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  • Peter
    What a beautiful story. If I understand it correctly, God inflicts terrible suffering on a good person just to prove appoint to Satan.
  • Michael
    I think the book of Job is good in consoling the bereaved. It does good. I’m writing this after ministering to 800 students who lost their beloved deputy headmaster in a fire tragedy yesterday. He lost all his family. The reality of the book Job is that it heals and also prepares the heart over tragedy.
  • Boi keabilwe
    It is an inspiring book to say. I don\\\'t normally read the bible but somehow yesterday as I opened the book I came across this Job. I fell in love with the scripture. In short it gives hope. My understanding is that even if it singles out Job as the man of God this also applies onto ours as today\\\'s human beings.
  • Roselyn Mangar
    I am facing a retrenchment at work and I prayed before falling asleep and God woke me up in the middle of the night and gave me a message that all will be well. I asked for confirmation and I was given Job chapter 4 and 5. God has reminded me through this that no matter what happens he will always take care of me if I am righteous and lead a blameless life even though calamities may come my way. All the calamities mentioned in Chapter 5 verses 19- 23 have been happening since, but God has protected me and delivered me from each one! I am so blessed and I thank God for his absolutely awesome love.
  • Pseudonyme
    Emazing... I hope you realize Job's testing occurred centuries before Jesus was even born.
  • Emazing
    The story about Job reminded me that for God so loved us that he sent his only begotten son Jesus Christ who died on the cross for our sins. I'm sure Job knew that and no matter what happened in his life Job knew that his God is an awesome God and would always be there for him. God will never leave you no matter what, He will always be by your side every step of the way even when you are suffering. Love God with all your heart and He will hear your heart even in your deepest sorrows and tribulations.
  • Vivian Bailey for verse 6
    I often find myself quoting this passage of scripture. It is, I believe, my favorite passage in the bible. Job was the first book of the bible that I read as a child and I have always remembered it. Job message helped me to persevere through many trials. I love him because no matter what he remained true to his faith and love of GOD and I do too.
  • Ryan
    The Book of Job has always made the most sense to me not as a literal history of a man, but as a parable, used just as Christ later would, to teach that misfortune does not stem from a person's wickedness. When we ask God, "Why me?" during our troubles, this parable teaches us that God is making more from our lives. Even if it is our lot to perish to injustice as the martyrs and saints, in doing so with our faith unbroken we further God's kingdom.

    I do not believe we should interpret this book literally; God and Satan behave in a manner very inconsistant with how they are portrayed everywhere else in the Bible. Rather I am quite convinced this is a parable. It lays out an arguement, points and counterpoints and refutations, and concludes in the last chapter. Besides, 1:8 states Job was a perfect man, yet only Christ was perfect. Job is a hypothetical example to build the premise of this arguement. I am quite certain he never existed, but the teaching in this book is still very real and divinely granted.
  • Timothy Wayne George
    Job was a perfect man, and he avoided evil. God blessed him, and put a hedge of protection around him, as well as his household. Satan charges Job with serving God for the blessing. Interesting that God reminded Satan hath he considered His servant Job. Satan walks to and fro in the earth seeking whom he may destroy, but he has to get permission to harm the child of God. Thank God that He has Satan on a tight rope, and he can only do to us what God will allow. While Job was not aware of the conversation between God, and Satan he passed the test. In one day Job goes from being the richest man in the East, to being the poorest man. Then he goes from being a beloved father, to being childless, and yet he proclaims naked came I from my mother's womb, and naked shall I return. The Lord gives, and the Lord takes away blessed be the name of the Lord. Job worships God for who He is, and not for what He had given him. We too must be tested in our faith, and God does not give us more than we can bear. Job was blessed with more than he lost, in the end. The bible tells us that a wise man waits until the end of a matter. Job confessed the Lord knows the way I will take, and when I am finished I will be pure gold. Gold to be purified has to be heated in a furnace to remove the dross, and then only pure gold will be the finished product. So God allows these trials to come in our lives just like Job, to purify us so that we will be pure gold. There is an end to all things. God knows the end from the beginning.
  • Peter
    In reading this story, I couldn't help but feel sorry for the servants(slaves) that were murdered just so God could prove a point to Satan. I hope he apologized to them in heaven.
  • Rosie
    I as all went through a vary hard time in my younger years and s had moments that i thought God forgot me, but after reading job i realized that even when we are struggling to keep our selfs from falling god knows us enough to believe in us we just have to believe in him . Yes he got me through it and im blessed more than i would have imagined. So keep holding on god does keep his promise we just have to trust his ways...
  • Robert McNutt
    I once looked to the sky,.. and asked. God,.. what's up? I'm walking the path, and everything is falling apart. So,. I decided to open the bible and drop my finger on a random page. As I had done ,.. once before and I fell on the story of Job. I read it and imidiately understood... That,.. even the most perfect person, in the eye's of god,.. will and most likely be hampered by the devils dealings. This is inevidable,. for evil walks amoungst us. So... One: you can get depressed,. angry and scoff at God or Two: Have faith,.. keep the faith in God,.. who will help in due time. Remember,.. Patience is a virtue.
  • William
    I think it shows the real chacter of God and Satan and us as human beings.
  • Jan Wertheim
    Who are these son's of G-d in v6. I though Jesus was meant to be the only son, but here we see there are more?! If 'son' here just means angel, then everywhere it should mean angel and not be literal - you can't have it both ways - please explain, someone...
  • I know about this story, because my mother told me it last weekend. I decided to
    I am going through something really emotional right now in my life and I know that Satan is out to get me with my illness by making me believe that I'll never get better. The thing is that right now I am not going to church, but have always and will always have my faith in our Lord. I know right now I am dealing with my hyperthyroidism and my hair falling out to where you could see my scalp, but I am not giving up my faith and faith in him that he is going to heal me. Maybe not right now, but on his time.
  • Robert
    The book of job is an inspiring story and it helps me make sense of my life...........Geeez life is so hard, i feel as though the devil is winning.
  • William
    I think Job is what all people go through at a different level maybe not as extreme. However if we hold fast understanding that the enemy has his game plan and that God has his. Then we shall see that the victory is won through us. When you dont feel the Lord near do you not still call him until you do?
  • Evander Renner
    Anytime I read about Job, I remember my late Uncle popularly known as Uncle Sam. My Uncle’s question was, do you think this Job story is true? And the answer I always gave him is, because the Bible is saying it, it is true. Uncles Sam main worry was, how can one exist on this earth without transgression (Job 1:1) even as the Psalms 51: 1, made it known to us that it was through sin did our mother conceive us.
    But what we need to note in this Psalms 51: 1, was prayer being offered to God by David, but Job 1:1 clearly indicates God testifying about Job being perfect and upright, and one that feared God, and eschewed evil . this tell us we can live on this earth without sinning against God and mankind, if we do what the Bible ask us to do, and do not what the Bible ask us not to do. We have the Holy Spirit to help us and with our determination, we can live a perfect life on this earth.
    Well God testify about your LIFE too? If the answer is yes, what will this/theses testimony be about? Thing about it!!!
  • Timothy Wayne George
    We are told to have the patience of Job, as we wait for the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. Job said all the days of my appointed time I will wait for my change to come. He also said God knows the way that I shall take, and when I come out of this trial I will be as pure gold. Job's statement of faith the LORD gives and takes away, and blessed be the name of the LORD should be ours. We must continue to praise God, pray for our family, and wait on the LORD. Our confession of faith should be as Job, and know that what ever happens to us has to be approved by God. We will be blessed in the end of the trial as long as we give God the glory. I thank God for the book of Job, and I strive to have his faith.
  • Tarrie
    I have learned of the story before and it was presented again at church yesterday and I was even more enlightened.

