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  • GiGi - in Reply on Job 41

    Some of what is written is for how we live with and treat others, so it is not all for spiritual growth. There is a lot to guide us in the material world as well as the spiritual.
  • Bebita on Job 41
    As we read scripture, we must remember WHY the Word was written and preserved for all generations. Ask yourself how each scripture affects your growth. Physical details are not as important as spiritual development in ourselves; especially true when understanding a spiritual book. Everything written in the Bible is for our SPIRITUAL growth. Don't get hung up on scientific details. Remember 1 Cor. 13:12 and you will be alright. Strive to overcome.
  • Raphael Pena Jr on Job 41
    Hi: Pena R. I Love My Father's work and words that come out of his mouth because he spoke the word thank you for All you do I am a servant of my Father in heaven.............,
  • Jane Miner on Job 41:3
    I heard in my ear last night, mama soft and then a strum of a guitar. I shot to in my bed thinking about my daughter which was spending the night with friend. I remember praying for eyes to see and ears to hear, and a voice for him. Having also woke up with my right ear popping last night, big pop. I don't know if the ear had anything to do with it, but it was a loud one. We also had a storm here last night. When I had awoken with voice and guitar it was heavy winds blowing and light rain. I am going to continue to go through scripture to try to understand and pray on it. Thank you! Peace be with you!
  • Frensil henriquez on Job 41:1
    Their decayed leviathan body's had become the lands, that we are living on!
  • Angie - in Reply on Job 41
    Please do not discourage people. In love give an answer.
  • Mason - in Reply on Job 41
    i like how people stay optimistic, i found this chapter one day when i was in jail, the first thing that came to mind was addiction... why not say it straight forward, when i read peoples comments it confuses me, remain faithful even if it means death, its an old book, alot of the scholars that write footnotes are Theologists, jesus said put your finger in my side see that it is me...
  • Angella on Job 41
    I enjoy reading the story of Job, it shows how loving, patient and kind our God is. Even today He allows us to go through trials some by our own choosing but like Job He allows us test through trials to help us to trust Him. These test our alligiance to whom do we serve. Inspite of what we see or do or ho throughGod loves us and that will never change because His mercy is everlasting.
  • Neil in Canada on Job 41
    Re. Ed’ s Q re Job.......if you study Satan’s conversation with God re Job, you’ll see that GOD uses the word “behold “ twice with Satan.when God created the universe, HE buried many principles in gravity, DNA,physics, Math,..etc, many based on cause/effect....if you seek, you shall find,if you ask, it will be given,... and God binds HIMSELF to these principles in dealing with us.
  • Juan a pedraza on Job 41
    God does not have to prove how strong or mighty he is and he did not give in to the Devil by punishing Job, the Devil did this to Job. Job proved the Devil wrong, this was the purpose of the trial, and Job proved to be faithful while proving the Devil to be wrong. God did not punish Job because the Devil taunted him, God was aware of Job's faith and Job proved God to be right and the Devil wrong.
  • Juan pedraza on Job 41
    God was trying to prove the Devil to be wrong. If God have shown his mercy and power at that time, it would have proved nothing, but have proved the Devil to be right. Lot did not give up and kept his integrity through all the suffering.This was the only way to go about it by holding unto his faith and proving the Devil to be wrong. If you do not know what goes on, keep your ignorance to yourself.
  • Ed on Job 41
    Another chapter where God just sounds like a blowhard saying how powerful He is. But for all His bluster, where is the compassion or fairness? Job was obedient and God punishes him JUST because the devil taunts God. If the devil can so easily manipulate God into punishing someone who doesn't deserve it, then maybe God isn't as strong as He would have you believe.
  • Stephen on Job 41
    No matter what Leviathan is or is not, verse 10 sums up what we need to know: None is so fierce that dare stir him up: who then is able to stand before me? No one can stand before God clothed in our own filthy rags. Only in the Righteousness of His Son, Jesus Christ can we escape His wrath and enjoy His Grace!
  • Irene123 on Job 41
    Ps.30:11- mourning into dancing; Job 41:22- Sorrow into joy; Jn.16:20 - but your sorrow shall be turned into joy, this verse is prophecy of salvation - Acts2:37-38; Jer.31:13. May these scriptures be a blessing to all of us this day.
  • Kenny on Job 41:8
    The word battell used in the original 1611 edition actually means a list of debts owed. Check the Oxford English Dictionary. Also where the word that is used to mean battle in the 1611 edition of the book of Job it is spelled battaile. It is little wonder why the book of Job is so misunderstood. Also, the word battell had a dual meaning at one time and it does mean a fight of some kind in other books of the 1611 bible but not in the book of Job!
  • Robert on Job 41
    Scripture with scripture. Compare Job 41 with Rev.12 12. Satan is cast out through the great frozen sea, that looks like glass, that God 's throne sits upon.
  • Clint on Job 41
    I too believe this is a dinosaur and not something Frances ''saw ''!
  • Frances on Job 41
    Leviathan was the name of the devil when he was an Angel with God in heaven. This Creature is also described in Isaiah 27:1-4,5. He is a Huge Dragon or snake for clarity. He resides in the Sea but I doubt it can be seen with the naked eyes as his form is also spiritual. He is dreadful to look at and is by far the biggest anaconda-like image you could ever imagine. You may ask how I know, its all spiritual and I was given the privilege to see it. Trust me, all the description above in this chapter is real. you dont want to spend your eternity with him. So Please, Please, Please, strive to serve your creator (the Almighty God).
  • KYO on Job 41:1
    I think that only God truly knows what the Leviathan is so we should ask Him when we all get to Heaven. Amen
  • Andrew on Job 41
    An expression of the Leviathan points to the fact that their was an extinct animal specie a fire spitting dragon
  • Anonymous on Job 41
    Was this a dinosaure God was talking about. It sound like Leviatian suppose to be a very dangerous animal. Fire even come out of his mouth. was his a fire breathing dargon.
  • Andre on Job 41:21
    I dont think this is a expression. How do you explain alot of the other happenings in the Bible, how do you know what is to be taken as expression or actual. I think a lot more in the Bible should be taken literally.

    This is how alot of confusion is created among Gods people about what is actual and whats not.

    This is pointing to evidence of a fire braething dinosaurs.
  • Andre on Job 41:19
    I think this means it actualy breathed fire, and their are some studies and evidence behing uncovered that shows their could have been fire breathing dinosaurs.
  • Andre on Job 41:1
    Leviathan...also in those day refered to as a sea monster. I dont beleive they would have refered to a crocodile as a leviathan.

    Would have probibly have been one of the "sea dwelling dinosuars".

    People have been using hooks to catch crocodiles and aligators for years and im sure they would have been able to kill them in those days, thus I do not beleive this scripture referes to crocodiles.
  • Celshader on Job 41
    The behemoth is an amazing vision given to Job of some sort of fire breathing dragon. A vision perhaps, not a real animal. Not an elephant. Not a hippo and certianly NOT a dinosaur. I have never heard of a dinosaur that breath fire and had a nose. Nostrils yes, but not a nose.

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