Job Chapter 4 Discussion

  • Lori on Job 4
    Job 4:6 does not say Elisha's was a friend.
  • Ivy on Job 4
    Lord help us to be thankful in all situation in all things give thanks. job did not sin despite his condition he was a holy and unright man who was faithful to the us to live by his example
  • J p clarke on Job 4
    I love the book of job it encourages me i love job and paul two great men of God
  • Winnie on Job 4
    Job4 has empowered me to remaine faithful and have trust in God in moments of trials and temptations. Always be Thankful to God in every situation.
  • Brenda Finch on Job 4
    BManuel s Job your summary is astute and spot on Thank you for your edifying contribution
  • Linda on Job 4
    Understanding the bible for me has been gradual for me. Please stay with it. Don't stop trying and come back later, it's to important. the more time you give him the more understanding you will have. PROMISE
  • Nomsa on Job 4:8
    Actions speak louder than words.the way one leads their lives good or bad has the results.Holy lives leads one to the high way of Holiness while wayward life leads to darkness(distraction)We better repent and ask God to guide our steps do things that pleases Him.
  • Chris on Job 4
    sometimes it is hard to understand some words but i ask God to help me to understand what is being said .
  • Clint on Job 4
    Please invest in a King James Version Bible. Be very sure that if you ask God to open your understanding, He will give you all you need at that time. We usually want more than we can handle so, He gives us little by little and precept by precept!
  • Mas on Job 4
    If you are in a country where Christians have freedom to gather, then you best regularly attend a church, because thatís pastors and preachersí everydayís work to explain the Bible.
    Because, itís a hard work which one can hardly accomplish with you online. Unless you register with some Bible study courses online, and some of them are totally free. You can search them with Google.
    I hope this helps.
    God bless you.
  • Char on Job 4
    I have a very hard time understanding the bible and then going to the commentary is very frustrating to me, because I again don't fully understand it, the words that Matthew Henry uses are confusing to me and I find that I'm looking up to those words to try and understand what he is saying which then makes me just want to give up. But I don't, I have a hunger to understand the Bible but just don't seem to get it. I'm looking for more than just reading the words. If anyone could be of help to me, please help me that would be a great burden lifted off of my shoulders. If you can help, only I know that GOD will put people to help me understand so I'm hoping and praying that this is one of those times.
  • Randle on Job 4
    Jesus said, "In this world you will have tribulations, but be of good cheer, for I have over come the world. As we face lifes certain trials, we should be careful to consider,the sun shines on both the just and unjust. And likewise the storm will destroy the home of the saint and the sinner. But by our faith in God the saint is restored."

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