Commentary for Job 17

Job appeals from man to God. (1-9) His hope is not in life, but in death. (10-16)1-9 Job reflects upon the harsh censures his friends had passed upon him, and, looking on himself as a dying man, he appeals to God. Our time is ending. It concerns us carefully to redeem the days of time, and to spend them in getting ready for eternity. We see the good use the righteous should make of Job's afflictions from God, from enemies, and from friends. Instead of being discouraged in the service of God, by the hard usage this faithful servant of God met with, they should be made bold to proceed and persevere therein. Those who keep their eye upon heaven as their end, will keep their feet in the paths of religion as their way, whatever difficulties and discouragements they may meet with.

10-16 Job's friends had pretended to comfort him with the hope of his return to a prosperous estate; he here shows that those do not go wisely about the work of comforting the afflicted, who fetch their comforts from the possibility of recovery in this world. It is our wisdom to comfort ourselves, and others, in distress, with that which will not fail; the promise of God, his love and grace, and a well-grounded hope of eternal life. See how Job reconciles himself to the grave. Let this make believers willing to die; it is but going to bed; they are weary, and it is time that they were in their beds. Why should not they go willingly when their Father calls them? Let us remember our bodies are allied to corruption, the worm and the dust; and let us seek for that lively hope which shall be fulfilled, when the hope of the wicked shall be put out in darkness; that when our bodies are in the grave, our souls may enjoy the rest reserved for the people of God.

Commentary by Matthew Henry, 1710.

Discussion for Job 17

  • Michael chimezie
    This tells us that as humans, we have our weakness is times of trail, we are bound to feel down and out, but we should find encouragement in the Lordship of God almight, that He knows all things. Thanks to the encouragements and reprove from the Good friends he kept.
  • Maria
    Job was suffering through a terrible calamity brought upon him; he thought that by serving God and live a righteous life both him and his family would be saved. when all the catastrophe happened to him, he begin to feel wretched and so he turns everything that 's happened to him onto himself, cursing himself and the day that he was born. Throughout all this, he still revered God, still trust him.
  • Dwight
    I think it is very similar to Philippians 1:6. A true believer who knows that he is eternally secure realizes that no matter what takes place in his life that includes good things and will certainly include bad and tragic things, the Holy Spirit will continue to work in his life to conform him to the image of Jesus Christ.
  • GIFT KOFI TETTEY for verse 9
    Job 17:9,Simple means he who is righteous and having clean hands is always confident in the midst challenges and difficulties because his heart is at peace. He has the assurance that Jesus is the anchor of his/her hope so nothing absolutely nothing can move him. He is focus in life and always abide in the perfect will of God. Keeps moving forward despite the obstacles and setbacks
  • OLORUNDA TIMOTHY K for verse 3
    When you hold to your faith in jesus christ you sure of a surety

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Bible Trivia

What effect did Job's patience and acceptance of his sufferings had on other people?
  • They thought Job was a fool.
  • They realized that even though a person is good, he/she will still suffer greatly.
  • They admired Job and were stronger in their faith because of this.
  • They became convinced that God is evil.