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  • James Anderson on Job 10
    To Beverly Duncan re: Job 10

    Suffering today compared to that of Job-I wanted to share my personal dealing with a similar level of suffering by none other than my wife of 59 years and 8 months.

    At 38 years of age, she began to have symptoms which stumped the Medical Professionals we counseled with, so a surgical procedure followed which allowed her blood clotting issues to arise to haunt her for the next 40 years.

    Shortly before her 43rd birthday, on July 31, she went to sleep with vision in both eyes and awakened the next morning with blindness in one eye, never to be cured on this Earth . Diagnosis: Optic Neuritis, a plague among humanity.

    Symptoms continued to arise, seemingly of their own volition until she was 52, a neurologist diagnosed her as having MS. Despite use of the very best medical care along with the empathetic care from outstanding Medical Staffs, the long decline (along with 2 heart attacks, a pulmonary embolism, and a debilitating stroke) led to her 4 sons being at her bedside comforting and consoling her as she left this Mortal Sphere at 77 years and 1 month of age.

    Purpose: That God might be Glorified!

    Thanks: For this present day Christian Lady's faithful example under much duress!

    In Jesus' Name,

  • S Spencer - in Reply on Job 10
    Hi Willie.

    Perhaps you're right. I believe he was tossing it about in his mind in Ch 10.

    Job 10:2. "I will say unto God," Do not condemn me; shew me wherefore thou contendest with me.
  • Dianne - in Reply on Job 10
    Willie Both having conversation and thinking but he never blamed God for his situation, Job 3: 25 was the cause of all of his problems, its the same in our lives, right after adam and eve sinned they Hid themselves from the God who loved them and gave them everything because they were afraid of Him. Time and time again in Gods word when God interceded for mankind we read the words Fear Not. Now when the Bible says fear God for believers its respect and awe unbelievers its terror. I have heard and read where people say God tempted Job, that contradicts James 1:12+13. Jobs fear was that his family was sinning all the time look at Job1:4+5 was on his mind all the time he sacrificed continually. Jobs remarkable that he didn't blame God although wife did and friends did instead he prayed for them, tremendous lesson. In the end God blessed him super abundantly, adversary lost again.
  • Willie Shelton on Job 10
    In job the 10th chapter, was he talking directly to God or was this something that was tossing about in his mind ?
  • Kellie Griffin on Job 10
    Because of you, I can take my bible every where while I don't have it manually with me. I believe satanic spirits follow me & I don't have mental illness. I believe it's critical to know I have the bible with me. Thank you
  • Kellie Griffin on Job 10
    Please pray for me & my daughter & My 2 nieces! Thank you!
  • MP - in Reply on Job 10
    Thanks be unto God who giveth us the Victory!!
  • Marilyn - in Reply on Job 10
    Such powerful words!
  • Vanessa on Job 10
    sometimes I feel the our afflictions our Gods way to draw us nearer to him,when we have gone astray, we all get tested , and then some curse God, for the suffering, I know i always turn to him, he has delivered me from the grips of death, my children were to busy to come to the hospital, when I passed, and I got angry but then I wasn't alone God was there, and I am not angry anymore, I am grateful
  • BSP on Job 10
    In verse 12 Job showed that he was grateful for the life and the personal dealings Jehovah God had with him.
  • Irene123 on Job 10
    To Janice 6 mos. ago - I love encouraging words that are in truth from His Word. God Bless you.
  • Dorotha on Job 10
    I love the book of job have a blessing night in Jesus name amen thanks Jesus
  • Samuel Sebuufu on Job 10
    I pray that God gives me faith equivalent to that Job had such that i can overcome all iniquities of life and meet Jesus on the beautiful shore. Amen.
  • Inyani Jackson on Job 10
    In reference to Job 10, this is pure lesson to us of current, to know that before Christ the champion of law could come, humanity can stand the blow of of Satan. all he (Satan) can conflict in any way, if we believe God, He will re-enforced our inner being to take control of our outer being. in sense that whatever difficulties we undergo, our spiritual status could not cease allowing one to move.
  • Joyce McDowell on Job 10
    Job's shoes is hard to fill. Job was a man after God's heart. Even though he grumbled and complained he did not once deny who God is. We in today's society like to say,"God if you are real than do this". If we have faith, God's word said that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Job had faith with others lost it, when his wife and friends did not have faith.
  • JANICE GIBBS on Job 10
    We must always remember that even in our roughest times that God is with us. naturally the flesh begins to pain, discouragement, but we must Trust Gods words. he told us that many are the afflictions of the righteous but he would deliver us out of them all.( Psalm 34:19). We often forget that God will and can do all things. He told us that All things work together for good for them that love God.
  • Angie on Job 10
    That he have to keep his faith in God regardless the circumstance.
  • Christian on Job 10
    Job lessons is a lesson goodness and inner riches that comes with steadfastness and perseverance in life
  • H.G.W on Job 10:12
    The awesomeness of God 's presence in our lives is manifested daily
  • Stephende on Job 10
    Job was afflicted at the permission of God. Satan believed anyone 's faith could be compromised. Almost but a few will stand firm as did Job, as Moses, as did Jesus. Does any have a free ride unto the bosom of Abraham, who himself was tested by offering his first born, the progenitor of the Jewish tribes, Issac.
  • Beverley Duncan on Job 10
    I feel for job, nothing that I 've endured in my life thus far can compare to what this man went through. Although he new God and understood what his purpose was, it wasn 't an easy thing to suffer the way he did, he was still very humble thankful to his father above, what he suffered , only made him want die, I don 't think any of us today could have endured what bro. Job did, after all he was only human , I know I 've been in situations, where I was ready to give up the ghost, even though it was nothing like Job 's. God knew what he was doing with Job and in Job, and he came out the better for it, my prayer today is that I would be so fortunate to have a quarter of Job 's faith. Lord I thank you for these lessons, that we you 're children can apply them to our lives today, in Jesus name, amen.
  • Nicole on Job 10
    I love how he suffered, still believing. In the most high
  • Shay on Job 10:1
    Bitterness blinded Job, so that he did not consider other possible reasons for his suffering. We must not become bitter when undergoing suffering, especially since we have a clear understanding of the issues involved.
  • Lydia molatlhwa on Job 10
    I am really touched,Brother Job was a very humble man.
  • SANDRA TUTEN on Job 10
  • Flurcerooli on Job 10
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  • Zeroxtrpo on Job 10
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  • HollyRobsonj on Job 10
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  • JustinBeersonx on Job 10
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