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    So, to get back to my original ?...where was this place when satan came with the "sons of God"? The sons of God are simply those of us who are saved. Romans 8:14, John 1:12, 1 John 3:1, and many more references.
  • MARK
    Ezk ch 28 is talking about Tyrus. As we read God's word we find often that we have to cross reference to see what is actually being taught. Remember when Jesus walked among us he spoke often in parables. Also, in the book of Revelations for example, words of symbolism are used throughout this book. Rev, beginning in ch 6 we read of the white horse, the red horse and the pale horse.
  • LaVonne
    Commenting to "Mark" reading Job 1
    God created Lucifer, he was an anointed cherub that covered the throne of God Ezk:28:14
    until iniquity (sin was found in him, he then became Satan.) To me sounds like he could have
    been in Heaven, the sons of God came to present themselves before the LORD, and Satan also. Satan had been roaming the earth. I agree there are three heavens, so we cannot be
  • Mark
    God did not create Satan. The bible says in I John 3-8 that the devil sinneth from the beginning. And in John 8-44 that he was a murderer from the beginning. Also, he could not have been in the heaven that is considered the realm of God, if so, then there was sin in heaven! If it is possible for sin to be in heaven, then what do we have to hope for? Remember, the bible speaks of 3 heavens.
  • Irene123
    To Sharon - satan is not mighty; satan was the angel of light in heaven; he was created by God as were all things (In the beginning GOD ....). None of the angels have ANY power of themselves. satan had to present himself before God, his creator, to request power to torment Job. God gave His permission because God knew Job's heart and that Job would cleave to God.
  • Sharon
    Satan indeed is mighty but GOD is almighty.
  • Mark
    i would like to know where the place was that Satan came to God?
    I also love the book of job.i told GOD one day :I want to be like job,at time I was thinking about the blessings-wasn't thinking about what he went through to be blessed, still today I want to be like job,only now I want GOD to bring me there or wherever he choose for me to be that I make it to heaven by filling calling placed on my life.

  • Lacie
    Job is my favorite bible character I guess because he reminds me of me job had many problems I am disabled with makes it hard for me but whenever I am in a trial I think I don't have it as bad as job did and he did not leave God.
  • Kapanga Moses
    In all our earthly sufferings thou shall not blame God rather exalt Him for He cares
  • Pwele isaac
    God's way is always the best. The Lord God will never allow a temptation that is beyond what we can manage. Whatever happens to a child of God as a purpose. The comments of 'P' the first one to this book must be condemned to its deepest point. God's is the best. Therefore let all human beings praise the Lord. Amen.
  • Irene123
    To 'P' on Genesis 1 -- verses 4, 5,
  • Stephen Woehr
    What helped make Job so great in the eyes of God before all his suffering began was not so much what he did or didn't do. It was his heart attitude. Verse 1 tells us more about his heart than about his works, and verse 5 shows how his love for God played out in his life in one area, that of his children.
  • Nnaji kenneth
    if the people of God should have the understanding that job had, knowing that every thing int this world is vanity and equally know that we came to this world naked and will go back naked. only God gives and equally takes.
  • Sharon Stewart
    This book of job is my life do anyone else agree with me
  • Mikey
    In spite of all the trials and tribulations we may have in life as a humble servant of God we should not be tempted by Satan and his evil work because God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son and whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life as job said god give and he takes away he created heaven and earth and not we ourselves
  • Dhamuzungu Herbert
    I have learn t a lot about job the faithful servant of God that in spite of the misfortunes,challenges,troubles that may befell you,The only palace of safety and comfort is in the hands of the most high God who is the source of life.
  • Reece
    The book of JOB has kept me humble among other words of GOD, and the Holy Spirit. Having a job makes me think of the book of JOB. When I feel like I've worked so hard and I've lost everything, I remember JOB and GOD'S promise to us all. HE will never leave us nor forsake us. He was with JOB the whole time.
  • Mark verrell
    Verse 22 I never til now took this verse in as I have now,so very beautiful and powerful conveying in a few words,explaining so much to the questioning unbelievers JOB DID NOT BLAME GOD. GOD'S WORD CONVEYS THE THOUGHT IT IS FOOLISH TO BLAME GOD FOR MISFORTUNE OR SELF LOSS. BEAUTIFUL SO SIMPLE AN ANSWER TO GIVE TO THOSE WHO QUESTION GOD AND HIS MERCY. THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE
  • Bryan McCloud
    The book of Job gives me comfort in knowing that the suffering of this world is nothing to be compared to what we shall be in the future to come. God be the Glory!
  • James fields
    i am nothing like job i love GOD but somehow satan keeps trying to come between GOD and me i am sick all the time i have lost everything i owned but that dosent mean anything to me as long as i dont lose my do i get close to GOD and keep satan from bothering me all the time. i have never blamed GOD for all the bad things that happens to me. how do i know GOD still listen to my prayers or dose he still loves me. in CHRIST name James
  • David for verse 6
    The book of Job is pre-flood in origin. The sons of Adam, called the son of God who namely were the sons of Seth, of a direct lineage of Adam, and like Adam were also long lived, still roamed the Earth. Like Adam they also came before God on a regular basis, just as we do, and on one of those occasions Satan was found amongst them, probably there to cause trouble, and God chose to speak to Satan regarding Job. Satan was not in Heaven before the throne of God as can be seen later in the book of Job, but God engaging Satan on Earth. It is not rocket science but as with many other things, this verse is contorted from something simple into something complex so that it v can be used to justify other incredible theories elsewhere in the Bible. Ask yourself, where does this extra this extra theology about fallen Angels lead to in the plan of God other than to lead weaker Christians away from God. To suggest fallen Angels coming before God on a regular basis is to suggest that they are not fallen.
  • Aneita henry
    Nothing can seperate him from the love of God.
  • Glenn Baker
    How ever weathy we become, what ever we may achieve, at any time anything can be taken from us. We need to absorb this fundamental truth. Job understood this he knew that all must be left behind that all that he valued was nothing before the glory of God.
  • Holy one
    This is a perfect example of being picked out to be picked on. It is also similar to Jesus as he was lead as a lamb to the slaughter. But in the end he rose with all power in his hand and now sits at the right hand I God. We win in the end. He is the victorious one!
  • Austine
    of a truth those who are in the Lord are like mount Zion that can not be move by any situation,condition or news.
  • Aniekan B Udofia for verse 6
    Thanks for information. I actually wanted to understand the phrase 'sons of God '. I believe they were angels on assignment to report. May the Holy Spirit shade more light on our hearts.
  • Dahlia
    This is an example of how we suppose to be as children of GOD never ask questions and know matter what the circumstances or situations don 't give up and never blame GOD just ask for STRENGTH to make it through and stand 10 feet tall and be like a VAULT and don 't be Moved by negative people that don 't understand going through
  • Harold for verse 6
    I believe that the sons of god are demonic angels who operates in the air, because a part of them did not kept their original estate, the others are made to present themselves to God for accountability.
  • Bongi for verse 6
    I believe the obedient God loving Angels are mentioned as sons of God, and as Satan is not in the pit yet and that he roams the Earth and the Heavens.He knows the way of Angels to the Throne of God since was after all one of them one time, before he was expelled from his former God given place. Since his time in the lake of fire has not yet come, he roams around

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