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  • Fredrick odiwuor abuor on Job 19 - 1 year ago
    I believe therefore have I spoken I was greatly afflicted i said in my haste All men are liars what shall i render unto the lord for all his benefits towards me Amen
  • Abigail Copeland on Job 19 - 1 year ago
    I think Job and Hosea are my two favorite books in the Bible. Both of them are very important, and they remind me of what to do in life
  • Spiritual Warfare in Jobs life - In Reply on Job 19 - 2 years ago
    We see Job kids partying often, and Job wasn't sure they were making proper sacrifices. He was being careful. It's not unrighteousness. We are to pray for our children as in Deuteronomy 28; teach them.

    What we fail to see sometimes, Satan was lurking around, going to and fro. He spied Jobs fatherly concern. He used that against Job. He sorted up a storm (tornado?) and everything Job loved, was destroyed. His wife told him to curse God and die.

    1 Peter Chapter 5

    6 Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time:

    7 Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.

    8 Be sober, be vigilant; because your ADVERSARY the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:

    All Job could do was to be still and wait upon God. Myself, it showed me that we are all stronger than we think sometimes. There's a peace when you have faith that God is at work in your situation. Keep your eyes on Jesus.
  • Sacha - In Reply on Job 19 - 3 years ago
    Mark Valesano , we are all Job . John ch16 v33 .
  • S Spencer - In Reply on Job 19 - 3 years ago
    Thank you Mark for that valuable truth.

    The story should be humbling to everyone

    that reads it.

    God bless you
  • Mark Valesano on Job 19 - 3 years ago
    To rationalize all things that pertain to us can be misleading and, at times, even disastrous. Cause and effect in the natural realm of our existence doesn't always apply in the ways of God in our lives. Job's 'friends' may have been unsettled by the chance that Job hadn't done anything warranting his current state. There was no wrong done by Job to bring this about. God in His providence had allowed things events to occur. If that were the case then Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar were in jeopardy of being grossly mistaken in their responses to their associate. This proved to be the case in the end.

