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  • Chiquita
    What I think about Job in chapter one, he lost a lot but, e didn 't give up on God.he kept the faith.
  • Isaac dee
    Even though was punished by the fear of disiplining his sons,he lost everything and he was couragiious to go Dow on his knees and worship God in respective of loosing everything,his comforting message came from the father naked and i will return the same with no earthy wealth,of which one learn how he always has faith in God believe in him
  • Christa LuAnn Irvine-McDaniel for verse 20
    I have been looking at Scriptures and reading as much info on Religion as possible lately. I heard a message from the Holy Spirit in March about unity by humbling ourselves so we can all call on our Father God. I have known that God Loves us and sent Jesus to die for us since I was a little girl. Growing up, I felt judged at Church and when I read the Bible it scared I relied on Prayer and just Talking to Jesus to help me throughout my life. I was confident that even though I wasn 't perfect, I knew I would one day be with Jesus because all I needed to know was that God Loves Us so much that He sent His Son Jesus to die for all our sins. I am now 33 years old and my world was turned upside down in March. The first message I received was "We need to gather the sheep ", which I laughed because I don 't know anyone with sheep, but I knew where the message came from, so I called a Christian radio station and left the message. The second message was the Unity message that I thought was Beautiful when I heard it. I spoke to some Pastors and have read Scripture and now I 'm terrified. People make it seem like the message is taking away from Jesus 's Sacrifice! I don 't understand how that can be when Jesus is what I 've held onto my WHOLE life! Please Pray for me and if anyone can help make sense of any of this...I would love to hear from you. Thank You and God Bless, Christa
  • Jason for verse 6
    I believe the fundamental truth is that the book of JOB was written as an encouragement not as historical fact, the inference here is that Job put himself in satans hands through his fear of his sons actions, but remained faithful through the Devils attacks and received double blessing for his actions. The bible is inspired by God and written by men it is a guide to Gods heart starts you on a closer relationship with him. Do we understand the concept of what the writer is saying? Yes, can satan enter heaven I like to think not as all sin is frazzled in Gods presence however is God all merciful will we know the fullness of his mind? Not untill we sit on his lap in that glorious throne room. God will only act on faith, the devil canot act without fear. Settle it and live in joy. Blessings to all.
  • Fletcher for verse 1
    Job was perfect, upright, and feared God. He was also very rich, wise, and humble!
  • Fletcher for verse 1
    Job was perfect, upright, and feared God. He was also very rich, wise, and humble!
  • Edna Buckley
    I am asking God to give me a heart of worship despite my trials, tribulations and cares of life. I must remain grounded knowing that God is my source and supplier of all my needs. There is nothing that I have that was not give to me by God.
  • Jessica
    Well,i believe God allowed satan to tempt and try job,to show His power.Not satans power,but God 's power.God does and allows things in our lives sometimes that we will have opportunity to glorify Him.He wants to see what we 're really made of so to speak.He wanted to show the devil that job was a sincere man of God and could not be moved.
  • Blessed
    i beleive the sons of god were the fallen angels, because god is holy, they were not before god they were before the lord,satan does not have access to god because he is not holy,he 's sinful, just like we have to be pure to be before god satan would have to be too and he was not that 's why he said he was in an out of earth,he was doing evil then.
  • Raphael Wambulwa
    It has opened my insight 1.Our characters is what God is proud of. 2.Even not our Family 3.He was constant committed for observing God s Law obedience is better than sacrifice 4.He used to cleanse his family
  • Jean marie
    Why did the conversation between thr LORD, and the sons of God, only state what transpired between Satan and our LORD? Surely the others present would have understood the cunning comment Satan made in responce to the praise of Job by our LORD. Job was surely an innocent, however, if the sons of God were angels, why did they not take alert to the sarcastic comments of Satan? I believe that the sons of God are human. . Otherwise the Lord would have had God intervene in the test of Job. This was surely a test of Jobs Faith. Even more, this was a test of our Lord 's purity of knowledge by Satan. Even though the Lord and our God favored Jobs faith, Satan took a lifetime away from Job to test the word of the Lord. The game of chess between our Lord and Satan emphasized the value of the pawn Job , before all of Gods sons. A lesson of faith discussed between two powerful spirits... check by Satan ... and check mate by God. Quality control known in modern day terms.
