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  • Ehigie Elvis
    i think Job is a man who really have given God everything and he dont really ascribe anything to satan power but know technically that God is in charge no matter what happen in that line of thought he was a able to maintain his stand without shaking inrespective of what happen, to give everything to God is to be with Him though he was in earth and have valuable goods but God was everthing to Jesus said seek the kingdom and his righteousness then every other thing shall be added.Job was a man who seek and know God.
  • Mom
    Job prayed for his children; made sacrifice on their behalf; was concerned for their souls. When his children were taken, he was heartbroken. We who have children need to pray for them, not just for their personal safety, but for their souls. Sometimes God allows children to be taken in death from us; that was the worst day of my life. But God was with me. I pray for my remaining child; she is an adult now; I would be devastated if any thing happened to her. But our children are on loan from the LORD. They are a gift from God. We need to cherish them, nurture them, train them up in God's Word. We never know when we will have our last day with them.
  • Katie
    A better translation is "Are you after my servant Job?" Of course the Lord knew Satan was and the hedge of protection that God has put around each of us, had a hole in it... Job's fear allowed Satan access to his life (NOT GOD!!!) so that "what he feared most" came upon him. Satan works through fear. God knew that Job was in Satan's hands because of his fear and worry.
  • Rosalind tate
    Job was a believer of christ and had a lot of faith.
  • Tvmo5
    God identify Jod as perfect and upright and one that feareth Him, I then believe that perfect is a reachable state of being because God conclude that it is, I also believe because of Gods statement Job being upright is another state of being now this is the one that get me God decleares that Job feareth Him, so hear is my conclusion (1) You can be perfect in what ever you aply yourself to be (2)You choose weather you are upright in how you deal with people you come in contact with in buisness or social circles, (3)God is honoured when you show that he is the reason why you choose to be upright in the things that we do demonstrating our fear of his judgement. conclusion I can be perfect, upright and have a fear for God and it will bring me closer to the Kingdom that Jesus ask us to seek
  • Trent
    Job is a good role model for faith. All other problems seem so mild compared to what he went through and he never fully understood why it all happened.
  • Syr
    I thank GOD that what ever job went through he still thank GOD and rememberd God. its like us we go through trials and it moves us but no matter what happend to him he never gave up on GOD we should learn from this and as i was reading this i was thinking about satin told GOD that he will curse YOU to thy faces its like when the devil temps us he wants to see if we will curse GOD to his face think about it before you fall.or when u go through a trial.
    how great it is... to have Job's Faith
  • CLewis for verse 22
    I feel as job, when I've had any lost I've always looked to my father in heaven, the Lord Jesus Christ. I love him and I know he loves me. Just as he gives he will take back or allow it to be taken to show you that no matter what happen he is with you. Never underestimate the power of the Lord. You are tested at your weeks hours of hopelessness. This is why you should keep your hold on the Lord, I just could never have it any other way.
  • Yvette
    I think job was a true believer of Christ and who is spiritual an have a lot of faith
  • Shakala
    He went through so many trials and tribulations and he still had faith in God! I think Job is a good example of what Christians should be like. No matter what happens in your life God can bring you throught it. Glory be to God!
  • Pastordale for verse 1
    Job was a man who did what was require of God. He walk away from his flesh or the desires of others to do the will of God. This is the foundation of how men and women can stand in the tough times. Surely remember tough times has to come; it is just the way its. Job gave his heart to God and nothing else mattered.
    This is my thoughts of Job 1:1
  • Ben weaver for verse 21
    V.21. Only some logical thoughts. Job said ...and the Lord has taken away. Job, likely did not have Vs. 8-12 as we do now, telling us that it was Satan who took all his children and posessions in an attempt to disprove Job's loyalty. During much loss and suffering, Job maintained his integrity for God. Might this loving, caring God also permit evil powers to torment us for the same reason? I don't think so since our security is in Christ and He has already won the battle for us. Lets live for Jesus. Blessed be His name.
  • Patricia
    God is not allowing Satan to do anything to Job. God doesn't give him permission. It never says that. As a matter of truth, in chapter 3, Job tells you exactly what caused his problems...FEAR, Job 3:25 the thing Job greatly feared came upon him. Fear is the cause, not God. God's will is His Word. He doesn't work under "permissive will" and his will isn't sickness and death. If it was, Jesus would not have needed to die for our sins, nor take stripes for our healing!
  • Raymond
    Helps show us to have patients with GOD, He's always in control. Our rewards arn't in this world but the world to come. Truating Jesus our LORD.
  • Jeff cornett for verse 6
    This give more clarity to Genesis 6. I am very much pleased with this bible site.
  • Kirsten
    Sure, Satan's doing the bad stuff to Job. But God's letting him. Seems to me that we have to place at least some of the fault on God here...
  • Pernella pollard
    Job faith was high in chapter #2. Now in chapter #3 job deplores his birth. His mind became a battle field due to Satan attack. The Word of God is teaching us that steadfast faith is a trail in could be High, medium and go to it's lowest peak like job. However, we must remember 1 peter verse 5:8 and also Isaiah 54 : vereses 17-18.
  • Pernell
    chapter #1 from vs 6 satan attacks job's character
    satan is very bold. God limit satan power,he is infite and not all -powerful.It was satan who planned and implemented job's suffering. God may have allow satan to test job for a time.verse 12 read 1 Cor 10:13 God's children must go through trials we just have to be like Job stay strong in faith and humility.
  • Pernella pollard
    In the book of job chapter on should remind the people that fear the Lord and worship Him in spirit and truth, should maintain humility and integrity during trials.
  • Pamela
    not too sure however I love the book of job, we all have a jobe like situation and have to ask ourselves is it God that is testing us to see if we are truly his children that obay his words, and then that SATAN who at all times trouble our minds and then uses our children to get to us. Job was a man of strong faith but his friends who came to fast and pray with him were not at all good for him as they accused him afterwards of cursing god but pay very good attention to Job 1: 20-22
  • Donna for verse 1
  • Demetric
    The lord did not take anything from Job, satan did because god put it back in satans hands. Job said that not knowing at that time. Like when you blame God it be satan Reread what happen. Selah
  • Les
    Is the book of Job One of the oldest in the Bible?
    It Points so much to the cross even after the fall of Adam so much Paralleling the new testament Even to Jesus,s blood washing our sins away so we can come boldly to the throne of grace Hallelujah
  • Dia
    The Lord giveth he taketh away blessed be the name of the Lord, I served Him before and I will serve Him today, blessed be the name of the Lord.
  • Jacob
    job was indeed a perfect and upright man as the bible spoke of him.i embrace this scripture every time i study the book of job.because not only did he immediately realise what was against him.but he knew who was against him.satan it was.And job made a fool of satan by not choosing to curse god.
  • Matthew
    This is great example that helps me realize that as an artist I'm not even worthy to be an apprentice working under the master . It is only by the grace of God that I have been blessed with anything good .
  • Wonderwoman
    I have felt like Job in some ways...I have too lost my children and my mariages. I see it as I had to be completely broken to really undersand where I am at this precise momment. Thank you Jesus!
    it is good and he is definently being tested as i am every day i can only hope to be as strong as job
  • Randle
    "I will treasure whatever level of success God has allowed me to obtain. But stay mindful that they do not belong to me. The forces of evil are all around me in this world and Satan wants to destroy all that love the Lord. When all is lost, God is my ever present help. I will find my way back through my faith in God."

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