his heavenly happiness, but if we truly believe in him, we shall follow him hereafter; meanwhile we must wait his time, and do his work. Before Christ left the disciples, he would give them a new commandment. They were to love each other for Christ's sake, and according to his example, seeking what might benefit others, and promoting the cause of the gospel, as one body, animated by one soul. But this commandment still appears new to many professors. Men in general notice any of Christ's words rather than these. By this it appears, that if the followers of Christ do not show love one to another, they give cause to suspect their sincerity."
"God gv me d grace"
"God is love! amen"
"God loves all his children."
"God's love deeper tham the ocean"
"Great verse for all the world to read and know."
"Help us Lord to be what You want us to be !!!"
"How can i do this when i got some people hating on me or feeling intimidated by me for being myself! Which is a nice intelligent smart independent charming at times speak my mind when i feel the need to funny woman!"
"I am so glad that He loves me so that I may love others"
"I love but have a hard time liking some folks."
"I will follow this command my Lord."
"Isang bagong utos ang sa inyo'y ibinibigay ko, na kayo'y mangagibigan sa isa't isa: na kung paanong iniibig ko kayo, ay mangagibigan naman kayo sa isa't isa. John 13:34"
"Lets all try this !"
"Lets exercise God's love Amen........"
"Love covers over many sins Amen!"
"Love is the greatest."
"Love one another as God Loved us regarding our differences"
"Mapaparam ang sanlibutan at lahat ng kinahuhumalingan nito;ngunit ang sumusunod sa kalooban ng Diyos ay mabubuhay magpakailanman. 1 Juan 2 : 17"
"Not new as new vs old, but as unused or uncommon; this commandment was given in Lev 19:18, Yeshua(Jesus) was reminding them to start obeying it."
"Ohhh ! Love ye one another. You are wordy to be Praise."
"Praise be unto Jesus."
"Sometimes it is hard, but what I need to remember that God first loved us and gave his life for our sins. Matthew 5:44 - "But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them despitefully use you, and persecute you;"
"Sunita Nanda I am loving all of my neighbours even those around the world"
"Thank you, Lord! Praise be unto Jesus! Amen"
"Thank's jesus"
"The bible is authority for christians"
"The greatest comand from God."
"The number 1 gift man should seek after"
"This is a simple task that i need to work on !"
"This is love (Agape), that we walk in His commandments"
"Though my flesh may fail me, God you are my portion forever ps 73:26"
"Ts xo hard buh help me oh God."
"U know the gospel is simply this, Jesus 'll 4giv all yo sins if u just lay at his feet nd say u are Lord nd I,ll follow u 4 the rest of my life on earth so I can spend the rest of eternity with u, in the Glory of yo father."
"Wat A Precious Creature 2 Be ! sharing a duty of 'LOVING' , With God Himselve,lets Panic 2 Do the Command."
"We should all love one another no matter what."
"When i say funny i mean i have a sense of humor!"


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