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  • Earl Bowman - in Reply on Job 29
    Shirley, Job 29:1 ....continued his parable.....this chapter and some preceding and some following this chapter are prophesies about Christ, much like Psalms 22. Study it in this light and it will make more sense to you. The pronoun I, is Christ speaking, not Job. Remember it's a parable.
  • English sacha - in Reply on Job 29
    Young men became quiet and moved away and older men stood up to greet him , this is more about showing respect than about wealth I think .
  • Shirley M Watson on Job 29
    The answer to the question in not Job 29:8 I talks about the young men saw me and hid their themselves. The aged men arose, and stood up.

    How does this verse relate to Job's wealth? I don't get this as the answer>

    Thank you
  • Lou on Job 29
    I am given an understanding in this reading of Job that I have not received before. Job is the picture of Jesus Christ as The God-Man and the agony within himself of becoming 'a curse' in taking on our sins, having never known sin. Power, riches, wisdom, strength and honor, glory and blessing to Christ!
  • BSP on Job 29
    Verse 12: Job reflected on his past dealings and the good things that he had done for others. It is good for us to reflect on our past good deeds when we are feeling down.
  • Tim123 on Job 29
    Job 29 can taken like this: A real man is a righteous father figure, gives witness and helps the poor and the fatherless. This is what Job was.
  • Mark on Job 29
    Job outlines how we learn to have Christ walk us through our "every days" with Grace. Wisdom and comfort to others always outweighs possessions and riches. Once we make that a staple in lives, we will truly be able to be "pillars" and have Christ's love that we can transcend to others.

    Be the true messenger. In essence: " Remember that you do your good deeds, when no one is watching."
  • Caitlin on Job 29
    God helps you when you are in need. To help you over come the problems. Because he is there for you always no matter what happened at the time. I am 11 years-old.
  • Temmy Obadare on Job 29
    Hmm Job.simply recounted and gave us a divine secret that encapsulated all his fortune, honour, anointing and peace. Job was a giver. Read all that he did and see how God blessed him. He called those acts the secrets of God. How many of us have such secret and uphold them? He had honour, Gid shielded him and his days were multiplied. What secrets! Let us all plug in and watch God decorate us too.
  • Ahuwa Chiamaka on Job 29
    God always give the grace to overcome our problems in life
  • Phemelo on Job 29
    Our self-righteousness is likened to filthy rags Isaiah 64:6 . We can 't do anything of our own, on our own, which is good. All good things comes from Jehovah. Here, Job gives himself the credit for doing all he has done, bragging and boasting . The left hand must not know what the right hand has done, given, helped, etc. All glory must be given to God, because when we start boasting of our deeds, that 's when we develop a vain-glory personality and sooner or later, we will want all the glory. ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God, so say Scripture.
  • Rogers on Job 29
    If Job chapter 29 is to be read alone, it shows how a righteous man is trully blessed in the hand of the Lord. Job was reounting the past good days which apparently were later restored to him. His current position teaches us that it is NOT by deed but by faith that we obtain the GRACE of righeousness. So what is most important is FAITH
  • Ed Stukowski on Job 29
    One of the greatest revelation of Job a Jesus Christ foreruner. We see the character of Jesus himself. I no longer live but christ lives in me by faith...A true testimony of the Spirit man who walks by faith and His revelation.
  • Chrissy on Job 29
    It is so hard and painful and baffling when we are so on fire for God and walking closely. Trying to do everything right in God's sight to then suddenly be plunged into darkness. I agree with Matthew's comment. When such things happen we should check ourselves for any sin to be sure. In jobs case..He didn't sin.
  • Brynal on Job 29
    Job got comfortable with God.

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