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  • Toni on Job 2
    God was so proud of job that he ask satan have you seen my servant Job
  • Linda on Job 2
    Job demonstrates faith obedience and trust in God.
  • Sherrell r. williams on Job 2
    Job definetly was a GOD fearing man. He was determined that nothing or no one was gonna change his mind about GOD. No matter what he had to endure, he was gonna do depending and yet trusting GOD. "NO BETTER WAY TO DO IT" That's unconditional love that is being shown.
  • Jacob on Job 2:8
    we should always take the right way how job did . let job the perfect man be our example.[job1:1]
  • Kelachi kejeh on Job 2
    I am deeply overwhelmed at the depth of internal and external self conrol, knowledge and trust in God exhibited by Job.He held the things of this life with loose hands, non of his achiements or accomplishments competed with his pursuit for heaven. Such a relationship/heart of single mindedness should be the desire of all christians.
  • Eduar mojica on Job 2
    mantenerse integro ante cualquier situacion es de siervos de DIOS en la mayoria de los casos los seres humanos le reprocan a dios lo que estan pasando en ese momento pero no se ponen a meditar que quizas DIOS les esta permitiendo pasar eso para probarles porque les quiere llevar a otro nivel en sus vidas cuando entendemos que en medio de todo devemos agradecer y glorificar a DIOS se desata la bendicion sobre nuestras vidas.
  • Nqobile Mbona on Job 2
    This poses a challenge on me that if satan is doing God's will why then am I not doing it? God told satan what to do with Job and he went to do just that and nothing more! Also Job truly understood God's Supremacy, because in tough times we tend to rebuke & bind things which God has permitted, therefore speaking against our Creator.
  • Vireen on Job 2
    God knew that Job was not serving Him for gain, but out of love, and that's the difference, today, we want to serve God because He blesses us, but Job teaches us to trust God not only in time of plenty or riches but in proverty and sickness. Because no matter what our situation or possession God will never leave us or forsake us and I think Job knew that
  • Ujandja T. Veii on Job 2:12
    I'm overwhelmed by the magnitude of the affliction that Job suffered. He lost everything and yet he still praised God! What a heart
  • Daneil on Job 2
    This is amazing Job loves God with all his heart.
  • Sue stevemspm on Job 2
    Job brings me to the realization that there is nothing our God can't do. Job made the decision to serve God through all these trials. God alone brought him through. How great is our God!
  • Nita Wallace on Job 2
    Each and everyday I pray that we who profess to be Christians would have the Faith that Job had when it comes to our believing that God will heal us spiritually, mentally, physically and financially. He is a man of his word, and Job knew that.
  • Amanda isaac on Job 2
    job love the lord with all his heart wealth or fame did't come between job love for god we all should have job faith.
  • Tiffany Green on Job 2
    This has so many reminders to me:
    1. The devil must go through God for everything he's allowed to bestow upon man; and
    2. God doesn't give us more than we may bare.
  • Delvin Scott on Job 2
    Job; reminds us that our faith in God is more important than the things we have. problem is can he trust us to prove that point ?,todays christians are too for me my salvation is most important,and God allways best.Remember Matt. 6:19 -34
  • Henry on Job 2:10
    Job is a faithful servant that loved God more than his wealth,wife...
  • Michael Doughan on Job 2
    how far can your faith go?after all the losts and pain he went through he mentain his faith,the same way Apostle Paul after all that he also went through remained faithful and recommended us to fight the good fight of faith.what can a man give in an exchange for his own soul beside the life of JESUS
  • Pastor Yvonne Weir on Job 2
    Job, a strong and faithful man of God, taught me how to persevere, especially in the midst of my struggles.
  • Denise m on Job 2
    God knew that Satan could put an end to Job's life thereby actually putting an end to his faith in Him, so He allowed Satan to test Job to a point where weaker men would have given up, Instead Satan had to give up. I think this is a perfect example for us today, we just have to hold on to Our Lord because He holds on to us as long as we have faith.
  • Tvmo5 on Job 2
    i am move to a point of joy that God can look at man and feel proud of him and i now come to a good understanding that there are levels of achievement that men can espire to that can bring even out of God a since of pride for he said that Job had not lost his integrity
  • Mary Jo on Job 2
    Job is an inspiration to me. My life is good compared to what he went through. I am blessed, I thank Jesus for my salvation, my family, and my church!! Happy Independence Day everyone!!! :)
  • Justin barrett on Job 2
    all of u please pray for me to not lose faith but to become stronger in th word and for me to be guided through anything bad that comes my way i will also pray for u all and god bless u all
  • Evangelist Ella knight on Job 2
    We will never know how strong our faith is in our Almighty God if He doesn't allow our faith to be tested. Job faith was just right for a miracle and now we are blessed because of Job's faith. We all will be tested at some point or the other; but you must understand that our All knowing God will not allow no more to come upon you than what you can withstand. Let us all hold fast to our faith in our All Powerful God and He will bring you through. I have been through some things that I knew there were no way possible for me to survive if I didnít trust God for His Holy word; because I kept faith my end results was far greater than the beginning. Always remember that you can go through whatever comes your way if you have strong faith in our Holy God. Read Proverb 3:5-7 & Roman 8:28.
  • Pernella on Job 2
    chapter 2 The person with faith will maintain to trust God through prosperity or adversity .
  • Soundhearted on Job 2
    In order for something to live something else must die. Jobs life was an example of spiritual death for greater things to live.
  • Rick on Job 2
    I needed to hear this in my life right now.
  • Sharon on Job 2
    he is still holding on he has faith i have never seen in life again i only hope to be as faithful as job
  • Pamela on Job 2
    thank you. this is something that I needed to know. This comment from Mathew has really made thing clear.

  • Randle on Job 2
    "I will stand strong in my faith through the trails and afflictions that I may face. Whatever misfortune enters into my life is no worse than God sometimes deals to the best of hos saints! Whenever we are accused fasely, remember that God will come and save us from the enemy."

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