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  • Bob Hilt for verse 4
    Isaiah 40:22 It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in:

    circle of the earth, circle of the earth, circle of the earth.

    a pancake?
  • Peter Grant Budgewoi Australia for verse 4
    The Lord God Almighty is asking Job - "Where were you when I laid the foundations of the Earth?"

    Let me ask this this question of Job also " Does a spinning ball earth rocketing wildly through ( so called space) have have foundations? If he were alive his answer would have to be no!

    In verse 5, the Lord also asks Job "Who has measured it - Do you know?" Or who has stretched a line upon it? (to measure it)

    Let me ask you this "How can anyone measure a spinning ball earth rocketing wildly through (to be precise) The FIRMAMENT with a line? Only a flat surface can be measured with a line!

    God is being mocked by a lie of a spinning ball Earth

  • Chris for verse 4
    I agree with you. Neither you nor I can measure a spinning ball rocketing wildly through the firmament with a line. But God can! He even knows the number of hairs on your head (Matthew 10:30). However, I can't help you with your belief in a flat Earth; I just go by the photos from space - & that'll do me for now. Maybe for interests sake & in understanding the Wisdom of God, (& not asking for much), you could take the mileage from Budgewoi to Sydney to the centimetre & see if you are satisfied with the outcome. Just maybe we have to rely on God for His Abilities & Wisdom that are far more superior to ours.
  • Eric Hebbeln
    Does it say a spinning ball hurtling through space?? No it doesn't.
  • Phillip Gallegos
    And God knows who to trust from the 1st age...........those who are written in the Lamb's book of life from the beginning (1st age). The Called, Chosen and Faithful, the Elect/ Ephes: 4 According as he hath chosen us in him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before him in love:
  • Chris
    Eric, I'm not sure whether you are in agreement with Peter Grant or myself, by quoting his quote: "Does a spinning ball earth rocketing wildly through ( so called space) have have foundations? If he were alive his answer would have to be no!". Your question is a little open-ended.

    He believes in a flat Earth around which revolves the Sun & Moon. I submit to the more conventional view. So, I'm sorry, I don't know the intent of your question.
  • Peter Grant Budgewoi Australia for verse 4
    Well what can I say- Except God bless you Sir - Seems your mind is made up!! - I am deeply concerned in your belief in Masonic CGI imitation pictures of earth from so called space.

    NASA was founded with scientists from NAZI Germany (Research operation Paper clip)

    I base my reasoning on over 200 verses of scripture in Gods word that proves NASA to be a deceptive Organization that built it's reputation with former members from a defeated Satanic Regime that slaughtered millions of Gods chosen people!!

    I could go on but it seems you are not open to the possibility God created a flat non - rotating earth even (As you say ) he can measure a spinning ball rocketing wildly through the firmament with a line and know the number of hairs on our heads - Seems to me a FE would be a walk in the park for him. May the lord Bless you and your family abundantly!!
  • 1. Isaiah 40:22 calls the earth a circle.

    2. NASA doesn't control everything in the skies. You tried to discredit some scientists for being from Germany. Is that their fault? My family is from Germany and we're Christian, are you calling us Nazis? Have you even been to Germany? When a country gets a corrupt oppressive ruler its a logical fallacy to assume all its people suddenly become evil. The fact is the vast majority of Germans were against the Nazi rule and were scared and propaganda lies made them not know the truth of what was going on.

    3. The circle of the earth is easily proven by flying on an airplane. If you go high up you can see curvature of the horizon. Also, you can fly all the way around the world in a straight line and end up at your place of origin. I've already done this myself and proved the earth is a sphere. Have you ever traveled? This is a very easy experiment you can do, so what would prevent you from doing this? God already gave us the brains and resources to explore our natural world. People already do this all the time for work, vacation, etc. So when you do this you won't see any folds, no 'end' point, which is because its a sphere with gravity pulling from the middle. Otherwise where is your source of gravity? So, you expect to 'fall off' the end and 'down' in space? Where is down? Anyway you could simply take a GPS and plot all the waypoints of your flight then later plot in software and you'll see its a globe/circle just as God said.

