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  • P.M.B. for verse 6
    If these were angels, then you are saying that we become angels when we give our lives over to God, because John ch. 1 says that God gives us the power to become the sons of God?
  • Sharonepps
    my redeemer live amen.
  • Jean chalmers
    Job is one of the best books in the bible and it is about todays man I loved it so I started reading and never stopped until finished everyone should read Job a sister in Christ Jean
  • The scripture plainly states the Sons of God were presenting before Him the scripture also states that the Sons of God found the women of earth pleasurable Jesus is the only begotten Son of God the Perfect Lamb of God The sad thing is that scripture says what it says and men try to take the scripture and play God making His word say what they want to profess to know the mind of God If we take scripture at its word and stop with all the self edifying teaching and use it to serve God instead of trying to be God I believe that maybe we could be of one mind If what you are saying does not edify God but makes you feel intelligent then I think you should take a long look at your motives I pray for us all and may God bless us all
  • Fiona
    Rodney Smith how can you say that The bible is both about people who have had experiences with Yahweh and a code for us to live by I can say my life has been very much like Jobs and Josephs
  • Margret amutenya
    Who tempted Job Do God also have a share in destroyin Jobs treasure vers 16 and 21
  • Primitivo Soriano Jr. for verse 1
    I need some verses the conversation from Job and tho his wife
  • Rodney smith for verse 6
    The book of Job is not an historical event because Job had no mother and no father God simply allows the wicked human beings to go to and fro to torment the righteous of which Job is an example Only human beings were ever given dominion over all the earth in Genesis 1 26 and not any angelic spirit beings The word satan means adversary and all throughout scripture the adversary or satan of the righteous is the wicked There is nothing supernatural about satan which is just a word that means adversary
  • PAT
  • Hazel
    i look up to this charpter in tyms of hardship and it gives me strength
  • Margret Amutenya
    Job bear this in mind that His God will remain His God even in times of tribulations thats why you c when he heard of everyhting that have happened he felt down upon the groud and worshipd God do we continu worshipng God even in times of weakness Only if we fear God and trust Him as this man did
  • Josephine
    Job was a patient man who loved God Even though his family and all his earthly possessions were taken from him he still stayed faithful to God
  • Mark
    I have always wondered about these verses Where was it that the sons of God came to present themselves and satan was able to be there too where was this
  • Pius mintah for verse 6
    yes.the sons of god are the angels.
  • Bryan Meltzer for verse 20
    I like it
  • Brianna for verse 5
    Job was certaily a good servant of Jehovah God. He learned to be a good father from his heavenly father Jehovah. Job would wake up every morning and make sacrafices in behalf of his family, so that they could be guitless before God. A good example for fathers today to be proactive in the spiritual upbringing of children! If I ever have kids I will remember the example of Job, and try to be a good mother and raise them to be faithful servants of Jehovah with a happy life.
  • Kimutai ngeno
    Friends&relatives might forsakened you but, God never abandoned you..
  • Paulette Dean
    I use what Job went through back then into the now relm if we would remain faithful while we are going through are hard time and give God thanks and don't loose focus he will bless us double for our trouble. just remain focus and not loose sight of the prize we have something that the world cant give and the world cant take away and that God's spirit in us.
  • Jacktone
    job love God beyond the wordly wealth. its inspiring brethren.
  • Jue C for verse 21
    Naked-nothing is there.and nothing will not be there if you die But accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior is one thing that He will not take away.
  • Davie
    the meeting of the sons of God with satan was not on earth,but in the presence of God,remember satan is the accuser of the brethren,does he stand on a hill and shout up his accusations to God in the 3rd heaven?no,of course not,there are 3heavens,even though lucifer was cast down,he still exists in a spirit dimension unseen to us,the prince of the power of the air,read JOBch1:6 the sons of God came BEFORE THE LORD,in heaven
  • Philip for verse 6
    the sons of god refers to men on earth,satan cannot worship god in heaven because he was thrown out of heaven
  • Charles thousand
    Job gives me strength,i look at all he went through and still he gave the lord thanks. My life has had alot of hardships and i allowed thoughs hardships to hold me captive. Reading how job over came all that satan did and never lost faith makes me see that no matter what my life has in store with faith it will all be well! Hardships in life are getting us ready for what god has in in store for us, at our hardest times the lord is doing is best work in us!
  • Harry B. III
    Job knew that he has a loving God and that God would not do anything that was not ment to be. As God knew him before he knew his self.
  • Joyce
    greatchen: the "lost" babies were never replaced. God gave Job double everything except the babies because the "first set" still heaven of course.
  • Justin for verse 6
    I agree with Warren for the most part. Yet, I believe the unseen world should be taken literally, because I believe it to be as real as the air we breathe.
  • KIPYEGON REUBEN SIGEI for verse 21
    He was explaining that everything he had found at earth and will take them nowhere when he died.
  • Willio etienne
    I truly think God wanted our attention by present and job trials and tribulation, no matter how hard satan try to distract destroy our lives that we should remain faithful and true to him... God is saying this is the way we ought to believe and trust in him no matter what situation we face in our lives...
  • Gretchen Waddell
    I find it very sad so far but I know it turns out well n the end I just don't understand when everything is returned to job how can u replace the family you once had it's kinda like loosing a new born baby n replace it by having a new baby??? I'm confused about that
  • Qayhuriah
    it challenges me on how to react towards the report i get..job reacted swiftly and never querried God.

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