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  • GiGi - In Reply on Job 5 - 2 years ago
    Richard, so true about how we are to handle Scripture.

    I was just thinking last night about seeking God's wisdom in understanding Scripture as a whole as well as individual verses, chapters, and books. Those who lack wisdom from God can easily take a verse and apply it incorrectly in their life in ways that are detrimental to themselves or others. Some may read where Job thinks he is better off dead and take that to mean that they, too are better off dead. Or where it is written in the law that children who dishonor their parent is to be stoned. These are two extreme examples. But I chose those to show how a person can take a snippet of Scripture and use it badly. This approach is how cults get started and people are led astray into heresy, apostasy or into such groups because they lack wisdom and a full knowledge of Scripture to balance out their thinking.

    Thank you for your analysis. It is helpful. Job is a very interesting book, I have read it several times, but have not studied it in depth yet.
  • Richard H Priday on Job 5 - 2 years ago
    In this continuing monologue (with occasional responses by Job) from his first "friend" Eliphaz; here is a general principle of long life and prosperity mentioned as a benefit of being corrected or chastised by God. (v. 17). Although not directed to Job; and certainly not meant to compliment his righteousness in any way; there is nonetheless scriptural links with these admonitions and other verses in scripture; the chief being that He "chastises those He loves" ( Heb. 12:6). It was a sort of prophetic hope coming to pass with Job's eventual renewal to his original state; in fact even more than at first. It is unlikely that Job found any comfort in this; of course.

    In all this; we have two points of general note. First; value can be found whenever God's word is spoken; even if it is with contention; as Paul stated ( Philippians 1:15-17).

