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  • William for verse 25
    Though Job was indeed a believer, yet there remained a fearfulness within him. It is a picture of the reality that no matter our level of walk with the Lord in this life, for most of us there is always another level of purification. In each instance with Satan at the throne God said, "behold...." In other words the enemy had quit looking for access against Job because of the Lord's protection, but God is hones even with the enemy. The Lord showed Satan Job's weakness and used the enemy to purify Job for yet another level.

    This shows what I see as a truth of the kingdom. Sooner or later God will bring you face to face with your greatest fear in order to show you that he is greater than all of your fear. Though Job demanded answers, when God actually presented himself in the whirlwind Job stood silent with his hand over his mouth knowing God was greatest of all and answered to no one.
  • Kathy Sigmon
    Bible verses that talk about viruses coming and going. Bible verses that talk about taking only what you need and not taking from your brother.
  • Cheyenna
    If you click on the "more" tab at the top of the screen then there will be many categories and there is one that says "how to become a christian and I think it would help a lot" all you gotta do is scroll and look for it or you could do control+f and type it in if you have a chromebook.
  • Cheyenna
    I think this is a great idea. Good luck and may god bless you in so many different ways. I am praying for you and I hope it works.
  • Angela
    I'm just getting back into the word of God,and rebuilding my faith. Do you think Act is a great way to start?
  • Adam
    Yes, you can't go wrong with one of the gospels, so Acts is good. Anywhere in the New Testament that talks about Jesus is a good way to start. God bless you.
  • Chaplain Joyce
    What I love about Job, is according to the text he never gave up in spite of the loss of his family cattle, wealth. God was his focus. I pray for such steadfast faith in God no matter what may come in my life. To God be all the Glory. Love It.
  • Sally
    Confirming the souls of the disciples, and exhorting them to continue in the faith, and that we must through much tribulation enter into the kingdom of God. Acts 14:22
  • Sally
    John 1:4
    In him was life; and the life was the light of men
  • Sherry
    In all that our Father blesses us with doing, having, experiencing, we are not shadowed from the evils, unfortunates, shortcomings of the world. We shall remain steadfast in recognizing and praising our God.
    Though I walk through the valley of death I will fear no evil.
  • Elizabeth Kanyama Zulu
    This portion of scripture is teaching us that more the challenges we may be going through in life we should look upon our Creator that Jehovah God who knows everything. because whatever we may go through God is aware. God bless you and the writer.
  • BSp
    Verse 3~Job wished that he had never been born because life had become so difficult for him. We can similarly feel as Job did.
  • Paul
    I've gained insights into how a man who's experiencing great suffering can respond - even if he's godly.
  • Nomie
    We save a just God, as His creatures He doesn't restrict us from saying what is worrying us. Job is free to say what he is not pleased with, He isn't saying it is well and folding his arms but he cries out and let his feelings known, in all that He didn't sin against God. It is ok to mention what you are not happy about in your life but not murmur against God.
  • May-Den
    I understand from the commentary that Satan was allowed to attack Job's mind as well as all the things in life that he had, and his health. My house burned down - my son and I lived in a hotel for three months, with only a few possessions in my car. When we moved back in our house, the next day my car was stolen. Last week I lost my baby at 3 months preg. I am at risk of cancer. GOD IS still GOD
  • Stephanie
    Job had the ultimate faith in God. Job had the faith of a mustard seed. I believe God. I know he's not going to put on me anymore than I can bare . God hasn't brought me this far to leave me.
  • Kim Alexander
    Job was an amazing man, he never gave up on God. He had a strong and faithful relationship with God. I suppose a many of people look at job and see how alike they are in how job reacted with God. I know that I, have a little of job in me
  • Michelle Jackson
    The devil tempts and god tests
  • Tracy Morales-Cizek
    I love the books of Job,His life is a true testimony of our own trials and tribulations. We should heed to his life 's testimony.Thank you Lord for Job 's life and death!!
  • Tyson
    everyone is wrong about this scripture about job chapter 3 . I post this chapter one morning due to my own selfish plans to end my life. I like job, have recently lost my entire family. " for that which I feared greatly has come upon me " ... I lost my wife and 2 little girls . if you read job chapter 1 verse 8 you will read , " Satan charged GOD and said take thy hedge away from , in other words, your perfect severvant whom has served GOD with all his heart and lay thy hand down upon job, and job will curse your name!..see, job was very loved and still is this day by our lord JESUS CHRIST and the his father GOD. Satan thought if he could get GOD to take everything away from job that job would become so hurt, so angry, that he would in return prove Satan right and curse GOD 'S name and fall from GOD 'S grace. But ashamed as I am in my own self for even thinking of killing myself and being angry at GOD for loseing my own family, job proved Satan WRONG!,... Job never cursed GOD 'S name when he finally opened his mouth to speak about how he felt on loseing everything. In the end job proved to be just as GOD warned Satan that job was. " A TRUE AND WORTHY SERVANT OF THY LORD GOD " AMEN. so..... in all, I need to bow and pray forgiveness for my selfish intentions of planning to kill myself for my body is not my own, but the lords to do with as he please.. Thankyou for the comments on my post " JOB CHAPTER 3. GODBLESS US ALL THAT WE MAY ENDURE TIL OUR LORD AND SAVIOR RETURNS " JESUS CHRIST ALMIGHTY. AMEN.
  • Fred bullseyes
    God let my parents divorce and i guess god was letting satan test my faith with him.
  • Katherine for verse 16
    My son died in me. I was two weeks overdue. I can tell. U it was a friday afternOon I just came back From dr. And that weekend I felt nothing they were going to enduce me on mon. Why this happened. I don 't know it tore my life and heart out.
  • Shana
    Faith is somthinge u believe in an hope is a feeling these are thing provided by God. Job felt all emotions And stil continued. to and hope in God.He said yu havevto have mustard seed faith
  • Shana
    Faith is somthinge u believe in an hope is a feeling these are thing provided by God. Job felt all emotions And stil continued. to and hope in God.He said yu havevto have mustard seed faith
  • Solomon
    25 For the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me, and that which I was afraid of is come unto me. 26 I was not in safety, neither had I rest, neither was I quiet yet trouble came. These two verses show us clearly that Job though upright was not living a life of absolute trust, he was living in fear, he was careful of everything, and that is why he developed the habit of offering sacrifice on behalf of his children instead of teaching them the way of the Lord. His fears rather became A REALITY.
  • I beleive this is referring to infants dying in the womb or being aborted because they never saw light.
  • Lisa keith
  • Linda
    Job believed in The Lord. My understanding of chapter 3 is he remained humble after all he had to endure.

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