Job Chapter 40 Discussion

  • Francois on Job 40:4 - 3 years ago
    Job 40:4

    Would you explain it please

  • GeorgeAgnes on Job 40:2 - 3 years ago
    As long as the road is right, you are not afraid of the road
  • Philipp on Job 40 - 4 years ago
    Leviathan is NOT a Dinosaur, even plain reading and you realize its about a Dragon type Creature. And btw BIBLE mentions Leviathan AND Behemoth. Now go to Revelation and read about the Beast coming out from Water and one coming out of the Earth. (Leviathan Watercreature, Behemoth Earthlycreature). This is deep stuff there, since I don't believe its (only) metaphoric for Satan and false prophet.
  • Doug Stone on Job 40 - 4 years ago
    I love the way God describes the Brachiosaurus in verses 15-24
  • Bolamas on Job 40 - 7 years ago
    I've been tracing Jesus appearances in the old testament, from this Book chapter 38 to 41.
    it appears that Job is not talking to Jesus but The Almighty himself 41:1-2.
    Yet it leaves me still unsure, seems like the second time the Almighty speaks in the Bible after from Genesis.
  • Grace kabwe banda on Job 40 - 8 years ago
    please help me to understand job chapter 40 and chapter 42 so that i can apply it
  • Eaglesrock on Job 40 - 8 years ago
    He said there s coming a time when I am going to break the high minded, and the proud, and the sinner and the wickedness of this earth. THE BIBLE SAYS THAT JOB PUT HIS HAND ACROSS HIS MOUTH. Some of us need to do that sometimes. Some of us need to stop asking questions and believe what He s done for others He will do for you. Some of us need to wake up and realize what God is really saying here to us, he is in the midst of us. Stop shaking and running every time the Devil attacks you. Your like an elevator going up and down spiritually.
  • Sean M. on Job 40:23 - 9 years ago
    If the bible says it is leviathan than it is leviathan, Andre. I 'm doing a study on leviathan and he is described as a dragon not a dinosaur.
  • Robert on Job 40 - 9 years ago
    Job 40 and 41 is explained in Rev.12 and 13. The Catholic Church could never explain these passages because they are part of them. Any church that quotes the NIV stay away from. Job 40 and 41 is the the prophesy quoted by Jesus in Luke 10 18 revealed in Rev.12. Job is a type of Jew going through the Tribulation period. 42 chapters of Job there are 42 months in the last part of the tribulation. Job starts out with great riches loses all and at the end receives twice what he had before, just like the Jews will after the Tribulation. No Catholic priest will ever understand that Biblical truths because they are spiritually blind.
  • Kit a basham on Job 40:2 - 10 years ago
    JOB is a peerless man with his sight in Gods truths holding on to His Iron Rod he sees the lord with his eyes the Lord chastises him and makes his latter end greater than his beginning chapter 42
  • Kevin on Job 40:15 - 10 years ago
    the behemoth was not a crocodile or hippo. It was clearly a dinosaur. Clearly, we don't understand all, this was not either due to the details description in the remaining of chapter 40 and the leviathan in chapter 41 was a dragon. Read Daniel 14. Not included in the King James but in the catholic bible. Just a few details to focus in on. The scales, the tail as a tree? Yes the croc has scales, but neither have a tail as large as the Sypris tree.
  • Clint on Job 40 - 11 years ago
    You insist on teaching your beliefs which are biblical! Please get real about God�s Word and leave the interpreting to God!
  • HARRY ALLISON on Job 40 - 11 years ago
    I believe that i havent yet realized the awesomeness of JESUS.HE tells JOB plainly"I AM GOD(JESUS) and you are man CREATION.I PRAY I GET A DEEPER REVELATION OF THIS FACT.....
  • Garyloyd on Job 40 - 12 years ago
    Do you know why I think Father told us of these dinosaurs. This was written so we would know that the LORD is God. Where was thou. Going through 38 to chap. 40 I feel and know this is the old Book and God is God. Same as when I read Ezekiel chapter one. God knows everything and He just wants us to know He knows.
  • Garyloyd on Job 40 - 12 years ago
    God is explaining something to us so we will seek out the truth. It takes time to understand and here God is telling us we have no knowledge of these things. So, we have to think. We have to read the full word and put it all together the way it was and is. If you think 7000 years as the unlearned dothen your learning of the Word of the LORD will never be clear. you then will be without the truth. But if you seek the 3 earth ages you will find the Word all fits together correctly and truth then brings you understanding. Earth beautiful in Isaiah 45:18. Katabole or war satans pride Ezekiel 18. Stold a third of Gods children Revelation 12. Distruction of first earth age Jeremiah 4: 20 & on. Job 38,39,40, things that where and things we can't remember. But we know from Proverbs 8 God created a beautiful home on earth and in Job 38:7 the whole family was with God. The dinosuars were on earth. Tell you something. God has a flying ship spoken of in Ezekiel chapter one. I call it whirlwind because almost everytime the word whirlwind is used it means flying ship.
  • Garyloyd on Job 40 - 12 years ago
    God is telling Job that these animals the dinosaurs were with him (Job) in the first earth age before the attempted overthrow or katabole by satan. So we had large animals that were made of flesh but they couldn't hurt us in our spiritual bodies. I think at that time we could cross dimensions and visit these large creatures? Don't know but they lived on earth with us. Then when we were replenished and God wash the earth real good there was only bones left behind and wwhat ever God wanted to leave here.
  • Deedee on Job 40 - 12 years ago
    Well God created sea animals and flying creatures on day 5 cattle, and man and beast along with creeping things on day 6... If you believe God's Word you have to believe this means dinosaurs as well. If God could call any animal to the ark then He definitely could call baby dino too.
  • Andre on Job 40:23 - 12 years ago
    or maby if its a Brachiosaurus it could litraly drink up a whole river...
  • Andre on Job 40:17 - 12 years ago
    mabey the bible meens the tail resembles a cedar in size not apearance.

    Might be revering to a Brachiosaurus or one of the other big ones which had a tail as big as a cedar.
  • Andre on Job 40:15 - 12 years ago
    Dont know if a crocidile or hipo was one of the largest animals in those times.

    If you beleive genesis...age of the earth was only a few thousand years old in those days.

    Might have been a dinosaur...revered to as dragon in those days in the bible.

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