Job Chapter 31 Discussion

  • Eric Wiggin on Job 31:9 - 2 years ago
    Job asks in 31:1 why he would "think upon" a maid (KJV and older versions). STRONG'S CONCORDANCE agrees, and gives the original of the Hebrew word for the English "think" as "biyn," which seems to agree with the King James translators, but not with the 20th century translations who render Job's word as "look" or "gaze" on a maid or virgin or young woman.

    This seems too contradictory as to be silly. Would these translators (ESV et al) have us believe that Job's covenant would prevent him--or us today--from gazing at the girl ("virgin") who happens to be on the platform singing a solo in a worship service? It seems to me that some of these translators have bought into Stephen Arterburn's eye-bouncing!

    Or has a more recent Hebrew version of Job been discovered than that (Erasmus Textus Receptus) which the traanslators of the KJV and the 1560 had available? (???)
  • Mark on Job 31 - 4 years ago
    verse 36 shows to me, the analogy of Christ our Saviour carrying his cross on his shoulder whilst wearing the crown of thorns. The book written by Jobs' adversaries is to be taken on his shoulder and worn as a crown, just as Christ our Saviour carried the cross and our sins.
    I love our Lords book. So many layers and so much wisdom, and I am only just starting my journey to our Lord.
  • BSP on Job 31 - 6 years ago
    Verse 15~Job realized the fact that all owe their lives to God and he did not elevate himself above others.
  • Anne on Job 31 - 6 years ago

    While going through his suffering, Job is searching his heart to see if there is anything he did that was not pleasing to God. I am reminded of Ps. 139:23
  • Peter Mayumbe on Job 31 - 7 years ago
    Job was a true man of God holy
  • Ahuwa Chiamaka Jecinta on Job 31 - 7 years ago
    We should always learn how to humble ourselves no matter our position we are in life
  • Skyler on Job 31 - 7 years ago
    Guys you do realize that God just used Job as an example
  • Verse 13-15 on Job 31 - 7 years ago
    I like how Job was humble, just, and merciful. And he was considerate of all people regardless of their social or economic status. We never want to put others down or think we are better because we have more financial stable than others.
  • Verse 31:1 on Job 31 - 7 years ago
    Job set an excellent example for us to all follow, He controlled his eyes and gave romantic attention only to his wife.
  • Walty on Job 31:1 - 9 years ago
    To make a promise with yourself, to be pure
  • Colin on Job 31:10 - 10 years ago
    I don't think "grind" refers to sex, but, rather, to the female duty of grinding grain to make flour for baking bread. After feeding the man, she would then lay in bed and the man, or other men "would bow down upon her" as they engage in sex.
  • Patrice Maynard on Job 31:9 - 11 years ago
    If Job had sin in his heart then he said, let his wife do the same to him.

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