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  • Dahlia
    This is an example of how we suppose to be as children of GOD never ask questions and know matter what the circumstances or situations don 't give up and never blame GOD just ask for STRENGTH to make it through and stand 10 feet tall and be like a VAULT and don 't be Moved by negative people that don 't understand going through
  • Harold for verse 6
    I believe that the sons of god are demonic angels who operates in the air, because a part of them did not kept their original estate, the others are made to present themselves to God for accountability.
  • Bongi for verse 6
    I believe the obedient God loving Angels are mentioned as sons of God, and as Satan is not in the pit yet and that he roams the Earth and the Heavens.He knows the way of Angels to the Throne of God since was after all one of them one time, before he was expelled from his former God given place. Since his time in the lake of fire has not yet come, he roams around
  • Will I Am
    I love the entire book of Job because it reminds as well as inspires children of God. It reminds us to remain faithful to our creator no matter the circumstance,as well as inspires us and gives hope that even in our ups and downs haves and have not 's the Lord is still able to comfort us and be an on time God. In the end Job received more in his latter days then he had in the beginning, "Reaping double for his troubles ", more so because he remained faithful.
  • Patricia
    that in all that happened, every report, every negative report, everything taken away: Job humbled himself, fell down and worshipped God
  • Christian
    praise be to almighty for letting me see this day,his grace and love bless me to read the gospel of Job
  • Phakama Cofa
    This book of Job strengthens me with faith and hope that whatever comes my may i will conquer it with God by my side. Job 's character increases my endurance in any affliction that comes my way.
  • Jennifer
    I love that through all the trials Job faces he remains faithful to God. Very powerful!!!!
  • Rosa
    This what Jesus wants from us, to believe and trust him. He can giveth and taketh and we must be grateful for all his blessings and know that not all us eternal on this earth...
  • Colleen for verse 6
    If "sons of God " in Job 1:6 are human, how could they come to present themselves before the Lord? If God is in Heaven, or not on earth, how could humans come there to present themselves to him? Angels would have been in Heaven. Humans would have been on earth.
  • Misty
    This is a great book to read for spiritual warfare.
  • Sinazo ngalo
    the book of Job is teaching us of how to face the problems we have. . the is no greater power other than sacrifice.. we should place our hearts onto God and trust him by all times.. dont give up there is still hope
  • Rose tiras
    Job, a good example of today 's believer. Lord, help me to be sincere like your servant Job.
  • Rufus
    Wow, this cleared many understanding that I have had all my life. I am now 69
  • Ethel K Nunkwe
    Job is a man who acknowledged that humble yourself before the Lord in times of loss as well as in times of gain. No did not need to question and blame God for the calamity, instead h worshiped him.
  • Lillie
    job a true man of GOD. did not panic, did no get excited. but bowed down before GOD and blessed him saying GOD giveth, and GOD taketh away. how powerful is that. the love of GOD is all power.
  • Dezerine for verse 20
    In life when we face with calamity is not too give up but to pray it is a language that God understand, it is a weapon.
  • Nweke uchenna
    i think that it was job 's fear that brought this calamity upon him. he has been making sacrifices behalf of his children out of fear.
  • I think its awesome, boys
  • Ray
    I wish I was like JOB and have all the faith he had
  • Rev Joseph Madungwe for verse 18
    I think among Job 's son, one escaped death and reported the death of other children to his father.To make matters worse and even to make the wife to know God but she didn 't even bothered but would want death on the husband.
