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  • Spirit-Wind on Job 39
    Unicorn - This is the Hebrew/Greek translation into English. It means: United at the Horn --- or Unicorn - Which is the Wild Ox - when tamed - Wild Oxen were yoked at the horn. To be equally yoked is a symbol of being united at the horn ---- not at the neck. This amazing symbol of being equally yoked is a total union of the mind. Christ invites us to be yoked to His mind, for His yoke is easy
  • Bro. Colt Vaughn on Job 39
    The Word of God says what it means. If God wanted to say wild ox, then he would have. Take God's Word at face value.
  • London on Job 39
    The biblical unicorn was a large animal with great strength Numbers 23:22 . This animal did exist , according to GOD's word.
  • A disciple on Job 39
    "Unicorn" is more accurately translated, Wild Ox.
  • Izola bird on Job 39
    I think the unicorn is just that what we see as a fantasy mythical horse with a horn. So why can't we say the bible is right. Our imagination can't began to comprehend all kinds of creatures from the beginning when God created the earth. Maybe they died off like the giants "David and Goliath."
  • SJames on Job 39
    Verses about the horse are used very dramatically and effectively in the opening scene of "Secretariat " narrated by Diane Lane.
  • Michael Webb on Job 39
    Verses 19-25 have topical resonance, having read through the chapter today (from the later NIV) in the wake of the new film 'War Horse'. Would have chimed well with devout cavalry soldiers in WWI who learned their scripture from the KJV. A great-uncle of mine was a Farrier Sergeant in the artillery in same war when horses were employed for gun towing. I still have his 'dog tag' with C.E. initials which would have ensured he was buried with appropriate rites if found dead - fortunately he survived the war.
  • Andre on Job 39:9
    Unicorn... might have been a name for a animal thats extinct now.

    Science is knowledge and truths gained through observation and replecation. So how do you know there has never been a horse with one horn?

    Alot of scientist still beleive in evolution without any evidence or proof and claim it to be scientific fact.
  • Derek on Job 39
    unicorn in this verse is a hebrew word for wild bull. it is Hebrew 7214 in the Greek/Hebrew dictionary
  • Lynette on Job 39

    "probably the great aurochs or wild bulls which are now extinct. The exact meaning is not known."
  • JayVee on Job 39:9
    hehe, Unicorns! Could it possibly just mean "a white horse with a horn", meaning the bible is scientifically incorrect? Surely not! :)


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