John 11:26 Inspirational Image

John 11:26 Inspirational Image

"And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this?"
John 11:26 (KJV)

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"Amen, shall god be my lord and savor.. we need him more than anyone else!"
"No one is born an Atheist, we are all born with a knowing love of our creator, it's only when man becomes worldly and listens to the father of lies that they become an Atheist and reject God, Iam Opie Mcnasty"
"Yes, Lord! I believe! Jesus is Lord. King of kings and Lord of the lords! Hallelujah!"
"Does that mean all other religions are Based on sin an unreal cuz God is jealous and says u shouldn't worship any other God?"
"Believe as much as Santa brought me my presents, it thunders because Thor is pissed off haha, sheeeeple"
"I wonder how Bill gates go so successful being an atheist...hmmm"
"All the other Religions come into Play by their Belief, and Faith, however we all serve the Same & See?"
"Amen I receive and believe in Jesus name"
"Amen!Can't wait too get the new body."
"Amen. Yes my Lord.."
"Amen...We thank Him"
"Counting on it!!!! :-)"
"I believe .amen Praise the Lord."
"I Believe And Always Will Believe!!! Thank You God, Thank You Jesus!!! Amen"
"I Believest thou this"
"I do believe and know that I will live in Heaven one day...Thank You Jesus for making that possible."
"I doth beleive..amen"
"No im not stupid jesus, go bug an uneducated racist somewhere. and hurry before they drown their kids for being "possessed" or something"
"Opiemcnasty I recommend the patrick madrid show ...just try it ...Jesus died for you too ....and loves you ...he's knocking on your door let him in're live will never be the same..."
"This country needs to return to the Lord, for far to many have strayed the path Jesus told us about."
"When we wake up in the land of glory, with the saints we will share our story and there will be one name that we proclaim, the name of JESUS. Name above all names!"
"Yes I Believe. Amen"
"Yes I do believe this!"
"Yes Lord I do....."
"Yes my Lord!AMEN!"


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