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  • Jacktone
    job love God beyond the wordly wealth. its inspiring brethren.
  • Davie
    the meeting of the sons of God with satan was not on earth,but in the presence of God,remember satan is the accuser of the brethren,does he stand on a hill and shout up his accusations to God in the 3rd heaven?no,of course not,there are 3heavens,even though lucifer was cast down,he still exists in a spirit dimension unseen to us,the prince of the power of the air,read JOBch1:6 the sons of God came BEFORE THE LORD,in heaven
  • Philip for verse 6
    the sons of god refers to men on earth,satan cannot worship god in heaven because he was thrown out of heaven
  • Sherrell R. Williams
    Job a very blessed man,whom love GOD had everything. At the end he lost it all but through all of that, he never blamed god, hated him nor turned his back on him because to the turmoil that had presented itself in his life. he began to praise him in the midst of it all. We as humans in this day and time wants to question GOD. we blame the devil for everything (giving him to much credit), instead of really sitting down giving GOD some praise and thanking him as we go thru the storm. God do allow things to happen in our lives to get our attention, to show you just who he is and what he can do and even sometimes to bless you with the best. Think about it!!! People often tell me girl you are a strong woman after all you have been through this year (2013). I tell them it wasn't me, GOD brought me through it all. Yes, Ive had the sleepless nights pillow wet with tears, loss of appetite, separation from people just to talk to GOD and I tell him Thank you GOD for helping me and bringing me through it all. I've had to bite my tongue when GOD tells me to close my mouth, shhhh. I've felt manipulated (they got the best/over on me). He turned a plenty of situations around for my good. THANK YOU LORD, FOR ALL YOU'VE DONE FOR ME. At the end of it all JOB knew who had him in the middle of the hand-GOD DID!!!!
  • Charles thousand
    Job gives me strength,i look at all he went through and still he gave the lord thanks. My life has had alot of hardships and i allowed thoughs hardships to hold me captive. Reading how job over came all that satan did and never lost faith makes me see that no matter what my life has in store with faith it will all be well! Hardships in life are getting us ready for what god has in in store for us, at our hardest times the lord is doing is best work in us!
  • Harry B. III
    Job knew that he has a loving God and that God would not do anything that was not ment to be. As God knew him before he knew his self.
  • Joyce
    greatchen: the "lost" babies were never replaced. God gave Job double everything except the babies because the "first set" still heaven of course.
  • Justin for verse 6
    I agree with Warren for the most part. Yet, I believe the unseen world should be taken literally, because I believe it to be as real as the air we breathe.
  • KIPYEGON REUBEN SIGEI for verse 21
    He was explaining that everything he had found at earth and will take them nowhere when he died.
  • Willio etienne
    I truly think God wanted our attention by present and job trials and tribulation, no matter how hard satan try to distract destroy our lives that we should remain faithful and true to him... God is saying this is the way we ought to believe and trust in him no matter what situation we face in our lives...
  • Gretchen Waddell
    I find it very sad so far but I know it turns out well n the end I just don't understand when everything is returned to job how can u replace the family you once had it's kinda like loosing a new born baby n replace it by having a new baby??? I'm confused about that
  • Qayhuriah
    it challenges me on how to react towards the report i get..job reacted swiftly and never querried God.
  • Paternia Williams
    I want to be like job I think he is a grate man and if I try to live like him my life will be a lot more better in every thing I do
  • Victress for verse 21
    If all people on earth could stand loyal to God as Job did even when he had nothing he still gave God praises
  • Edina
    the is the man how belives in GOD.LORD JESUS give me strenght and wisdom and love for me to waship u the way job did, he washiped and hourned u even if everything was taken away from him..i want to waship U in trueth
  • Julia
    In chapter one of Job verse five, Job prays for the sins of his sons. Is it all right to pray for a loved ones particular sin, even though you know they need to ask for forgiveness?
  • Hilton for verse 21
    "The Lord gives": God, through Jesus, offers mankind salvation and redemption. i.e. He wants to give mankind eternal life.
    "The Lord takes: God is willing take away the wages of sin if we accept the message of The Cross.
  • Austine t honde
    May God help us to be like Job
  • Fritze Flink for verse 6
    Ok, so THIS particular part of the bible is not to be taken literally. But the others are? Or some of them? Which ones are, which ones are not? I am confused. Also to who has authority to tell me which is the one or the other...
  • CAROL for verse 1
  • Bob from Berkeley
    Job was NOT perfect... just saved.
  • Beloved
    God make me to be like job
  • Dana Craig
    Looks like no matter how well you follow god's policies he can turn on you. Ten people killed who apparently didn't deserve their fate. Job lost everything yet behaved perfectly. I suppose job must have been a major irritation to Satan.By Daring god to prove that job was flawless and initiating the subsequent events Satan certainly got the last laugh.
  • Chelsea
    The book of Job has helped me out in so many ways. I wish I was like Job, in the first 2 chapters, with all the faith he had unto God.
  • Jim wan for verse 6
    Book of Matthew Chp 1 gives the genealogy of Jesus back to Adam who is then called the 'son of God'. Except for Jesus the others are not called 'sons of god'. Adam was the 'original'human-kind' created by God. The others (except Jsus)were procreations and decendents of that 'original'. Adam was to be thje 'King' over planet earth. Satan cunningly got Adam to willingly handover that kingship of the planet to him. Satan is now king/god of this world. Adam as the 'son of God' (Jesus is the Son)was to have been present at the heavenly conference instead Satan represented human-kind.
    The 'sons of God' in attendance were not necessarily humans or angels but 'original beings' from unfallen worlds/dimendtions/worlds etc They were there to give progress reports on their respective mandates. Adam's was to'tend the garden of Eden and take dominion over the earth by 'multiply(ing) and be fruitful, to replenish and take dominion over the earth which was in chaos.
  • Preciouskaliyapah
    A blesing from God comes because of your faithfulness unto God
  • Shanike
    I wish i was like job in the first two chapters...he had alot of faith even though all that he had was gone..jesus please help us to be lik job..
  • Nqobile Mbona
    God loves us so much that He builds a hedge around us but there will be a time where He allows satan to come and test our love and faith in Him and in all that God expect us not to sin.
  • Emmanuel kipkemoi for verse 21
    everything belongs to God..we are just but stewards

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