    The story of Job is simple and inspiring. The devil studies human beings and has a good idea of what makes us decide to remain rightgeous or wayward. Satan believed that Job would waiver from being such a faithful servant to God if he would take away his worldy possessions. When that didn't work, Satan again challenged God stating that Job would curse God to his face if he threathen him(health and stregnth). Satan was wrong and Job was rewarded in the end with double of his original possessions and children.

    What I get out of this story is to watch my motives with God and not to waver my faithfullness and love towards him based on what HE can do for me. But to love HIM because of who HE is no matter my circumstances.

    Great Story!
  • Amuzu
    job was a just man who feared god and committed to his ways.His exemplary life indicates that as Christians we need to hold unto god ,trust him, in terms of difficulties and affliction.And when we do these things by enduring,victory will always be ours.So steadfastness is really important as Christians
  • David
    Job was a faithfull servant of God he knew one day he will be judged by the Almighty therefore he needed to do everything possible to escape that judgement, onething we humans must know is that God never tempts nobody it is our desires that tempts us so lets be carefull of bad desires.
  • Ehigie Elvis
    i think Job is a man who really have given God everything and he dont really ascribe anything to satan power but know technically that God is in charge no matter what happen in that line of thought he was a able to maintain his stand without shaking inrespective of what happen, to give everything to God is to be with Him though he was in earth and have valuable goods but God was everthing to Jesus said seek the kingdom and his righteousness then every other thing shall be added.Job was a man who seek and know God.
  • Mom
    Job prayed for his children; made sacrifice on their behalf; was concerned for their souls. When his children were taken, he was heartbroken. We who have children need to pray for them, not just for their personal safety, but for their souls. Sometimes God allows children to be taken in death from us; that was the worst day of my life. But God was with me. I pray for my remaining child; she is an adult now; I would be devastated if any thing happened to her. But our children are on loan from the LORD. They are a gift from God. We need to cherish them, nurture them, train them up in God's Word. We never know when we will have our last day with them.
  • Katie
    A better translation is "Are you after my servant Job?" Of course the Lord knew Satan was and the hedge of protection that God has put around each of us, had a hole in it... Job's fear allowed Satan access to his life (NOT GOD!!!) so that "what he feared most" came upon him. Satan works through fear. God knew that Job was in Satan's hands because of his fear and worry.
  • Rosalind tate
    Job was a believer of christ and had a lot of faith.
  • Tvmo5
    God identify Jod as perfect and upright and one that feareth Him, I then believe that perfect is a reachable state of being because God conclude that it is, I also believe because of Gods statement Job being upright is another state of being now this is the one that get me God decleares that Job feareth Him, so hear is my conclusion (1) You can be perfect in what ever you aply yourself to be (2)You choose weather you are upright in how you deal with people you come in contact with in buisness or social circles, (3)God is honoured when you show that he is the reason why you choose to be upright in the things that we do demonstrating our fear of his judgement. conclusion I can be perfect, upright and have a fear for God and it will bring me closer to the Kingdom that Jesus ask us to seek
  • Trent
    Job is a good role model for faith. All other problems seem so mild compared to what he went through and he never fully understood why it all happened.
  • Syr
    I thank GOD that what ever job went through he still thank GOD and rememberd God. its like us we go through trials and it moves us but no matter what happend to him he never gave up on GOD we should learn from this and as i was reading this i was thinking about satin told GOD that he will curse YOU to thy faces its like when the devil temps us he wants to see if we will curse GOD to his face think about it before you fall.or when u go through a trial.
    how great it is... to have Job's Faith

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