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  • AJ
    Its funny how reading peoples comments; i hear condescending, and judgement. No one is perfect. Job was a faith man, God bet on him. I wish i was a fraction of a man he was, we all can keep striving to be faithful servants that God instructs us to be. by helping each other.
  • RT
    Proof that they didn't have black skin, Job was covered in dark scabs from his disease a
  • Joseph Gugu
    what troubles us much when we are passing through hardship is reason why God allow this to us
  • Ahuwa Chiamaka
    In any situationwefind ourselves we should rely on God for help because others can look down on us.
  • Skyler
    I love god so much
  • Maxann
    In Job 30:31 what was Job complaining about?
  • Anne
    Job is depressed because of his condition and is trying to understand by this affliction has come upon him, when in his heart, he believes that he has walked uprightly before God and lived a lived a godly life.
  • Novella hunley
    They kicked Job and spit on him!! I 'm sure the young people were punished by God for this!!
  • Brenda L Gordon for verse 28
    My thoughts Job was sick unto death, but as he lay with sickness he found strength in knowing God will be done.
  • Dlund
    O, how shallow can one 's understanding be when colored by preconceived notions. Job 's reference to "black skin " is metaphorical language used to describe his physical suffering. Nothing more...
  • ED
    CALVIN this is the truth IF you lived in israel and stayed in the sun you to would turn black sooner or latter.their our jews also with light color skin i am one of them.i was not born in israel but in another contry.but i am still a jew because i know that CHRIST is yet to come and give his life for the jews and GENTILES mather what color your skin is your still my brother and i love you
  • Calvin for verse 30
    More Scriptural proof that Ancient Israel had black skin. Shalom.

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