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  • Shawn Thompson on Job 2
    Father God bless me with the I've asked you in my prayers I believe I'm ready conceive, achieve the victory of your blessings
  • Talitha on Job 2
    God is almighty. Job, shows us how strong God is and how when that one person can overcome all things that we can noy imagine ourselves enduring, we begin to realise this can only come from the strength and love Christ stores in us. I respect Job and wishes to seek the God he trusted in during his times of pain and suffering.
  • Stephen Woehr on Job 2
    It is comforting to know that God is in complete control. He does not send affliction our way, but He allows others to do so. Even in that seemingly unloving and uncontrolled avenue, no affliction can hit us which God does not allow. He will not allow any affliction more than what we will be able to bear -- with His help ( I Corinthians 10:13).
  • Melvina Crayton on Job 2
    No Matter what satin Brings Your way! Trust n Believe that God will Bring u through!!
  • Lu2677 on Job 2
    Satan is evil; I hate all that is evil. I do not "respect" Satan, as someone suggested we do.
    God does not give a commandment to "respect" Satan. Respect and Fear of the Lord, is for the Lord. Amen
  • Cliff on Job 2
    The Book of job give us a rare insight into Satan's character, especially as it relates to God. He exhibits neither respect nor fear in his answers to God. However he did HAVE to obey Gods' summons as all must. Jesus called several back from the dead and they all obeyed. Satan is not all-powerful, as we see here. He must have God's permission to harass God's people.Respect him,but don't fear him.
  • Elder Vernorine E. Young on Job 2
    I feel that Jobs faith was well intact. He knew that God was able to deliver him. This lets us no that in the mist of all of our adversities we must trust God. Because he never fails.
  • Ophelia on Job 2
    This is a lesson that every follower of Christ must learned to hold on to Gods unchanging hands.Because he promised that he will never leave you nor forsake you in all things.
  • Bryan McCloud on Job 2
    We have to remain faithful to God despite what we are going through. If Jesus suffered for us, how much more do we have to suffer.
  • Sharonthomas on Job 2
    Holding on despite life challenges
  • Glenn Baker on Job 2
    I love the constancy of Job 's three friends how they sat in silence for so long, they did not react as his wife who was very angry, but I understand how she felt. These are real human characters reacting to events. Job 's exceptional character lies in his wonderful ability to come to terms with his lot.
  • Dahlia on Job 2
    Here we go LOOK TO THE HILLS WHICH COMETH YOUR HELP WHICH COMETH FROM THE LORD KEEP YOUR HEART and MIND stayed on him and Lean not to your own understanding JUST TRUST THAT 'S All WE NEED
  • Dr Allen E Gale on Job 2:9
    A bumper sticker that I have seen is "Life is a ** ". Those are words of despair. Read the last chapters of the book of Job. God asked Job and God continues to ask us. "Were you there when I created the Heavens? Were you there when I created the wonders of the deep? Were you there when I created the glorious colours of sunrise and rainbow? " My Mum taught me "Two men looked through the prison bars. One saw the mud, the other the stars. " Yep. Look up. Look around at all that is wonderful. That healed Job and it will heal you and me.
  • Janet on Job 2
    If we look closely at the book of JOB there are numerous of things that we can get from it. One of the things I take from it is the fact that no matter how much material things that we possess, and no matter how much we love family, spouse, even our children, if we only keep our eyes on GOD and hold true in our faith there is nothing that can hold us down, not even satan himself!!!! It 's far time to have a made up mind, and heart...FOR GOD WE LIVE, FOR GOD WE DIE!!!!
  • Rev. Ernest L. Jones on Job 2
    This book helps me to understand as well as how deal with suffering. Job gives and shows us how endure suffering and yet maintain your character, integrity and trust in Almighty God!
  • Emmanuel Agbor on Job 2
    The devil can as well use your spouse to cause you to sin. Let us be careful of his tactics
  • AUGUSTINE on Job 2
    according to job chapter 2 it is clear that all temptation target something one have in life.
  • Michael on Job 2
    I have never considered myself a christian.yet I have read job three times.I am still struggling with my beliefs.
  • Marian on Job 2
    The chapter of job makes me realize that no condition is permanent. You may be poor today but the story will definitely change. All we need to do is to trust in God our saviour.
  • Fred on Job 2
    And indeed touched by the faith of Job. And look GOD really value our lives. He commands the devil not to take away the life of Job.
  • M on Job 2
    Job said to wife should we receive all good at the hand of GOD and not receive bad,this let me when the blessing of the LORD is on you,you are going to be tested to help you to see how much faith do you have in GOD , this is a test GOD know the heart of us all,all that I can say LORD help me to trust you with all of my heart body and soul.
  • Faith ngobeni on Job 2
    Job is such an inspiration to us all... Hoping that we can all abide and follow job 's footstep..
  • Shay on Job 2:8
    Deep misery and affliction are figuratively linked with the eating of ashes and afflicted Job sat in among the ashes.
  • Ar on Job 2
    To Roux ' Job chapter 2 comment I agree with you that Job had great faith and trusted God, but I will not agree with you that he really had good friends. In the beginning the friends sympathized with him but eventually they started hinting that he must have done something which was a sin in front of God. In the end they even accused him with different accusations...But Job knew who he was and to what God he believed and remained faithful. An illness or a difficult situation in our lives are not always the result of a sin, as unfortunately, many people in the church have come to believe. God sees and judges things in a different way .IN HIS WAY ,as we see in the end of Job 's book how he is rewarded for his faith.
  • Roux on Job 2
    Job is truly faithful and strong, an inspiration to me. Also, what good friends Job has that they stayed with him no matter his deformity.
  • Melvin Menyon Lansana on Job 2
    Job demonstrates the true faith of Christianity. I hope and pray that I can maintain this kind of faith even unto afflictions.
  • Dusky on Job 2:4
    Satan is saying Not without reason. You have given him this and You have given him that but You put his skin to the test and he will literally sell his soul to maintain, rescue, protect his flesh. In essence, Satan is belligerent. He is talking to God flippantly from going up and down in the world. He is so sure of himself because of a previous incident he orchestrated, Gen 3 17 also ended in skin for skin. Actually he is arrogant enough to believe this. So now he is convinced that he can work Job like he did Adam and Eve and bring about a down fall. But Job showed him a thing or two. Briefly, it 's just a test. God test hearts and weighs spirits. Also Satan said, from going up and down. God knows that ain 't nothing new under the sun. He already knows the answer. He already worked it. It 's why Job was chosen. He was born for that very event. As pharaoh was for his. Nebuchadnezzar for his. Moses for his. In the end God will be glorified. Elihu said it best. Job it ain 't about you, it 's about God. Glory, honor, praise, fame is for God. The devil is mighty, but my God is Almighty! Amen
  • Shepherd Taylor on Job 2
    I believe Job was a man of great faith I believe God had used him as an example for us to understand that when we are facing afflections we must hold on to our faith and believe that God will take you out of them all In the end because of Job s faith he came out trimphant The bible said that God blessed him even more than he was blessed before
  • Barbara on Job 2
    GOD has the utmost confidence in Job because HE knew what HE had put in Job

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