  • This must be seen in context, the Sons of God spoken here are for sure angelic beings, they are not human.They are not the usual angels everybody think of. A deeper study is necessary to bring more clarity and revelation. This was an account of something that happened in Gods throne room. It is important to just also note that the deceiver was among them, for he too is still able to come into the throne room from time to time, to accuse the brethren. Even in times when you do not think it is possible the enemy devil and his demons may try and come to steal, kill and destroy. This is his job, it is what he do, we are to be vigilant and live a total surrendered live to Christ
  • Joni G
    Christa, I will pray for you. Maybe God is calling you. We are the sheep of His pasture. When I was in nursing school several years ago, we were required to dissect a sheep 's brain. Not the thing for me. I am in to beauty, plants, etc. Anyway, our professor remarked how our human brains are anatomically the same as a sheep 's brain. It is true. Amazing! God is amazing. Like sheep we have gone astray. We are easily led but really need a Savior, the Shepherd in Psalms 23. Jesus wants us to rest in Him. Yes, and He wants us to believe, trust and obey Him. The Unity sermon is interesting because Jesus wants all His followers to believe the same, John 17:23. Do you have a Bible with a good concordance and are you meeting with a group of believers? Have you given your life to Jesus yet? Find a church that prays, believes in Christ as God 's Son, baptizes believers immerses and is growing. I am sorry you were judged. It must have been a small church. Lots of questions. What other books have you read in the Bible? The gospel of John is a good one. The very next book is Acts. It talks about the beginning of the church. Exciting to read about! Above all, pray that God leads you and shows you what you should do. He will. And Job is amazing! He had just lost his family and everything and he bowed down and praised God! Life can take some drastic and tragic turns sometimes and we can get lost in sorrow. Best to look to the Savior to lead us to pastures of rest.
  • Chiquita
    What I think about Job in chapter one, he lost a lot but, e didn 't give up on God.he kept the faith.
  • Isaac dee
    Even though was punished by the fear of disiplining his sons,he lost everything and he was couragiious to go Dow on his knees and worship God in respective of loosing everything,his comforting message came from the father naked and i will return the same with no earthy wealth,of which one learn how he always has faith in God believe in him
  • Christa LuAnn Irvine-McDaniel for verse 20
    I have been looking at Scriptures and reading as much info on Religion as possible lately. I heard a message from the Holy Spirit in March about unity by humbling ourselves so we can all call on our Father God. I have known that God Loves us and sent Jesus to die for us since I was a little girl. Growing up, I felt judged at Church and when I read the Bible it scared I relied on Prayer and just Talking to Jesus to help me throughout my life. I was confident that even though I wasn 't perfect, I knew I would one day be with Jesus because all I needed to know was that God Loves Us so much that He sent His Son Jesus to die for all our sins. I am now 33 years old and my world was turned upside down in March. The first message I received was "We need to gather the sheep ", which I laughed because I don 't know anyone with sheep, but I knew where the message came from, so I called a Christian radio station and left the message. The second message was the Unity message that I thought was Beautiful when I heard it. I spoke to some Pastors and have read Scripture and now I 'm terrified. People make it seem like the message is taking away from Jesus 's Sacrifice! I don 't understand how that can be when Jesus is what I 've held onto my WHOLE life! Please Pray for me and if anyone can help make sense of any of this...I would love to hear from you. Thank You and God Bless, Christa
  • Jason for verse 6
    I believe the fundamental truth is that the book of JOB was written as an encouragement not as historical fact, the inference here is that Job put himself in satans hands through his fear of his sons actions, but remained faithful through the Devils attacks and received double blessing for his actions. The bible is inspired by God and written by men it is a guide to Gods heart starts you on a closer relationship with him. Do we understand the concept of what the writer is saying? Yes, can satan enter heaven I like to think not as all sin is frazzled in Gods presence however is God all merciful will we know the fullness of his mind? Not untill we sit on his lap in that glorious throne room. God will only act on faith, the devil canot act without fear. Settle it and live in joy. Blessings to all.
  • Fletcher for verse 1
    Job was perfect, upright, and feared God. He was also very rich, wise, and humble!
  • Fletcher for verse 1
    Job was perfect, upright, and feared God. He was also very rich, wise, and humble!
  • Edna Buckley
    I am asking God to give me a heart of worship despite my trials, tribulations and cares of life. I must remain grounded knowing that God is my source and supplier of all my needs. There is nothing that I have that was not give to me by God.

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