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  • Sacha - in Reply on Job 13
    Mark ,i think your anger is definately justified ,that might be because i feel it too lol ! However there isnt really much of an excuse for too many people now that the Bible is so widely available ,we have some Iranians in our congregation who were unable to get hold of a Bible while they were in Iran ,some peachers even now will try to tell people that the Bible is full of mysteries and secrets that not every one can understand thereby inflating themselves by saying that they can tell you all about it and you just need to listen to them ,God is not the author of confusion ,then there are people who claim to be interested but dont want to make any effort to read for themselves and are happy to rely on someone elses opinions and interpritations ,thankfully you are obviously not like them ,may God bless you .
  • Chris - in Reply on Job 13
    I believe that your anger against false teachers is justified. If we're not angry about falsehood & treachery we might well be seen as being in agreement with them or at least as fence-sitters about the things of God.

    But how we express that anger is important. To become violent, abusive or hateful, would not be a Christlike response. Rather, acts of correction, intelligent calm debate, & prayer for the Lord to deal with them, should be what we resort to. That would be the strongest testimony against those who take away from the purity of God's Word.
  • Mark on Job 13
    Yes , I get angry at the false teachers and those that twist the word of god , is my anger toward those type of teachers justified . We're talking about the souls of men and eternal consequences whenever people are lead astray by the heretics .
  • Donna - in Reply on Job 13:15
    Mishael, thank you for your encouragement. I will not be moved by the adversary of my soul.

    To be honest at first I thought I would ignore the comments that were made, but I believe sometimes we need to address wrong behavior and allow the Holy Spirit to bring the conviction of sin.

    I do agree and did pray for him, trusting God to lead him to repentance.
  • Mishael - in Reply on Job 13:15
    Don't be disturbed or driven away by Will. I think I know who he is.

    Come back here when you can. People from all over the world visit in here. Don't respond to attackers. Just pray for them.
  • Donna - in Reply on Job 13:15
    Sir, there seems to be a misunderstanding. I did not say that God tempts us, but what I am saying is that He allows the enemy to bring pain and suffering into our lives.

    I do not want to stand in judgment of you, but your comments seem more like an attack. I discern another spirit at work.
  • WILL - in Reply on Job 13:15
    God does not tempt any man...

    who taught you the word?

    Philosophy will kill you?

    13 Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of God: for God cannot be tempted with evil, neither tempteth he any man:

    14 But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed.

    15 Then when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death.
  • Donna on Job 13:15
    I believe that the Holy Spirit is revealing to us as believers that in this life we will experience pain and suffering, but He will always bring us out with the victory every time.

    It is a misconception of many, that because we are Christians we are exempt from life's difficulties, but Jesus told us in this life we will have tribulation, but we can be comforted in the fact that He has overcome the world.

    Lastly, this passage also reveals that God is sovereign and that the devil does not have the power to tempt us without God's permission. God is faithful to provide a way of escape from every temptation, and we always come out victorious and blessed as a result of our endurance.
  • Cara Hylton on Job 13
    I am at Awe and humbled to read that we are caution to be silent in situation we don't understand and don't try to speak for God. Job advise that holding our peace will prove wisdom for us.
  • Chris on Job 13
    Jesus that he would be with us until the end of the world and so also will the Holy Spirit be in Jesus name. Amen.
  • Lady A on Job 13
    That GOD will never ever leave me or forsake me. No matter what I face in life GOD is with me.
  • Anne on Job 13
    Job may have lost everything but he did not lose his faith in God. In v. 15 he says "Though God slay me I will trust Him".
  • Lisa on Job 13
    I choose to humble my self and let yah teach me how to praise him and how to learn from job even if I have to read this chapter again and again I am trying but I will try harder and I chose to live and to live right and to praise your holy name thank you for your guidance and righteous words I ask for patients and love as I seek your understanding of this knowledge thank you yah
  • Lady A on Job 13
    This word gives me a peace like no other.
    When I know my redeemer lives, as I look at how the Lord have brought me through all of my life and keeps me with a righteous right hand. Oh how I Love my God.
  • Aaron Taylor on Job 13
    Job's friends subjected him to scrunity. Why does that mean
  • Kabula micheal on Job 13
    It brings hope indeed
  • Gail on Job 13
    Job still depend and Loved the Lord no matter what he was going tnrough.
  • Allen Jones on Job 13
    The part about Yet will I trust him says to me,it doesn 't matter what happens to me,God will be Glorified in in the struggle,take your best shot world I know where my help comes from.
  • JLP on Job 13
    As we have formed, many of thoughts in heart retching times, of how we have been removed from harms say how did we arrive at this point. Is it because we have been bought for a price and the payment is final? Or maybe it is who we are a chosen vessel, created for perfection, but powerful enough to withstand any and all things imaginable . just a thought.
  • Charlene Anthony on Job 13
    No matter what challenge we may face in life we must keep the faith and believe that God is true to His Word. Never forsake us. No never!
  • Jenny on Job 13:15
    We experience so many things in this life but our faith ought to remain firm in God. We don 't always know the reason why we experience some of the things we do but i can encourage everyone to see God throughout it all and He will open our understanding to His ways. I went through a very bad time recently and friends made various assumptions as to why these things were happening to me but when i sought God he eventually showed me that I had to go through those things to be freed from the very thing that was holding me in bondage. The Hebrew boys went into the fire and was not burned but note the robe that was used to bound them was burned in the fire. We cannot tell God how to work things out but be encouraged that God is truly in the midst of all out trials and troubles. Be bless in Jesus
  • Ove on Job 13:15
    Hi! I have made some terrible mistakes and bad choices in my life as a Christian that have put me in a spot and location that I don't want to be in. If I just trust God and thank Him and praise Him, then I will still come out on top and Romans 8:28 will apply to my life, because of the things I learned from my mistakes and bad choices, Romans 8:29. Please comment on this! Thanks and God Bless You! Ove
  • Stacy on Job 13
    Job is, and has always been one of my favorite people in the bible. He is a great example of faith. No matter what the devil did to bring him down, he refused to give up on God.
  • David Amakor on Job 13:25
    You do not need to show your strength where nothing will stop you.
  • Thatohatsi on Job 13:15
    Job was a good man but he had a bad time in his life when his animals died, his children died on the same day. It did not end there, even his skin had sores boils from head to the feet. But he never stopped praising his God. His wife lost hope and even said Job must insult God but Job said to her "you talk as a foolish woman, do we expect the good only from God?" He was a good man so now he even says if God can kill him but still he will trust in Him. Oh my God.
  • Angel on Job 13
    Job wants God to show him what he's done wrong so he can correct it. This really touched me. Nothing should stand in the way of our relationship with the Lord. If we have sin or anything in our lives that would prevent us from living fully according to God's will for our lives we should be willing to ask God to reveal to us anything in our lives that would be a henderence. God corrects the ones he loves. In this I ask that he correct me then, I want nothing to separate me from the love of God or his will and purpose for my life. Even though Job was merely being tested, he still feared that there were things in his life that brought on his afflictions, we too should be this way. We should always be willing to make sacrifices of worldly things in order to reach our heavenly things that come from God our Father.

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