Job Chapter 24 Discussion

  • AJ on Job 24 - 4 years ago
    I believe in Jesus Christ, Lord and savior; the Farther and Holy spirit. I do not understand the scriptures that i read, or how to apply them in this world in this time. But pray that i will be giving that understanding and the ability to conduct myself in that manner when presented; i fail every day. All i can do is keep trying everyday that i am given. Job is an example for a sinner like me.
  • Charley on Job 24 - 5 years ago
    you cannot compare a man born in sin like job to our lord jesus christ
    jesus christ is GOD manifested in the flesh without sin, job was like
    us born in sin you people need to read john1 john 8-58 ANY MANY
  • Ahuwa Chiamaka on Job 24 - 7 years ago
    God is the all knowing wiser than all human beings because he best
  • Bryan McCloud on Job 24 - 8 years ago
    Job was a great man of faith next to Jesus, but I also believe that Abraham was also a great man of faith. We received God's promise because of Abrahams faith.
  • Cyril Anedo on Job 24 - 8 years ago
    Be Warned of the Extreme danger of greed and wicked treatment of poor and helpless and needy once. GOD is always their defender.Stop oppressing people now.
  • Norm on Job 24 - 9 years ago
    Oh thank you LORD for being so merciful to us. Your love is so clearly seen in your perfect truth when you warn us as to exactly what time it is. You wake us up with your utterance and by showing us the TERROR ISIS etc. throughout this wicked world. You give us perspective of timing in verse 19 by highlighting the CALIFORNIA DROUGHT. We can never thank you enough LORD JESUS but we can be obedient and warn others of the evil to come. Thank you Father and blessings to all who yearn for the knowledge of the truth. Amen
  • Howard mooney on Job 24 - 9 years ago
    Job was,I think the strongest man of faith next to JESUS
  • James Montgomery on Job 24:14 - 10 years ago
    Morning Star. I am the bright and morning star...
    the Alpha and the Omega...Nor man he contend with one mightier than he ...

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