    Without the Bible and prior to Jesus' earthly ministry, Job faced his dilemmas the best anyone could expect. Even in the midst of facing continued criticism from supposed allies. Thank you Job for endurance and patience and thank you God for allowing this book to be contained in your holy Word for our instruction and enlightenment!
  • Fred Scanlan - In Reply on Job 19 - 4 years ago
    To live is Christ, to die is gain!
  • Louis Gibbons on Job 19 - 4 years ago
    He alone is God
  • Edward Flournoy III - In Reply on Job 19 - 4 years ago
    Yes I do believe in one God that loves the human race people of all colors backgrounds no matter where you come from no matter where you are at in this stage of your life but you must want to do better you must turn from sin and repent to God for a new way of living your life
  • Edward Flournoy III - In Reply on Job 19 - 4 years ago
    All I know is that jesus came to this world so that we would have life and have it more abundantly better than our for fathers who were Slaves who were lynched in the streets on American soil just because the color of our skin and hatred toward African americans by the white people of America but we have to forgive ourselves and for those who still kill innocent black boys and black girls women
  • Edward Flournoy III - In Reply on Job 19 - 4 years ago
    I don't know a lot about this verse but I do know if you have faith in The LORD he will be with you always. I HAVE been a witness of so many times that God has brought me thru in many situations in my finances in my physical body when I almost died. even in my mental stste of mine when I thought about death.
  • Vanessa on Job 19 - 5 years ago
    reading Job has truly opened my eyes to my own self. people you love and trust turn away, and it hurts, but i learned not to dwell on that, I know God is always with me and i thank him daily, for his mercy and grace. Praise God always even in your pain, he's there
  • Irene123 on Job 19 - 7 years ago
    v. 25 - This is a prophecy of the end times. Job was the1st book of the Bible written, therefore it is the oldest existing book in the world. This one verse is just amazing. "My redeemer ......."; That's Jesus.
  • Preachmoore on Job 19 - 7 years ago
    The world can be unkind to the believer or the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. God is with us in our trials. We must stand by Faith in God.Believe in our heavenly home and the Redeemer of our Souls. The pain is temporary if you believe through Salvation. Job 19
  • Lilian on Job 19 - 7 years ago
    God is faithful to his promises and his words he will never leave us or forsake us thats tte promise . He is always in our side. He is the only God who can love us even we couldn't love ourself. We are saved by Grace and not by law. Through the blood of Jesus we are cleanse and sins are forgiven.He simply wants us to obey his words. Obedience is more important than sacrifice I will praise you Lord
  • Ann on Job 19 - 7 years ago
    Help everyone dear Jesus that is going through a trial, thank you Lord Jesus for what you have brought us through in the past. Thank you for your deliverance with our current affliction. In Jesus in your name.
  • Courtney on Job 19 - 8 years ago
    i have no idea what this means. it is a little confusing to but i kind of think it is about God trying to ask Job why is he letting the Lord down, putting Jesus in the dark paths alone by himself but know i now why job is doing that either he is on someone else is side, he is trying to please someone, or he is trying to hurt Jesus feelings after all Jesus is the lord and savor and he died for you.
  • Henry makasa on Job 19 - 8 years ago
    Its a wonderful chapter that applies to our life
  • MUKISA JULIUS on Job 19 - 8 years ago
    I have hope now that God who redeemed job will deliver me from temptations
  • Lizbeth on Job 19 - 8 years ago
    Job didn't remember affliction is appointed to the righteous, this that happened to job was to prove to us god is the sovereign god.the devil could afflict,but his affliction couldn't kill job because god was on job. When god is with you the gates of hell cannot prevail against you.
  • MockingBird on Job 19:25 - 8 years ago
    I know my redeemer liveth because He lives within me. I Praise God for redemption : For I am redeemed : Bought Back with the precious blood of Jesus Christ from sin , sickness and disease : Death , hell and the grave. Praise God forever more. He shall stand forever more !!!!
  • Lilian on Job 19 - 8 years ago
    God has appointed time to bless us and heal us. We need only to meditate his words day and night in order for our needs and dreams will be given and everything we do will prosper. God is a promising God and faithful to his words. Thanks to Jesus for his precious blood that shed for us. Amen and i love you Jesus and will trust forever.
  • Tricia mills on Job 19:14 - 9 years ago
    My husband and I understand this, It has happened to us. After 34 years of striving and giving, having come from poor families with NO help, my husband reached the top, only to be toppled by envious men, Who can stand against Envy, our Family left us our children left us
  • Marty on Job 19 - 9 years ago
    "Unto the coming of the Lord we are instructed to look to Elijah and Job. " There is a good reason for this.
  • Sonya on Job 19 - 9 years ago
    I have always love thus great man Job!!!!! He lets us know that 's it okay to questioned God!!!
  • Rev. Autrey on Job 19 - 10 years ago
    Job 19, verses 25 26 says, 'BUT AS FOR ME, I KNOW THAT MY REDEEMER LIVES, AND THAT HE WILL STAND UPON THE EARTH AT THE LAST DAY. AND AFTER MY BODY HAS DECAYED, YET IN MY BODY I WILL SEE GOD. ' Job was not talking in a vacuum, he was speaking about Jesus as God coming to save his people from their sins. It has to be, because every Bible student knows that Jesus is our Redeemer and God. Let me put it this way. Many people think that God and Jesus are two separate beings. But they are not. This is a lie Satan has fed our minds to make us miss out on the Salvation God as Jesus offers us. John 1, verse 2 makes it plain, ...AND THE WORD WAS GOD. Jesus is always the way God speaks to us, and always will be. The Father is the way God directs his affairs, and the Holy Spirit is the way God inspires us to believe in what he is doing. So Job is talking about God as Jesus when he calls God his Redeemer. Jesus loves you!
  • Runyararo on Job 19:25 - 10 years ago
    Everyone is reedemed from death unto life and made new and given a new heart, for the lord our GOD LIVETH neither will he turn away to those that call on HIS name but will hear their cries and redeem them. Our Lord reings forever he shall judge all nations with righteousness. God bless you.
  • Ben Weaver on Job 19:25 - 10 years ago
    Let us also consider the many new testament statements about now having been redeemed, and now having been translated into the kingdom of Jesus. Also Heb.11 40 states that God has now provided something better for us than the old testament Saints had,although they were encouraged by God 's promises. 1 Pet.1 9 12 explains that this better aspect of salvation was not yet available to them, but is now provided for us to apply, by the new testament experience of being in Christ. While Job thought it was God that took his blessings from him, we can now read that God only permitted Satan to proceed for a show down. Job 1 6 12 I personally, do not feel that Christians need to, or should allow Satan to rob us of God 's provisions through Christ.
  • Cheryl. C. on Job 19:25 - 10 years ago
    I can say with Job : I know my redeemer liveth. To be redeemed is to be bought back. I have been bought back from sin, sickness, and disease through Jesus Christ. I am so Thankful to my God that He loved me enough to send His son for me and the whole world. Life is at our fingertips if we will only take hold of it. Praise God Almighty !!!!!
  • Gabriel on Job 19:25 - 10 years ago
    Job knew that sometimes God allows situations to come in our lives just for the sake of His glory to be seen in us. what you have can be taken away from you but what you are cannot be taken away from you

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