Job Chapter 40
(Original 1611 KJV Bible)


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1 Iob humbleth himselfe to God. 6 God stirreth him vp to shew his righteousnes, power, and wisedome. 15 Of the Behemoth.

1 Moreouer the Lord answered Iob, and said,

2 Shall hee that contendeth with the Almightie, instruct him? he that reproueth God, let him answere it.

3 Then Iob answered the Lord, and said,

4 Behold, I am vile, what shall I answere thee? I wil lay my hand vpon my mouth.

5 Once haue I spoken, but I will not answere: yea twise, but I will proceed no further.

6 Then answered the Lord vnto Iob out of the whirlewinde, and said:

7 Gird vp thy loynes now like a man: I will demaund of thee, and declare thou vnto me.7

8 Wilt thou also disanul my iudgement? Wilt thou condemne mee, that thou mayest be righteous?8

9 Hast thou an arme like God? or canst thou thunder with a voyce like him?

10 Decke thy selfe now with Maiestie, and excellencie, and aray thy selfe with glory, and beautie.10

11 Cast abroad the rage of thy wrath: and behold euery one that is proud, and abase him.

12 Looke on euery one that is proud, and bring him low: and tread downe the wicked in their place.

13 Hide them in the dust together, and binde their faces in secret.

14 Then will I also confesse vnto thee, that thine owne right hand can saue thee.

15 Beholde now Behemoth which I made with thee, hee eateth grasse as an oxe.15

16 Loe now, his strength is in his loynes, and his force is in the nauell of his belly.

17 Hee moueth his taile like a Cedar: the sinewes of his stones are wrapt together.17

18 His bones are as strong pieces of brasse: his bones are like barres of iron.

19 Hee is the chiefe of the wayes of God: he that made him, can make his sword to approach vnto him.

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20 Surely the mountaines bring him foorth foode: where all the beasts of the field play.

21 He lieth vnder the shady trees in the couert of the reede, and fennes.

22 The shady trees couer him with their shaddow: the willowes of the brooke compasse him about.

23 Behold, he drinketh vp a riuer, and hasteth not: he trusteth that he can draw vp Iordan into his mouth.23

24 He taketh it with his eyes: his nose pearceth through snares.24


Job Chapter 40 Sidenote References (from Original 1611 KJV Bible):

7 Chap.38. 3.
8 Psal. 50. 21. rom.3. 4.
10 Psal. 104. 1.
15 Or, the Elephant, as some think.
17 Or, he setteth vp.
23 Heb. he oppresseth.
24 Or, will any take him in his sight? or bore his nose with a ginne?

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