Job Chapter 27 Discussion

  • BSP on Job 27
    Job didn't know if his illness was going to take his life, but until he lost his life he was going to maintain his integrity.
  • Bella on Job 27
    We can in verse 27 how Job did not allow others to make him think that he had failed as an integrity keeper. Job set a good example for us of cultivating a strong love for Jehovah God.
  • Cleveland Smith on Job 27
    Thank you job for your message, ,, I love Jesus with all my heart! ! I pray for the poor. . There hungry their thirsty we need to do more cloth them, ,.. Jesus I pray that we do more too glorify your name. Amen. .
  • Bob K on Job 27:6
    To these men trying to point out His problems, he said, I 'm going to hang on to my righteousness. I 'm not going to omit I 'm wrong. This hardness develops quickly within self-righteous people. to the point they won 't let anyone tell them what to do. Read the parable of the publican Luke,18:10-11
  • Zina on Job 27:17
    Over whelming powerful. I see all job was saying of the father and his majesty. I see the evil he speaks of today in our world. How the poor keep getting poorer and The hungry and the naked are not fed yet or clothed yet. With all the billionares in this world nothing has changed and will not. UNTIL ALL THOSE WHO DO NOT CONTRIBUTE BUT POLLUTE AND CORRUPT ARE NO MORE.
  • BSP on Job 27:5
    Job was such an excellent example of displaying integrity Job went through so many difficult situations all at the same time but he maintained his loyalty to Jehovah God This is an encouraging example for us to keep our integrity to God no matter what we face
  • Nino maina on Job 27
    We should give as we receive.

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