    The second point is that scripture needs to be evaluated in this book to see what is the truth. We need to understand that all scripture may be for instruction ( 2 Tim 3:16); but surely what Satan quoted is used against Christ and since he is a liar among his other vices; the intention of the words may be for other purposes. A lot of other things his friends were to badger him about were at best unnecessary; and as in the earlier chapter with a spirit speaking stuff; may be from the pit itself. And this book is faithful only in giving an accurate message of what was said; whether it is Gospel truth is only how well it ties in with other scriptures. Whatever his friends spoke may have had some scriptural basis; but there is no way of saying what may have come from other sources or legends. Much can be said for any truth in the Apocrypha; for example. Much has been borrowed from the Word of God but we need to discern what is instruction and what to avoid from what we do know as revealed truth. Only the parts of books such as Enoch actually in scripture can be trusted as well.
  • Carolyn on Job 5 - 2 years ago
    Jobs is that Gods Children we should emulate.This man lost health, wealth, children, body afflicted, friends aggitated over his commitment and even his wife had issues with him and still he maintained his connection with God and sinned not. He did not even acknowledge the enemy in his suffering butkept focussing on God.
  • Nadine on Job 5 - 3 years ago
    Just take a look now at how people party. our chlidren our grand evev husbands and wives. whatwould we offer to god and a sacrifies for these sins
  • John madden on Job 5 - 5 years ago
    We can't set limits on god, his ways are higher than the heavens
  • Daniel Addy on Job 5 - 8 years ago
    Good news
  • Lydia on Job 5 - 8 years ago
    Job's relationship with the Almighty God and Father is there to encourage our hearts and mind in Christ Jesus. His trials inspires us to continue on in Christ our loving Saviour for the trials that we encounter though it makes us weak Job's experiences makes us strong.
  • IKEDIASHI UZOR on Job 5 - 8 years ago
    I was surprised that upon all the evil that befell Job, he refused to recognize the existence of satan the devil. Devil was not mentioned by him all through the chapters of the Bible. It was God everywhere and even when his wife and friends itched to make him deviate from God, he did not agree. Job is worthy of emulation and a mentor to anyone that wants to believe in God.
  • Alan on Job 5:9 - 8 years ago
    No one can know the full account to the Providence of God.
  • Robert blanding on Job 5 - 9 years ago
    Job 5 to me is one of the the great chapters encouraging holy living, promise of a long God fulfilled life. I have committed it to memory. The point made about sin is that it doesn 't originate from dirt but man that the Creator formed with the dirt. Adam was first spiritual in chapter one, but in chapter two when he got his soul body in chapter two when he became a living soul, he lost his spiritual connection with God- and couldn 't get it back until Christ the second Adam. Job said in 19:26 though worms destroy my flesh I shall see God and lived to a ripe old age to over 900 years. About the 3rd or fourth to live past nine hundred years.
  • Marian on Job 5 - 9 years ago
    Job 5 makes me understand and know that no matter what we go through as children of God, God will bring everything to a perfect finish for us. It 's all about trusting in him and not wavering.
  • Mpho motlhasedi on Job 5 - 9 years ago
    I love verse 12 14, that every man who plans evil against us shall be disappointed, his businesses of causing pains and misery to the saints shall collapse, the tools he uses shall become blunt.He will be confused, darkness shall befall him and search like a blind man during the day...his day will be covered by a dark cloud of darkness and he will not be able to locate the whereabouts of the saints.I am prophecying somebody here.
  • Kpanry Cole on Job 5 - 9 years ago
    Job trusted in God and his confidence and love for God gave him the strength to go on. He knew that no matter what, God still kept his promise because God is not man to lie.
  • MIRACLEKANANJI on Job 5:21 - 9 years ago
  • Patricia scott on Job 5 - 9 years ago
    job did not give up on God he were obiedient to GOD and he believed in GOD. EVEN IN THE JOB 1 HIS WIFE WANTED HIM TO NOT BELIEVED IN GOD. HE WOULD NOT DENY GOD. HE KEPT THE FAITH THROUGH IT ALL.
  • Christy Carmel on Job 5 - 10 years ago
    I strongly believe that God will allow few tribulations so that we should be strengthened but at the right time he delivers and set us free
  • Theresa on Job 5 - 10 years ago
    For me it is a reminder that God is always with us And even in times where He seems far or times of correction God is right there with us loving us and will never allow us to suffer more than we can handle Because God loves us even then
  • Zama on Job 5:8 - 10 years ago
    I would seek and live in him. As job stated because he is the might one give of life.
  • Sourabh Kumar on Job 5 - 10 years ago
    I think its a classic example of the fact that we generally pray to god when we are afflicated and want our troubles removed but we can forget to worship God and honor him in some situstions. For Job it was the the time when he was tested. For me it is in the time of prosperity that I forget to honor God when all is from him.
  • Juanita smith on Job 5:8 - 10 years ago
    Love to read and know the life of job.
  • Evelyn grote on Job 5 - 11 years ago
    Even Amid all troubles, I still pray to God and also go to church. Job was a man of God that he believed God and that keeps me strong in God.
  • George on Job 5 - 11 years ago
    Praise the name of Jesus! Ha Le Lu Jah! Everything is from The Lord through Jesus Christ our saviour. Have faith and pray to The Lord Daily. The Lord knows everything we need; as it is written in the Holy Bible. Under trial and tribulation, there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ. Amen!!! I will bless you all accordingly to the riches of His Glory, as we glorify The Lord in truth and in spirit. Amen!!!
  • Sunday akinz on Job 5 - 11 years ago
    I believe every difficulty one is paving through at the moment, is a lesson of Job, with strong mind and faith in God all will be well, and every old thing of our life will surely pass away and all things will be new, new memory, new beginning, new world, new prosperity, a new life that will not remind us of the past....I believe in my creator.
  • UZOMA UBANI on Job 5 - 11 years ago
    i think that with GOD all things are possible even the most difficult time in our life. an still praying that GOD will save my sister whom is seriously seek now and he will make the same miracle that happened to job will take place in her life in the name of our lord JESUS CHRIST EMEN
  • CAROLYN SMITH-WHITE on Job 5 - 12 years ago
  • Ruth Klein on Job 5:19 - 12 years ago
    That is the beauty and mystery of our Lord and Saviour!
  • Telani Johnson on Job 5 - 12 years ago
    I have learned what true Integrity is by reading the book of Job. And how to get through my storm that started in 2010. i live in transitional housing My room mat is a Jahovahs witness she is realy mean to me. She lies on me and she takes from me I say nothing this is my integrity. i lost my place to stay in 2010. Moved in with a family member who wanted my rent no more was asked to leave 1/10/2011. Stayed with my mom for a while then went to a shelter. From their to my moms to my daughters to my moms to a shelter and then here 11/ 29/2011. I lost my income my food allowence, my medical I know God is with me readingg Job lets me know this will end and I will be out of this storm praise God.
  • Follower of the source on Job 5 - 12 years ago
    This chapter spoke to my heart, As men burst into my house with guns I told them I forgive them and jesus does, which then they pointed pistols at my head and proceeded to take everything I own.

    I made it through it though and still am trying to make sense of it all, but I know one thing the source of creation is with me and there are still opportunities for me.

    Man I feel like job lol, I just hope though this that I will achieve what my heart lusts for, which the source knoweth.
  • NII OKYNE MENSAH on Job 5 - 14 years ago
    what i have learnt so far in all if we cast all our burden unto God He shall surelkly make a perfect way for us. i have also covered that as christians shoud always humble ourselves under the wings of God. Because in his own time He raise us Higher and Higher.
  • Randle on Job 5 - 14 years ago
    "Our lives as Christians will bring us many trials. But, it�s these storms that allow us to grow closer to God in our walk of faith. Through the rain comes the harvest.�

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