  • Lilian kwamboka
    I like the way job expressed his faith to God even if go through hard time we have to put ourselves to God because he is the only one who knows our problms.
  • Genesis says after the birth of Seth that men began to call on the name of the Lord. Every usage of the term "sons of God " used in the Bible refers to fleshly followers of God. Look them all up and read them in context. The two passages in Job are the only references on which many commentaries have concluded that this term must refer to angels. When you consider that Adam equals the created ruddy one, mankind, in the Garden walked with God daily. Cain was distressed because he was sent away from Gods face, he no longer could come before God. I believe he was the first of what would be called the sons of men, those who are not followers of God. Look up all the references to sons of men, there are a lot, read them in context. Job does not say as does not other place in scripture that Satan or any angel is a son of God. New Testament is more specific that the sons of God are those who follow after Jesus. See Matt 5 9, Romans 8 14. Galatians 3 26
  • It 's interesting that the word Satan is found about 49 times in the entire bible. Revelation makes the link, Satan is the devil, the Dragon that serpent. The sons of God are men that worship God, at no time has God ever called angels his sons read in Hebrews. All believers become sons of God, we receive the adoption of sons.
  • Pst Joseph wahome for verse 21
    Job 1 21 is a word that every human race should actually know and embrace in the whole world,especially kenyans and their leaders,those killings that we are seeing is not supposed to be there if only we know this word,people being proud and selfish after acquiring some little wealth,it teaches us to be humble
  • Ras Kin for verse 21
    God almighty has plan over his people.Through the suffering we have to get good frm it.And through our faith in God we can 't be tested behold our strength.
  • Namatai
    even in the midst of trouble,lets keep our focus on God.
  • Charles yarbrough
    this book and chapter is a great example about what happens to people when they believe in God. in john the pharasees said that the whole world was going after them. but in acts it says that in the end there were only 120 left. no matter what happens keep seeking and praying to God
  • P.M.B. for verse 6
    If these were angels, then you are saying that we become angels when we give our lives over to God, because John ch. 1 says that God gives us the power to become the sons of God?
  • Sharonepps
    my redeemer live amen.
  • Jean chalmers
    Job is one of the best books in the bible and it is about todays man I loved it so I started reading and never stopped until finished everyone should read Job a sister in Christ Jean
  • The scripture plainly states the Sons of God were presenting before Him the scripture also states that the Sons of God found the women of earth pleasurable Jesus is the only begotten Son of God the Perfect Lamb of God The sad thing is that scripture says what it says and men try to take the scripture and play God making His word say what they want to profess to know the mind of God If we take scripture at its word and stop with all the self edifying teaching and use it to serve God instead of trying to be God I believe that maybe we could be of one mind If what you are saying does not edify God but makes you feel intelligent then I think you should take a long look at your motives I pray for us all and may God bless us all
  • Fiona
    Rodney Smith how can you say that The bible is both about people who have had experiences with Yahweh and a code for us to live by I can say my life has been very much like Jobs and Josephs
  • Margret amutenya
    Who tempted Job Do God also have a share in destroyin Jobs treasure vers 16 and 21
  • Primitivo Soriano Jr. for verse 1
    I need some verses the conversation from Job and tho his wife
  • Rodney smith for verse 6
    The book of Job is not an historical event because Job had no mother and no father God simply allows the wicked human beings to go to and fro to torment the righteous of which Job is an example Only human beings were ever given dominion over all the earth in Genesis 1 26 and not any angelic spirit beings The word satan means adversary and all throughout scripture the adversary or satan of the righteous is the wicked There is nothing supernatural about satan which is just a word that means adversary
  • PAT
  • Hazel
    i look up to this charpter in tyms of hardship and it gives me strength
  • Margret Amutenya
    Job bear this in mind that His God will remain His God even in times of tribulations thats why you c when he heard of everyhting that have happened he felt down upon the groud and worshipd God do we continu worshipng God even in times of weakness Only if we fear God and trust Him as this man did
  • Josephine
    Job was a patient man who loved God Even though his family and all his earthly possessions were taken from him he still stayed faithful to God

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