    4. There's a mountain of photo/video evidence of what the earth looks like from space. Thousands of photos/videos from before CGI was invented and before non-linear video editing was invented. What prevents you from writing/talking to the people who have been space? All the other stars and planets we can already see are also circles/spheres. We have lots of satellites orbiting earth all the time, which allows you to have internet service, to use websites like this, to read the Bible online, etc. God bless!
  • Peter Grant Budgewoi Australia for verse 4
    Whatever - I repent and sincerely apologize to any "Christian German Scientists labeled a Nazi " But they lied about landing land on something Yahweh has called a light Gen
  • Daughter of the King
    Job had went through much sorrow and in that sorrow, he uttered things that were true to him, without the knowledge of God. We can relate, so many times we complain and murmur when we get into sorrowful or hard trials and tribulation. Through his afflictions, God humbles him in this chapter and makes him perceive that God is in control and makes no mistakes. God begins to ask him questions that are a mystery to him, in order to convey that he is still God even in situations that we do not understand. Never before had a righteous man gone through the things that Job went through. God wanted to convey to us that despite living righteous lives we may go through troubling times!
  • Maurice Stanley
    Is aligning oneself w/God's will compatible w/free will? Are we responsible for our actions, worthy of praise and blame? Not my will, but Thine be done, Jesus says at Gesthemane. I believe we have free will, unlike e. g. Sam Harris. He is a determinist, denies free will. I need an answer to this.
  • Mike
    Like any time you read God's Word always pray that the Holy Spirit will guide you to what is needed for today. Job has come to the point where his so called friends have persuaded him that all this death and sickness is because he has sinned against God. But before Job is about to say the unthinkable, look what it says in 38:1 "Then the Lord answered Job". Never assume that Lord forsakes His own
  • Bruce
    If Called,Washed in His Blood, You will be Baptized with The Holy Ghost (Mark 1:8)
    If Anyone be in Christ, He is a New Creature---- All Things Will Become New (2 Corinthians 5:17) You Will Know, Impossible not to. / Just by Prayer, Reading His Word ( No Other Books, Commentaries, TV, Internet. Just The KJV ) Telling Others The Way of Salvation and what He has Done in Your Life / It will Take time.
  • Aklha
    I am new to the TRUTH yet i a have always believed in THE MOST HIGH. I read but I do not understand what it is I am reading and I ask that my ELOHIM will guide me and help to understand. Can someone please explain what this means, so that I may get understanding? Thank you
  • John Welch for verse 24
    Amazing, it proves that the Sun controls the jet stream, hence the winds!!!
  • Apostle Peter O. Eze for verse 12
    This is awesome. Only if every believer has known this, there is no better way to stay a winner in all the long than by commanding your morning and your day. I won 't let the devil have his way again in my days. Thank you Jesus.
  • Tabitha Holt for verse 12
    If Job had "commanded the morning " then what is the need for the conversation in Job 1 1???
  • BroWayne for verse 7
    Christ is The morning star and was present at creation and all the fulness of the god head dwelt in him bodily. The Bible says that Jesus is the creator so I believe this is the trinity! Remember Let US make man in our image.
  • Ben Campbell
    verse 22 or Has thou seen the treasures of the hail? Yes, see A YouTube video about the work of Dr Masaru Emoto Then read verse 23 and tremble.
  • Gideon Akpodido Etakefe for verse 11
    It means God can N will place a limit or stop how far the devil think he can terrorize us and the devils pride is stayed.And can not go futher than God allows him to go.Amen
  • Calvin mazvazva for verse 7
    I think morning stars are angels because at that time nothing wrong was found.
  • Charlie barton
    i love the book of job when god declares himself to job and declares his wisdom of the universe god is good
  • Jenny for verse 32
    Absolutely fascinating just reading the comments about Pleiades and Arcturus. Who is God ?
  • Esworth
    This is a direct warning to scientists who continue to deceive the world with their words but do not have the knowledge of the truth since they were not there when they world was formed. Their theories are based on assumptions without substance.
    In Job 38,,, Jesus said unless you are born again, you cannot enter in the kingdom of GOD,Scriptures is given to them that understood the kingdom,, in J0b 38 verses 12 to 36 is our for you to understand the love that God has for us,, i use it all for prayers and command to uproot and to plant,, i use it as power i have in God to take back my dominion,, I come to understood that there is power that you must seek to co operate with with you during prayers and seals it in the name of Jeus,,, God called it the ordinances of Heaven,, God asked job where was the devil when he was planing the earth,, where was him when he rugged the earth ,, for you job to believe the message of Satan,,,this is every big lesson to us ,, God was asking Job has thou command the Pleiades and band the ORION,, can 't thou set the dominion on earth, first you have to ask yourself how does this temptation of Job stated,, see Job chapter 1 verse 6,,, may you know when message of temptation comes to you what Job believed is what cursed he affliction, what you believe is what you will die for,,, Job accepted fully the message of Satan,, hear this Jesus said get behind me Satan,, that is excellently what Job could have speak back to Satan, this chapter has being my prayer points ,,
  • Mitchell
    there 's sooo much SCIENCE in this chapter!!! AMAZING!!!!
    38 When the dust groweth into hardness, and the clods cleave fast together? Physicists wrongly believe that hydrogen and dust well pulled together to form stars and planets etc. Here God is showing that there is a greater force than gravity that can pull hydrogen and dust particles together to form hardness or other elements. Matter was not created at the Big Bang, God created matter before the big bang, if ever there was any big bang. Verse 41 shows that even animals cry to God and He hears them, He feeds the young ravens. We are of more value than the young raven, His son died for you, therefore we are more blessed. Job had little knowledge of creation, so God was teaching Him about creation and existence.
  • TRUESEEKER for verse 7
    REFER TO James 1 17 17 Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning. God is the father of the heavenly bodies, the stars, sun and moon. Therefore, this verse is showing how the heavenly bodies, celestial praise God, by shining which in turn is singing and shouting for joy. Just as the flowers bloom, and bird sing praises to our heavenly Father. The angels are not considered sons of God refer to Hebrews 1 5
  • Andrew Nawaitabu for verse 22
    He is the real and great man of God the living testimony to every living things ever Praise The Lord for this wonderful man

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