Job Chapter 23 Discussion

  • O39shawn on Job 23:17
    I Like the Bible
  • Anne on Job 23
    Although Job may not fully understand what he is going through, he still has his trust in God. when God is silent let us continue to have faith and trust in him for He is omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, creator.
  • Issac Richardson on Job 23
    God is very understanding in your times of trouble. Just stay preyed up and keep him first in all you do. God is head of my life. Amen 🙏🏿
  • James, minister on Job 23
    Our gracious God is sovereign and knows the trials that each of us will face.We will have to take righteous steps that
    wiil become the stability in which the end can show us it was God all the time.We did not contributed nor blamed for how
    God will turn us into a perfect body of people that believe!
  • Ahuwa Chiamaka on Job 23
    God is our refuge in the time of trouble because He strengthens us to overcome them all
  • Emanuel gillis on Job 23
  • Dellarese Rolle on Job 23
  • Catherine on Job 23:10
    ''He knoweth the way that I take '' God sees me is in control as I trust him
  • Ish on Job 23:11
    "My foot hath held his steps". It is interesting to note that the author stated, my foot holding the steps of God and not his feet holding the steps of God. What I feel the spirit of God is saying is that, along with walking, our feet also help us maintain physical balance of our bodies. Especially if we, the body of Christ, are pushed or stumble while walking along a path, the path God has ordained us to walk. When I realize that I am in trouble, because one of my feet is straying from God's chosen path, one foot stays firmly planted while the other foot is trying to help maintain balance until both feet are again firmly planted following the steps of God.
  • Jacqueline Evans on Job 23:5
    Job23 is. a powerful book.It enables me to know that even though God is silent he is still working on my behalf.
  • Damallie on Job 23
    Job Chapter 23
    Is teaching all of us because no one in the world is not tested by God. To prove my theory Jesus taught us that we pray that don't lead us in temptation but deliver us from the evil.
    How do we know the testing from above beyond our understanding? We have to bear our pain without complaint but to be calm and not to give up believing. Job was a good man of God so he suffered for us in order to learn from him.
    That's why these peoples mentioned in the Bible are the chosen one of Israel.
  • Richard on Job 23
    Candy go back to the beginning and read the beginning of the Bible were Adam and Eve read the first three chapters at the verse 5..Keep reading from there don't stop by the time you get back to job you will see the truth of all there...
  • Candy on Job 23
    Job was man in great distress. This was a trouble/trial allowed by God. I don't know pain to the degree that Job knew pain, but I know pain. I can't claim the perfect and uprightness of Job because I have had my failings in life. After having said that, I have know the pain and confusion of trials that make no sense to me. I have known the confusion of unexplained happenings. I now know the pain of confusion and despair. I also have known the fear of spiritual agression. I feel comfort from reading Job's response to his trial and the pain of it.

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