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  • Vanessa
    Not once did Job think he was caught in the snare of the fowler, that he was trying his faith, lesson to be learned here
  • Vanessa
    Job was enjoying his self pitying, again he lost everything and groaned about it all, he forgot about the mercy and the love God has for a righteous man, instead of praying for guidance and mercy, he was begging to die, he forgot the love he had for God, we all go through many rough things in our lives but we need to remember God is for us not against us, pray always with a earnest heart
  • Eric
    Job's "friends" are judging him unrighteously. They are assuming that Job has committed some terrible sin, that he does not pray, or live a righteous life. How many times do we judge/accuse our friends or church brothers and sister wrongly?? John 7:24 "judge righteous judgment". One's circumstances are not how we should judge.
  • Irene123
    To ME one year ago - It wasn't done for Job or satan's benefit - but ours. The whole Bible is for our benefit.
  • Anne
    Job is being encouraged not to lose hope but to trust in God who is Just and will bring him to an expected end.
  • Pastor Ndingi joseph
    Thank God for the devil he is our springboard to higher increase. The only thing that starts from up to down is the grave. Little beginning is processing time and God does not by pass process for progress
  • Me
    I understand the passage, but God didn't need to prove anything to satan, because he already knew job would be faithful, so why even put job through all that pain?
  • Katie Henry
    Rich. It wasn't the LORD doing these things. It was satan! Did you read the beginning of this book? GOD was so proud of Job and KNEW JOB inside and out and knew he wouldn 't cave to satan. GOD knew Job would never curse GOD. Satan was going to and fro on the earth... doing what? Accusing. Just what he always does. Even to GODS face satan said that Job only loved GOD because GOD made him rich blessed him accusing . So God allowed this to happen. To prove Jobs love and faith to GOD. Also to teach us a lesson. Satans evil spirit still goes to and fro on the earth this day doing the same thing as he is doing here... but also know, some day satan himself- de facto will be back again.
  • Adewale ADEREMI for verse 7
    My little, insignificant 'today ', is nothing to be compared to my great, more glorious 'tomorrow ' which the Lord has prepared for me.
  • Though right now it may seem rough, but isn 't solely about where we are or where we have been. We trust God for a peaceful and joyful end as that is most important.
  • Okoh Evelyn for verse 7
    Little is great when God is in it. There is a saying that,little drops of water makes a migty ocean
  • Pastor John Maloba for verse 7
    It is a blessing to be FAITHFUL to the small beginning as at the end the LORD will multiply it.Let us be THANKFUL to the small beginning and same to the increase.
  • It attest to GOD‘S admonishion that we shouldn‘t despise the days of little beginning. The hands of a deligent man shall be made fat.
  • Jacquelyn Smith
    In all things we must trust God in that we have enemies and God is the only one who can protect us from their evil ways. Know that God will not cast away the perfect man.
  • Nathaniel Ford
    Why did you suppose his friends were jumping to the wrong conclusions? I would be hesitant to share my sufferings, with another believer, for fear that they would do exactly what Job friends did.
  • Rich
    Job spent much time trying to figure out why the lord was making him suffer, but he never lost faith in God. We all have a tendency to think too much, when the answer is right under our nose.
  • Stan Almendro
    Bildad seems to have the theory right and it is the same when we quote scripture without the anointing of God, It is in order but so are the graves in a grave yard (All in order). BUT everything is Dead right. We need sensitivity, the anointing of God and a PASSION for those we speak to. Bildad seemed to lack all of it.
  • June Morgan
    I believe there is a lot of truth in what Bildad said but it did not describe Job's situation.

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